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Anyone know what to do with a whole duck? Want to get some crispy skin.

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cook it

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same as any other poultry

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too stringy

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I had a friend make me duck once, but he confused breast and back. So, we has a nice, soggy, orangey duck breast

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Duck isn't poultry
Do not listen to this amateur

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Deep fry it in duck fat

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>Want to get some crispy skin.
Let it dry out for a bit by chilling uncovered in your fridge for a day or so, then brush on oil (not olive) before roasting. Be sure to season liberally as well.

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this is subjective

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butterfly it and baked it.

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Wash the duck and dry out with paper towels, score the fat with a sharp knife and rub with salt and leave uncovered in the fridge overnight. That will get some moisture out of the skin to help out crisp up.

For cooking a whole duck, I recommend stuffing the cavity with peeled mandarins and roasting it uncovered low and slow for many hours.

Be sure to recover the fat from the bottom of the roasting pan and use it for roasted potatoes later.

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>Duck isn't poultry
Wild duck? No.
Domesticated duck? Yes.

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Haven't tried it, but this Kenji serious eats recipe for at home peking duck looks like it would work.


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Make some southern fried duck

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this but salt it before you dry

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alton brown has a good eats episode, but the duck didn't turn out crispy like it was supposed to

however, a regular electric rotisserie while periodically brushing with a mix of honey and spike seasoning will do you justice

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Follow the principles here to get crispy skin and a proper cook

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I roast mine in the oven in a cast iron pan on a bed of potatoes, onions, peppers, and garlic so they'll fry in the rendered duck fat.

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Why not olive?

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Peanut oil shills are everywhere nowadays.

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stuff it inside a goose, then stuff it inside of a turkey.

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Would animal fat work well?

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It'd smoke like a bitch at the temps you want to cook duck at. And it may throw off the flavor.

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