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>eats michelin star food
>douses it in hot sauce

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I hate this cunt

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Did they use ‘vark?
It’s cool if they used ‘vark.

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What an absolutely repulsive human being.

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>drives to Michelin starred restaurants
>uses Yokohama tires

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Someone explain why you guys hate this guy

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look at his face

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He’s an insect

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He's a hapa, /ck/ gets confused and enraged by race mixing. Same thing with that guy Kenji Lopez Alt

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>Kenji Lopez Alt
That is the most clusterfucked mutt name one can have. That's just sad

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You mean it's good

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He enjoys things. /ck/ users are only happy when they're miserable. Which is why they go out of their way to watch Youtubers they hate.

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He looks like a dork, has an annoying voice, makes stupid faces, and most of all is a big fat phony who pretends to love everything he eats, which is horseshit

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What the fuck is the Alt supposed to mean when he only has one account to post videos on which is his main account, not his alt account. Or is that part of his name? Because that’s fucking stupid, dumb either way, but his grilled cheese looked good.

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I genuinely can't tell if you're joking or not

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If I was in that position, my answer would be:

"Why do many Americans not bother to learn a second language or get a passport? It's the same reason as geography: we are relevant and they are not. In order to do business and make money, we can do everything here. The world meanwhile learns our language and comes to OUR country to business. If our livelihood and power depended on knowing a foreign language and where a foreign nation is on the map, we would've learned it. However we are Americans."

Anyways the entire miss America contest is a total cringefest.

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Ok I reread the question. Americans can't find USA on the map? Man that's pretty stupid. Anyways my original comment still works. Americans can't locate America on the map because Americans don't need to stare at a map at all.

Anyways don't get me wrong I love geography. I won several geography bee awards and have several medals from Nat Geo.

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well, if he's eating japanese food he might as well put some flavor on it, I mean, I don't have anything against the traditional japanese water flavor or the traditional japanese nothing but salt flavor.

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People shouldn't be taking restaurant recommendations from a fucking tire company.

>> No.12615882

they make good tires tho

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Post feet please...

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you sound like a faggot

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r*dditors on this site hate him because he is the anthithesis of what they represent

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>can't read
>has no passport
I am shocked, shocked

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kenji took his wife's last name that is way different

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Are you blind? He's half ashkenazi jew and half japanese.

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he looks like he eats kids

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when i saw this guy's face on TV I thought I was just overly judgmental about the dumb faces he makes and just his face in general so i'm glad to see /ck/ also think he's a disingenuous looking faggot

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>being glad to share an opinion with a board full of women, fatties, plebbitors and candy-loving manchildren
Yeah, that's gonna be a hard yikes from me, dawg.

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>this aint it chief
what's it like having the vernacular of a teenage boy?

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I unironically like wiens due to Stockholm's syndrome, but I completely understand why people hate him.

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>being triggered and confused by the use of 4channel slang on 4channel
Could you make it any more obvious how much of an assblasted plebbit immigrant you are?

>> No.12617779

he only rapes and murders kids, he's not a monster who eats them

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His constant wide eyed look gets to me man. I look into this man's eyes and see nothing. Maybe he's dead inside or has a rat on a wheel instead of a brain.

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That's the look of a man that has raped, killed, and eaten dozens if not hundreds of children

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>he thinks "yikes" is 4channel slang
I have images older than you, nerd

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But do you remember when /b/ was good?

>> No.12617830

ah yes, the first 3 minutes upon it's creation, it was so epic then. you wouldn't understand. every minute after that sucked ass.

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>mfw I meet someone who doesn't like The Wiens

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..did they?

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He's basically Markiplier or Pewdiepie, but for food.

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Rather it was consensual or not the answer is yes.

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I hate this faggot and his psychopath eyes.

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he's not into double digit ages

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Because hes disingenuous and his reviews are pointless. He basically loves or fake loves anything. How am I supposed to gauge if something is good when the guy practically has an orgasm when he eats literally anything? Hes fake. Hes overly goofy. If I want real Asian reviews ill watch ol Mike Chen.

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His face, his mannerisms, literally every single thing about him and everything he does.

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I respect Mark because he just goes for it. He grabs life by the balls and doesn't let go. I think a lot of people here are jealous of and threatened by that.

>> No.12618838

>being jealous of a faggot cocksucker who just fucking constantly lies about everything

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Wait. Woah woah woah wtf. Michelin is actually related to the Michelin tire company??? I always thought it was a joke that they were the same, surely they must be different. Why the fuck do people care so much about what a tire seller thinks of food?

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the power of memes

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I hope so, their children could cut diamonds with their chin

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this was the first post of /b/

>"/b/ was never good"
^was the second

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