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Go to your local store, buy vodka and report in when youre back.
Then drink some of it on an empty stomach

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already done faggot

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op here
just did it

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I would, but I have to work this weekend.

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It's too early to be drinkin
But fuck it right, gotta get the day started

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let me just wait a few more hours before this taco bell digests and my liver breaks down the beer and hard liquor i've been drinking all day and night. here's the first time i've tried southern comfort though. cheers to OP the faggot..

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>taco bell, beer, and hard liquor
>southern comfort

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I miss staying up until 6am, sleeping until 5pm then heading straight to the liquor store to do it all over again.

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I'm heading out for it now, but I have to wait until 10AM for them to open and drive to the next county since it's bumfuck jeebusville.

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I woke up to a cinnamon moonshine coffee. Alcoholism is fun.

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the good stuff

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I have literally 3 cents. I cannot afford anything.

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You have a venmo?

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Post it, I'll send you a little skrill

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<3 Blessed anon. I would be forever grateful and faith restored in ck a bit more. @Hankm814

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sent ;)

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>buy vodka
But which one?
Normally, I get me absolut, which since like a good mid-price thing and unlike Smirnoff, it's not totally revolting. Does expensive vodka acutally do anything?

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njoy, hank

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Ok, I have take a cheap one, pic related, 3.4 in usd. Consuming with chicken thighs, fermented zucchini and tomatoes.

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Fuck empty stomach

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I honestly cannot say thank you enough. This is one of the nicest things an anon online or irl has done. It is very much appreciated my friend. Thanks again

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What if I've already got a bottle of meme vodka?
And I just ate?

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I'm litterrally tearing up over here.

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/ck/ best board confirmed. I’ll pour one out for the board with a shot of Grey Goose tn

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>don't eat for 3 days because you want to keep stomach empty to get fucked up easier
>literally shitting clear liquid because no food in your system
>hospitalized 7 times in a year because of withdrawal related siezures
>fatty liver disease

yeah, let's not make posts like OP

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>he doesn't want to die together with a bunch of friendly local autismos
wew lad, have fun dying alone.

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>al/ck/ thread
>anons enabling alcoholism by sending money through venmo

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lad? i been drinking since you been swimming nut to nut in your dad

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Fuck sobieski, used to be my go to vodka, really good straight and under 20 a handle, but fuck them for switching to glass bottles. I hate glass 1.75s. I'm a Smirnoff man now.

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Three days sober after a five day taper.
I'm missing it desu, I have the $18.67 for my handle of Smirnoff, too.
Gonna keep kicking it with my Kratom (I used to think this stuff was for total fags, but that was when I still did real drugs) and enjoying it dumping rain outside.

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Fuck you dude, that was really nice.
No need to shit on everyone else just because you have some otherworldly desire to live.

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all your usenet buddies are already dead and you'll be dying alone unless you start making friends you sad boomer.

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you certainly have enough friends to make it permissible to start internet fights.

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I will drink to that later tonight.

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How did you taper? I'm at @ 1.25 pint of vodka/day and want to minimize the w/d. Kratom is illegal in my west jeebusville shithole.

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>Hear how putting vodka in the fridge subdues a good majority of impurities and off tastes
>Have only drank it room temp, so decide to give it a try
>Buy some Ketel and let it chill
>Drink it
>Instantly repulsed
How is this good again? All it did was make it slightly thicker and, if anything, made an already great vodka taste WORSE.

Was I memed on? Is freezing vodka only for bottom shelf trash?

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Drink to it now. I'm still grateful to anon from earlier today!

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>Grey Goose
Bottom shelf vodka. At least do Belvedere if you want to treat yourself with a nice vodka.
GG is a waste of money.

t. a bartender

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I know people that swear by putting it in the freezer, and I think it is fucking disgusting.
I can throw back entire glasses of room temperature vodka, but one shot of that makes me gag.
You're not alone, anon.
I think you got memed on.

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unplesant but hey

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I tapered from 1.75l a day by reducing my daily intake by 15-20% of the previous day's.
This took weeks, it wasn't a five day process for those anons who are bad at word problems.
I'm sure you could do it more quickly, but I was worried because is been doing it for so long.

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Poor guy died from alcohol poisoning

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>Does expensive vodka acutally do anything?

empties your pockets of your hard earned cash
makes you look pretentious
doesn't get you laid

drink this

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I'm tempted to partake but I quit drinking monday so I can lose some weight. I'm actually down 5 lbs already with no other changes. Alcohol really fattens me up but I can't wait to start drinking again.

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'challenge'? That's my every night routine.

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Serves him right. We used to go to the same bar and he's always make me pay for his drink because he "was a little short"

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absolute is terrible. a few friends got together and did a vodka tasting recently, absolute was by far the worst in comparison, all middle of the road tier. i ended up liking titos the best

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Thx for that info will try starting tomorrow.

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I haven’t eaten in like 36 hours and I’m gonna buy some whiskey. Imagine still drinking vodka in 2019.

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