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Whats the best way to shake off excess fat from fries after I take them out of the pan? Right now I'm using a bed of paper towels but it seems like a waste. If I had a deep frier I'd just shake the basket and be done with it but here I need some surface that will either absorb the fat or let it drip from the bottom while I shake the whole thing. Ideas?

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shake it off in the sink, just transfer over to it using a pan or something

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Get a spider so you can take them out in batches and still shake them off. Alternatively move them to a metal colander to shake off. Rather than paper towels rip off a piece of a cardboard box and let them drain on that.

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>spider stick, spider stick
>drips the fat off anything that drip

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a centrifuge, obviously.
freaking amateurs!

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If you bought professional fries in the first place, you wouldn't have this problem.

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Spider's are a pain in the ass to clean. Just because you don't have deep fryer doesn't mean that you can't get one of the baskets to use. That or use your salad shooter.

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where do i buy pro gamer fries?

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Cut them yourself. Fry twice with animal fat. Best fries you'll ever have.

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bro you literally do nothing but drain grease off of it how clean does it have to get? we use 3 of them 100 times a day at work and our dish guys dont seem to have a problem with it.

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line a baking sheet with paper towels, then place a cooling rack on top of this. this does make twice the dishes but it allows the food to drain and not sit in a soggy paper towel

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When you remove them from the oil do it quickly, not so fast that it flies out but just enough that it doesn't have time to stay on as the fries are removed. Then drip dry, shake, salt, shake again, serve on or in paper.
>no deep frier
Literally no point in making them then.

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>deep frying was invented as soon as commercial deep fryers were

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>how do i remove the flavor?

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