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I don't like the way he stares at me.

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he treats me like a cheap 2 dollar piece a meat. he wont season me, just season the grill he lays me on

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I can't not see Kyle Dunnigan's Craig character

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What does this look mean?

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not again Adam. making threads about yourself won't make anyone like you

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mark wiens 2.0

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His bolognese recipe looked fucking schizophrenic yet I'm also intrigued, do you think it would be any good?

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He reminds me of this sad fucker I went to school with who was afraid to have sex.

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Q: So are you saying that deep frying is bad because you're bad at it?
A: Yes. I think home cooking should be easy, especially for someone like me who is pretty practiced. To quote MPW, "Cooking should be a pleasure. If it's a job, get a takeaway." (Takeaway is British for takeout.)

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Probably not. It just looks like an inferior version of Kenji's ragu.

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Ragusea is the truckee river killer

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Lmao this guy is getting the shaft from fucking everyone. Not only guga proved his cutting board bullshit wrong, but he's also getting roasted by youtube commenters under his steak video.

I mean it's one thing not to be liked by autists on /ck/, but it's another thing to get babied by the dumbest bunch of fucktards on earth.

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It just goes to show that with good production values and an authoritative tone, then retards will believe anything.

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he's got wild staring eyes

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It’s what happens when you’re one of those cooking with science retards.

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His eyes are too close together I don't trust this guy

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that's a good point, he was a journalist before and a professor, both fields where he could have perfected the factors you mentioned.

another e.g.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FRgFIwSHNg

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Got a strong urge to fly

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he'll turn around and correct himself and learn from it and gain another 500k subscribers because he's incredibly charming and down to earth

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Does he seasoned his ass like his steak?

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Don't season the ass, season the thong you're wearing

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Ragusean, simply Raguesean

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this guy is famous because he must be related to someone from google. his channel popped from no followers to getting in recommended all the time very soon

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Has he been selected as the next Babish or something?

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he fucking zooms the camera in way too close

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>"Takeaway is britsh for takeout."

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I hope not, Babish has a sense of humility. Adam Regusa is kind of stuck up and his blank stare makes me uncomfortable.

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Babish has no humility any more, he literally has a video series called 'Being With Babish'.


His obsession with MPW is also hilarious, it's why he puts a stock pot in fucking everything

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Bug eyed FAGGOT

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Typical Catholicsoy

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He's fluent in Britbongese

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I dont mean to sound so 4channy, but Adam Ragoosh is like a living embodiment of Reddit

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Don't marinate the steak, marinate the coals

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Dont prep your bull, prep your wife

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Based & Ragusean

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>He's a professor of journalism at Mercer

Imagine stepping in to your first day of class only to be greeted by RAGUSEA

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There are few genuine youtube cooks.

Guga is alright for BBQ but I trust Harry Soo from Slap Your BBQ for BBQ advice compared to other youtube chefs.


Some of his videos can be pretty long but he's pretty informative and doesn't even keep BBQ competition secrets.

He also reminds me of Khan from Hank Hill.

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professor ragusea

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no Sam the cooking guy is /ourguy/

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Ehhhh it has some good tips but a lot of unnecessary shit way easier and straight forward recipes from literal asmr channels compared to him

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He also straight up has to take a "enlightened chef" attitude to everything. Can't just be "I don't like frying," it's gotta be "Here's everything wrong with frying also click on my scientific proven crispy baked fries recipe."

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Anyone else think the quality of his videos took a massive nosedive the moment he started taking sponsors?

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I actually thought he was the Cooking Comically guy when I first saw him

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He actually can't edit for shit, watch his videos where he interviews academics, they're all over the place.

What gets me is just how much he shills for the sponsors. He basically gives an enthusiastic sales presentation and will also argue with people in the comments about it

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New Adam vid:https://youtu.be/okm_dx2q-g8

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I don't understand why he blew up seemingly overnight. Went from a no-name to hundreds of thousands of viewers like three months ago. What does he even really offer other than "cooking hacks" tier things for the most basic cooking skills.

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His cover of Believe by Cher is unironically his best vid

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it was this video that propelled his channel fit right into the algorithm
i remember seeing for days before clicking on it, i guess the thumbnail and topic-Pizza were a good stepping stone

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Anybody try his burnt as fuck fries?

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I hate the thumbnail he has for that baked fry video. Pretentious cunt.

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YouTube decided to shill him randomly by shoving his video in everyone's recommendations

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How are they "burnt as fuck"? They look crispy, and brown, I don't see a single bit of black.

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His style was ever so slightly more direct and to the point than the vast majority of youtubers. It's still not direct, but it this business you only have to be barely better to gain an edge. Also pizza vid.

