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What's a situation in which using ketchup would actually be appropriate?

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as a condiment you fucking schmuck

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In which case would it actually improve the food?

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Steak, sausage, eggs, bacon, mac and cheese, savory pie, quiche... too many cases to list.

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anytime you want ketchup flavor

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French fries

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I will forever like ketchup on freedom fries

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Good on hot dogs

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I'd like to see anyone that posts images of that frog, banned from 4chan, indefinitely.
They are the thorn in our side.

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hot dogs, sausages

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pretty much this

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on a bacon butty

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It's nice to use as a base for home made barbeque sauce. It's also good for meatloaf. Can't think of much else besides that tho
It's just a newfag filter. Only new kids frogpost

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ive been here since 08 or 09 and i like to frogpost. its cute

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Most ketchup brands are trash, but some are good enough to make my bland macaronis and meatballs edible.

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Why lie?

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>I diagree with you so your comment is wrong/deceitful/a lie

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When making tuna salad or however you say it in English

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Fries, hotdogs, bacon sandwiches
Though I'd prefer a good tomato chutney given the option for the latter two.

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Same, but only Apu usually. He's a much better frog.

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Barbeque Sauce
>Bacon Sandwiches
Brown sauce

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How have you anti-frog fags STILL not learned? You've had over a decade now to come to terms with how crying over frog pics isn't going to make them go away.

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