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Making this for hubby! #GoodWife only the best for him he's been working hard all day

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Look at that! I will hide the wrapping and say that I'm learning to cook. He deserves to think I am as good as he thinks I am

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Lol why do boomer wives say this

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tis awesome to see a wife cook for her husband in this day and age. how old are you two? your location? are you a poly pair looking for a new partner to join the relationship?

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this pizza looks based but I bet it costs $15 and tastes like $12

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Try $6

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they don't, only zoomer larpers do.

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Oddly precise.

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What if I don't want to try

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>Only 400 degrees

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$8 for 2160 calories, hubby is a big boy

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>Making this for hubby!
It's already made tho. You just bought it, and all you have to do is pop it in the oven.

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you should have bought a pack of hormel pepperoni to add another 500 calories

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That’s lying though. Why would you lie to your husband?

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Looks great hun! Can't wait to get home at 9PM... keep it warm for me!!

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You really could have just bought pre-made dough and made a better pie.

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This might be the worst pizza I ever had. I'm gonna get my ass beat

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That has nothing to do with boomers. Woman have been calling their bf "babe" since the 80s and they still do .

Hubby, is better than when they call each other Honey.
>Thanks Honey
>You're welcome pooh bear

Me: If they start talking about the honey pot I'm gonna barf .

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I'm calling their comment line

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Why can't you do anything right you fucking cow? Enjoy looking like a raccoon when I get home (have to stay til 10PM now, but I'll be home soon enough)

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You're going to eat it before he gets home aren't you?

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And now you throw it away... I'll forgive you so long as you buy me some premium pizza from a REAL pizza place like Pizza Hut, and it better be fresh (I'm now leaving work at 11PM, so time things accordingly)

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You could've requested a full refund if you're not happy with the product.

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Divorce that cow. Marry me instead :)

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>Buys frozen Walmart pizza with hubby's money
>Surprised when it taste like shit
>Throws hubby's hard earned money in the trash

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fuck off roastie whore
you only make shit like that for people you hate.

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They are sending me a $10 gift card, they wanted me to return it to the store for an $8 refund but I said no

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epic meme
where is it from asking for my zoomer friends.

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Okay, so you can't cook. Are there any other qualities of yours we should be aware of?
tl;dr: tits or gtfo

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