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why are broilers/grills uncommon in american stoves?

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i dont even know what that is

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a little drawer with a grill plate/tray and a heating element above it. great for cooking steaks/burgers and toasting bread. all the fat drips down into the tray.

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Many ovens have a drawer at the bottom underneath the element; most people just don't realize that that's the broiler so they just store sheet trays and shit down there.

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Your oven doesn't have a broiler?

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I use mine to make "grilled" cheese.

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that isn't a broiler on the vast majority of ovens in the united states. some newer ovens have a warming compartment there, but most of the time it's just a storage drawer. I've never seen or even heard of one with a broiler there, are you making this up?

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No, I've had a bunch of (gas) ovens and when you turn it on the flame is completely exposed in the drawer. Most newer ovens just have a "broil" setting where the top element is turned all the way up and you move the rack to the top position.
>it's just a storage drawer
Doesn't that seem strange to you?

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Every stove I've ever had has a drawer that does jack shit. The broiler is at the top of the oven on all of them.

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american convection ovens have the heating element on the top. so if you move the shelf up it acts as a broiler. in europe ovens are either fan forced of have the heating element on the bottom of the oven so the grill is a separate thing.

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My oven has a grill setting.

Problem solved.

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Every oven I've cooked in has a broiler and I live in the states. What are you talking about OP?

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It was never meant as a storage drawer. Was meant as a place to keep your food warm. On gas ovens with the main heating element on the bottom, it often was a broiler drawer. The latter only applies to gas, not electric

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This. Additional heating element up top.

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>even owning stoves

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My oven has a very effective broil mode where I move a rack up and the top electric element turns on full. Also has a warming drawer.

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>Implying you need a separate draw to broil

On most gas ovens that is entirely a storage draw. You didn't really start seeing gas ovens come with that as a warming draw until the 2000s.

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i always thought it was a proving drawer for bread dough

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