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I mean USA and UK. How come the largest economy produces shit food while some shitty poor old european and asian countries are leagues above them in cooking?

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because in rural areas they cook with more natural and fresh ingredients, typically that make up the vegetation on the very land they live on - truly representing their culture. industrialization hasnt ruined their foods. theres a reason a good bratwurst or sausage from a butcher blows a chicken and pork hot dog 100 ft out of the water. one is hand made with farm raised meats and the other is just meat waste shot into a tube in a factory. if you look at the very top echelon of restaurants, they not only use fresh ingredients, but almost all of them grow their own ingredients or source it very very near by. fresh food is just better.

i cant wait to own or a rent a home so i can grow my own food and have some hens for eggs. maybe a pig as well if its legal in my city and i have the space

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Stfu you sound like a fag lmao

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Wealth is disproportionately concentrated into corporations and owners.

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You want to have farm animals in a city? Lol. But this sounds right. These countries' citizen lifestyle got basically shaped by industrialization and consumer culture, both encourage mass production. In mass production of goods it's encouraged to make things cheaper, faster and preserved. But what surprises me that parallel to that there is a local cuisine. I'm not american but I heard about southern cuisine and it looks pretty awesome. In britain however the local food is pretty weak. Could it be that slaved based economy of the south and also poverty are the reasons why their cuisine survived industrialization?

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i live in kansas lol its totally acceptable on the edges of town

also the south is still rural in lots of parts, as is the midwest and certain parts of states in the north, or rural areas of canada i know they eat a ton of fresh seafood. if the nearest walmart is 50 miles away, youre probably going to mostly eat off the land. sure in the big southern cities you can still get classic southern food, but you can also go to walmart and get canned hotdogs and cheetos like plenty of southerners do as well. in fact, i dont think southern people eat that soul food today as often as everyone thinks unless you go to some really isolated places where you just have to because its whats around and what the people around you know to cook.

i think the popular southern food is good, fried chicken and collard greens and creamed corn - but the REAL shit those rural isolated southerners eat.. idk about that. pickled pigs feet and pig ears and chicken feet and shit. ive literally never ate any of that a day in my life and i never will lol

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