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What's a good mustard?

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99.9999% of the time I try mustard, it just makes the dish taste worse than without.
Maybe it's because I never grew up eating it. How many people actually love mustard?

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this one

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>How many people actually love mustard?
A little acidic kick usually compliments rich, fatty ingredients, mustard fills that role well.

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wholegrain mustard, english mustard, dijon mustard
anything except shitty american yellow ketchup basically

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based german

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have a real good sausage with some mustard, man.

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I've never had a bad mustard, so all of them.

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I have never put mustard on anything in my entire life and I dont think I've missed out

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How would you know?

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I think I would be able to sense it

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Get deli mustard, Dijon, or stone ground mustard

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Depends on what it's for. Spicy brown works for most applications, but I like horseradish mustard sometimes, stone ground if I want a little texture, german if I want some good sausage, or hot if I'm having char siu. I sprinkle mustard powder onto a lot of my brassica dishes, too.

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not that shit

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anything from this brand. every single one of them is amazing

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Where do I get the mustard sauce they serve at Hibachi places? I can't find that stuff in stores.

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make it yourself you stupid zoomer

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Do you have a recipe?

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ground mustard+water

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>How many people actually love mustard?
It's not like I'm intensely obsessed with it or anything, but it's mustard. It tastes good with hot dogs or deli meat sandwiches.
>it just makes the dish taste worse than without.
"Dish?" Are you adding it to a plate of pasta or something? What the fuck?

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mustard is good on certain things like brats

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I like this one. It's salty and has a lot of spice, I like it but not on everything.

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You can start by substituting mayo with it you filthy swine.

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I love mustard. It's my favorite condiment. I grew up eating it though.

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It looks like a low rendered item in a ps2 video game.

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>Maybe it's because I never grew up eating it.
I only started liking mustard once I had non-yellow mustard. In my case, the reason I didn't like mustard was because I grew up with it and it being only one kind.

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I fucking hate honey mustard but I love brown or yellow mustard.

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