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so we all agree thigh has a better flavour profile than breast,
but when PERFECTLY COOKED, what has the better texture, thigh or breast?

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I'd say it's a matter of preference, but it's also pretty rare to find a perfectly cooked chicken breast (and you need a pretty thick one to really have it turn out juicy and tender).

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In general I'd say thighs are better. I don't know how often I've had an absolutely perfect breast, but even the best I've had aren't as good at thighs. That said they're both good.

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Depends on the dish.

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Breast, just to fuck with you.

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Breast has an obviously better texture. However the actual supreme cut is boneless chicken leg meat. Better texture then breast and better flavor then thigh. I'm not kidding, it's kino.

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The real defining factor here must be skin. In a skin-on situation, thigh wins hands down because the skin texture is incredible. Skin-off, hypothetically I think breast has better texture, but who eats thighs skin off?

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>(and you need a pretty thick one to really have it turn out juicy and tender).
found the cooklet

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How to debone chicken thigh perfectly?

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I bet you're the same anon who goes into steak threads and calls anyone a cooklet who says that well done steak is always going to be dry and tough.

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i don't do that because i'm not a dumb cooklet like you

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You can bread both anyway if texture's big deal.

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I don’t think I’ve had none dry breast before

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I like to shred breast and chop thigh, good marinade, tenderized and grilled

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cooked how?
oven baked breast is better than oven baked thigh.
fried thigh is better than fried breast.

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I dunno but just so you know it tastes better cooked with the bone.

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Actually though a pounded flat chicken breast is best because the whole thing cooks evenly instead of getting over cooked around the thin edges.

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Both have their place. I don't know what "perfectly" cooked means to you. I like both "overcooked" and if both are cooked the same i prefer thigh usually. IF you "perfectly" cook both i.e. when they are almost raw breast has a better texture.

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Work around the joint until you can grip it, then scrape the meat off the bone rather than cutting. At least this method is the least wasteful. Look up that pepin chicken deboning video on youtube

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If someone else makes it for me, its thighs.
Harder to fuck up, and most people are to pleb to make a breast cooked through and juicy.
If I cooked it, breast most of the time.
We are basing this on itself and not with additional things and such right?

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Breast is better when it's cooked right and eaten immediately. Thigh can be abused and still be eaten and enjoyed an hour later.

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>removing the skin
>removing the best bit


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Breast should have a hint of pink running through it.

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it's harder to fuck up thighs. both are good marinated and grilled. i kind of prefer white meat breaded and fried.

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>but who eats thighs skin off?

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thighs > any other part of the chicken except maybe fried gizzards when youre drinking

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