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I want to pull a pork this weekend, and I figure you Americans know your way around pulling your pork, so my question to you is
Do I use sodapop? If I do, I would be using root beer.

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I don’t know

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Your mom pulled my pork last night, then I put it inside her.

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You can, but if you do I’d recommend using a soda with real sugar vice corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Mexican coke is the go to here because it’s made with cane sugar.
That aside, I would probably rather use bourbon than soda.

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Tbqh, I'd just roast it with thyme and butter. I hate pulled meats. It's such a shit show. Either roast it whole, make steaks, or grind it. Pulled/shredded meat is just a nothing food

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idk where the idea to put soda in it came from, sounds fucking gross to me. Just pan sear it, salt and pepper it, add some beef stock and a chopped onion to a crock pot and slow cook it for 12 hrs. Drain the liquid and pull the pork, add bbq sauce and slow cook another half hour. Done.

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Mix some spices together: salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, etc.
Slather it with a thin layer of mustard and generously coat it in the spices.
Throw it on the smoker with whatever wood flavor you want.
After it has absorbed enough smoke and has a nice looking bark, wrap it up in tinfoil and continue to smoke until it hits target temperature and/or falls apart.
Pull the pork into a mixing bowl and add whatever bbq you want. Toss it like the beautiful meat salad it is.
Give your dog the bone. And/or eat the marrow yourself. It should be so soft from the smoking process that your dog can safely eat the entire thing.

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anon couldn't be any more WRONG

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Enjoy your intestinal tract infection. Eat a salad.

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Can you repeat the question

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I don't want to be that guy but do NOT give your dog the bone, cooked bones will splinter and are an extremely real choking hazard

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No you fucking retard, cook it in a bbq sauce you either made yourself or something you like. As it cooks it will release liquid/fat so you don't have to worry about burning. It should also be on the lowest heat setting you have for at least 6 hours unless you're using a pressure cooker

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You're not the boss of me, now

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Pullin' the ol' pork

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Put the Pork butt on a rack in a roasting pan
Coat it with a rub made with brown sugar, onion & garlic powder, dried mustard, paprika & salt
Pour 2 or three bottles of hard cider in the bottom of the roasting pan
Roast it for 12 hours at 100C until it falls apart (can do it overnight)
Take the pan drippings and reduce over medium heat
Add apple cider vinegar, brown sugar & hot sauce to taste
Pull the pork and serve it with the sauce

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agree here, apple cider vinegar and a bit of hot sauce is the liquid of choice. a little lime juice too
cooking it in soda or bbq is for giving flavor to cheap meat. save bbq for smoking ribs

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Remember: the fatcap needs to face up.
As the fat renders, it'll baste everything under it, which helps keep the meat moist.

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