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This, god i fucking hate this smug know it all fag

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I seriously don't like this guy. He comes off as a condescending cock sucker. He looks like a pussy . I just fucking hate how he talks too. That and the stupid video about him goin "lol i season my cutting board :>" whilst basically just trying to tell everybody else in the world that they're wrong and he's right. All while using white wine constantly for literally e v e r y t h i n g.


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Who is this faggot and why do people seem to care so much?

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Mostly he just looks like a pussy and I want to punch his stupid face though.

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What a faggot. When Chef John wants to demonstrate how cruspy/crunchy something is he does it without shoving his face in the camera. This guy is just a fucking dweeb.

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I haven’t even seen him use white wine in about 5 videos now

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I have an instinctual urge to bitchslap the gay out of his thousand-cocks stare.

Holy shit what a faggot.

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>without tomato paste the sauce is never intense enough
then why tf wouldnt you use leftover tomato sauce for your pizza instead of blending up a can of tomatoes with raw tomato paste? he realizes it can add bittterness too, right? his pseudo-bossy tone in general, yuck.

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does chef john ever even show his face on camera?

>> No.12596030

nice trips but i think people are just picking on him at points because he is a teacher or lecturer and is used to having that tone with students all done

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no because his channel is actually about the food
simple, to the point, relatively entertaining. Foodwishes is the ideal cooking channel with lots of good and interesting dishes

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>actually there is only one correct way to cook this sauce, my way, and if you do otherwise you are wrong
Chef John
>this is how I like it but feel free to go with more/less because you are, after all, the Poseidon of decidin' what goes in

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>difficulty: 2.0
Holy shit these comments are exactly what I expected. What a fuckin goober.

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Why I prep my WIFE NOT the BULL

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That's partly why Babish is popular to be fair. He would never have taken off if he followed the traditional cooking show format of having his smiling manlet persona in every shot.

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You DO put chicken livers in your Bolognese sauce, right??
You DO season your cutting board and not your steak, right??
You DO not put cheese on top of your chicken parm, right??

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No, Italian.

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They look good as fuck

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>string cheese for pizza

bitch what

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Thank you for this post

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That numale soyboy?
We all know that Steve1989 of MREinfo is the one and only /ourguy/

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This but unironically.

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not often

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It's literally mozzarella

>> No.12598253

I bet you buy government cheese

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the fact that /ck/ is the most insecure board on 4chan when /v/ and /r9k/ exist is fucking astonishing

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I would change teachers so fucking fast if i had him as a teacher, the condescending prick

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I dont understand how people can stand to listen to this guy.
His constant upwards inflection is painful

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He teaches introduction to journalism, what do you expect

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Simply Ragusean

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>everyone hates a guy
>could it be that he's actually unlikeable?
>No. Everyone must be wrong.

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Reddit soy faggot.

>> No.12599226

THANK you, fucker is unwatchable

>> No.12599309

doesn't even cook. he's more like /k/'s guy.

>> No.12599425

I gave it a little spin on friday night.

It was ok, didn't blow me away though. Why does this guy use white wine and not red, wtf?

>> No.12599893


He's a journalist, he genuinely has no idea how to cook. He tries using scientific anecdotes to justify his moves but none of it actually comes together to make a good meal. He actually makes Babish look like a competent chef.

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I don't know who this is and probably would have never known who this is had you not made this dumb thread.

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based Pink Floyd lyric posters

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just wrote a cheeky review.
>I was about to hand in an assignment, and I felt his presence behind me. He smelt like cheap white wine, and he whispered into my ear 'I want to season your clothing'. I don't know what he meant, and I imagine I never will. He has wild staring eyes and when he's around I always feel strangely turned on but similarly disgusted. He is terrifying.

hope it gets approved

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The only recipe that looks alright is the brioche grilled cheese and he stole that

>> No.12599968


>He smelt like cheap white wine, and he whispered into my ear 'I want to season your clothing'.


>> No.12599995

He seems a bit sociopathic.

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How exactly are those "burnt"????
They look fine.

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Just so we're clear, boys of 4chan who had a discussion about this, the "whoops I forgot to take off my ring" line was a dig at the hypochondriacs who had been scolding me for cooking while wearing a ring because there might be bacteria under there (i.e. the same people who are generally freaked out about the idea of me touching my own food with my own hands, for some reason). That's what that line was about. It was not a coy reference to the fact that I'm married. FWIW, here's what science says about the health and safety implications of cooking with a ring on: https://youtu.be/rPIaukn5Xlw

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Simply ragusean.

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narcistic fucker. beside white wine is shit

>> No.12601442

Is that you Adam?

