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Is this a meme?

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u tell me https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Marathon_bombing

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Curious myself I've heard people swear by it for its versatility. I question its ability to make rice as good as a rice cooker though (which is very important for me)

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Yes. It's for people that can't cook

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So /ck/ approved?

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Can't cook?

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Seems like it could be handy if you live alone and you don't have much time to cook.

Better than living on fast food all the week

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It's a rice cooker you dingus

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Why is there a yogurt option

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How does it compare to traditional rice cookers /ck/?

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Got one as a wedding gift. I'm gonna get memed but I use it a lot to do pinto beans and rice at the same time. Easy and cheap good tier burritos

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My mom bought a huge one and its smaller brother from QVC.
We used the smaller one maybe twice. I dunno. It seems almost like you have to go out of your way to find some way to incorporate it.

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just like air fryers

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Almost bought this, but it had a plastic steamer tray.
Got this instead, looked at the Instantpot, too big.

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yes, but i want one.
probably going to end up in a closet, but i still want it.

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I thought air fryers were a meme too, but then someone at my work came with a bag full of apple chips he made in one. they were delicious.

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Beans, my boy, beans!
Think of the beans.

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Completely. I've had one for a year now. Used a few times but I don't see the point. Just a really expensive rice maker essentially. I guess if you're the kind of person that wants to take shortcuts in cooking and doesn't mind taking a slight hit to the quality of your food then go for it.

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You can just make them in the oven.. You're literally paying for a tiny oven when you probably have a full size one already in your kitchen. If you were a dorm student then they'd be alright.

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I just use this. I don't like having lots of different electrical appliances everywhere, and this doubles as a normal pot. Pressure cookers are great because they can turn less expensive cuts of meat soft and juicy. You can make a stew or a soup in under 45 minutes that would otherwise have had to have been on the stove bubbling away for half a day. It's incredibly convenience in this way. Just be careful with vegetables because it can literally annihilate some. Potatoes go from raw to being on the verge of complete disintegration in just like 10 minutes. Onion can disappear too. I usually pressure cook the meat with some herbs or spices or whatever and then when it's ready I let the pressure go down, open it up, add vegetables and then cook them until they're soft. Really nice and easy stews with cheap beef, mutton, pork bones, ribs, etc.

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why yes A. Meme here

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it’s a pressure cooker you mong

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Not a meme if you eat rice with every meal like the do in many parts of Asia. Honestly less of a meme than a microwave.

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I’ve used these and they work fine, but I feel a lot more comfortable walking away from my instantmeme while its cooking. Also simmering/saute is nice without worrying about the stove

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Good for people who don't have time to cook meals every day and are too lazy/inept at prepping food a day prior. That being said it is sort of expensive for what it is, decent enough for rice and possibly slow cooking meats.

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Yeah but it can also be a slow cooker

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Yes and?

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you fucking somalians are beyond hope

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OK good talk.

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It can do rice just as well as a rice cooker, and my wife loves it because she can finally cook soups that would normally take the entire day on the stove in about an hour. Lastly, shit cuts of meat can be made edible without a lot of chewing.

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Not really. I always talk against it. It's a multi-function appliance that does a lot of stuff. A little expensive if I'm going to buy from a Chinese guy might as well get it from Chineseland.

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I like mine. Really great for soup and stew. I like to make white bean soup with bacon ends and pieces in mine.

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But that's a rice cooker and pressure cooker you're talking about. You don't need an insta-pot to turn a bad cut of top round into fall-apart roast.
$5 pressure-cooker like pic related, and a $5 second-hand rice cooker does the same thing, pressure cooker is better overall more versatile.
You've given no reason to own a Memepot.

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I really don't get why le masterchef contrarians shit on it, it's 70 bucks and it will be used regularly if you make your own broth and stews. It's great for weeknights where you come home late and don't want to order takeout so you just do a 30 meal prep and just wait for your meal to be done in 15-30 minutes.

Don't forget the fact that it does everything a crockpot does but better, sometimes people don't have time to wait several hours on a dutch oven just to make pulled pork.

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This is why

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Traditional pressure cookers are just extra work and extra chance of injuring yourself with no actual added benefit. No micromanaging or supervising needed with a instapot. We get it, you're too good for instapots because they look hacky

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Trad pressure cookers are simpler and therefore safer, period. If you are relying on an electronic countertop appliance to be the exclusive timer for your pressure cooker, you are a fool. There is exactly as much 'micromanaging' of a memepot as there is a pressure cooker, and way, way, way less shit to go wrong on the Pressure Cooker.
>put shit in PC
>turn up to medium high
>when it bobbles, turn to simmer
>set timer
>timer goes off, turn off the heat, remove weight
I don't see that micromanaging. If' you're too fucking lazy or careless to do that you shouldn't own a pressure cooker of any type including an instapot.
Instapot is still sporting >1000lbs of pressure on the lid alone, and now it's got 7 layers of electronics in front of it.
No thanks.

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My mother has a huge stove top one that looks like it's made from tank parts and she used to make amazing stuff in it

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How is that not micromanaging? Instantpots are definitly simpler as it's just set it and forget it meanwhile you have to babysit the stovetop pressure cooker. There's no point of getting snobby about the type of pressure cooker you use when the difference in the result is pretty minimal. Most people who prefer stovetop pressure cookers don't mind instapots, it's only the autists here with there my way or the highway attutide

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It's a nice big pressure cooker with more buttons (which you never, ever, use) that you don't have to babysit. A dutch oven will generally do the job better if you want well developed flavor, but if you just want to quickly make some tender cooked meat or steamed vegetables, you can do it in minutes while you focus on other things. It's pretty pricey for just that, but if you convince someone to give it to you as a gift then you've got it made.

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Neat. Thanks for the post.

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Grug put ingredients into magic rock
Grug push special button on magic rock
2 fire logs later, magic rock now has tasty mammoth dick ready for Grug to eat.
Poor ugg, he use $5 rock to cook mammoth dick and magic rock get angry and kill ugg with mammoth dick explosion

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i dont understand your concerns. you can just walk away from a stovetop pressure cooker too. modern ones (i.e., made in the last 30 years) hiss loudly just before coming to pressure. you can't not hear it when it happens. when it does, just turn the burner to lowest setting and you're done.

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It doesn't cook rice well, actually. I got one as a gift. Would much rather have a real rice cooker.

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Instant pots use mechanical failsafes dumbass

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Do you realize that what you said makes no sense.

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What is that Asian shit. Trashed.

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Sorry, I was confued. I thought the thread was about rice cookers, not pressure cookers. Fuck pressure cookers, that shit's for gays.

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