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>he "doesn't like" Chick-fil-a

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A real man can survive solely on whoppers and aspirin.

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>mention chick-fil-a's excessive price
>four different faggots come out of the woodwork to call you poor
not an argument

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If you don't like chick fill a it probably means you are either gay or gay.

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go get a whopper

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>”they’re home of phobic”

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I go for the hot white jailbait and a mediocre chicken sandwich. It's okay.
Isn't a sandwich only like 3 bucks? That said, you're correct. These faggots consider eating fast food a political statement so you can't dare criticize their precious chicken shack.

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Oh no it's def. overpriced for what it is/the quality, but I consider it acceptable due to the service standards. It's clear they spend that money on staff and the facilities.

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>due to the service standards
I don't get this. I like chick-fil-a, but aside from the fact that they hire hot 17 year olds and say "my pleasure" they're service isn't really any better or worse than any other fast food place in my experience. Though I live in a somewhat rural area, so maybe that might have something to do with it.

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