>> No.12601897

Fuck off pretentious cunt.
Your wife is an extremely ugly gap toothed dyke bitch

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>Khan from Hank Hill
Holt shit!

>> No.12602290

This would be pretty based if it was actually him.

>> No.12602292

I don't like the way you keep shilling him

>> No.12602307

Not everything needs to be prefaced with "just my opinion but". That should be implicitly understood.

>> No.12602331

dunno, feel like his approach to things is kinda fun. he does act slightly spastic tho yeah

>> No.12602339

2 reasons.
Red wine is easier to fuck up and make bitter when reducing, and he says that the "dark meatiness" red wine brings usually is unnecessary in most of his recipes.

>> No.12602360

You can buy a full bottle of cooking grade white wine for 3 dollars and change. It's not really a luxury ingredient.

>> No.12602681

using cheap wine is worse than not using any, if you get a skunky wine the bad parts won't cook off

$13 bottles are a good middlepoint that won't ruin your food

>> No.12602718

i think is channel is okay but i really dislike how he just keeps flaunting his shitty wife around.

>> No.12602724

i wouldn't necessarily punch him since he would probably die from the hit. a simple back hand strike should do the trick.

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>> No.12603220


It's literally a comment he wrote on his YouTube lmao. He's obsessed with 4chan trolls

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Jesus fucking christ what a complete and utter fag

>> No.12603366

I mean, this board appears to be obsessed with him. It's a match made in heaven.

>> No.12603393

hi adam

>> No.12603398

i tried it without the the chicken livers and it was delicious even though i went overboard with the wine

>> No.12603399

Reminder to season your tongs, not your propane tank.

>> No.12603411

what in the holocaust is government cheese

>> No.12603425

It's cheese made from government milk.

>> No.12603429

>one correct way to cook this sauce, my way
>this is how I like
Literal cuck. Bet this fag says to just be yourself.

>> No.12603473

What's the matter Adam, didn't get to prep the bull tonight?

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Blessed tweets, simply Ragusean

>> No.12603694

I've already seen this you fucking subhuman

>> No.12603741

Damn at all the butthurt from here.

>> No.12603756

BwB at least has good production value so its nice to look at. Ragu man's camera work is super amateurish, the lighting is just sad and the tempo is way too quick.

>> No.12603760

I like his videos. They have a good pace, he doesn't waste time, and his methods are interesting. He comes off as a bit pretentious, but I don't dislike him for it. He makes food that interests me and videos that entertain me. I can't complain

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>I seriously don't like this guy. He comes off as a condescending cock sucker. He looks like a pussy. I just fucking hate how he talks too

This is all that needs to be said about Adam.

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>> No.12603947

>why i season my fork not my steak

>> No.12603959

>why I season my tongue not my steak

>> No.12603999

he's a california italian jew who moved to what coasties think qualify as "the sticks" because he couldn't get a teaching gig in a big city

>> No.12604041

Look at this idiot

>> No.12604047

he's totally right though

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I hate seeing this shithead. When did he even get popular on here, I can't even remember.

>> No.12604065

He's right. That's what "begging the question" means

>> No.12604069

He's not popular here. Why do you think that? Every thread about him is about how much everyone here hates him

>> No.12604089

no-one is saying he's wrong. he's saying he's a pretentious faggot for correcting inconsequential grammar mistakes on twitter

>> No.12604098

You fag, I guess I have to be more specific. Making threads about him are popular. Happy?

>> No.12604105

Because people love to talk about shit they hate here. Are you new or something?

>> No.12604118

No shit, that's why I asked when it happened not why.

>> No.12604142


As a Britbong I'm somewhat bemused by the number of times he brings us up in what seem to be mainly (Italian) American recipes.

>> No.12604157

>this is laurel
>shes my wife
>married btw

>> No.12604166

I can't wait until he gets divorced and the kids get stolen and we get recipes like whiskey breakfast pizza

>> No.12604188

the true patrician marinades the inner walls of the grill itself

>> No.12604193


Now this would be kino

>> No.12604299

i dont get why 4channer hate him, i know he look a bit soi and probably a liberal but at least he never bring his bs in to the videos

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>> No.12604302

holy shit based

>> No.12604328

it's how the algorithm works

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>> No.12605134

Guys, guys come on, show Adam some respect. Hes a journalist for crying out loud!

>I'm a radioguy journalist after all.

Shut the fuck up Adam no one gives a fuck if you are a journalist.

>> No.12605162

If he's such a journalist where are his journals? No? Heh, I didn't think so.

>> No.12605174

Gap teeth in his wifes mouth so my dicks got to fit.

>> No.12605377

Insulting chef John is punishable by death

>> No.12605391

I hate him because he is popular and mocks me for my failures

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