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What has he taught you?

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Nothing yet but he reaffirms that everything I already know is right
And he said next week he's going to do a taste test of jarred minced garlic which I can't be bothered to do myself
So I'll stay subscribed at least that long

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is Adam a big meme or something? Found him about a week ago and I genuinely enjoy his channel. It's like Good Eats but more personal.

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That other people use a pan for whole chickens too, I guess.

Jarred minced garlic is almost vinegarry to me. Will be interested to see what he as to say.

I like him and I think he's entertaining, though a bit pretentious. There's always a few steps in things that you don't *really* have to do (in my opinion), but considering he's Italian I suppose it makes sense.

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>I like him and I think he's entertaining, though a bit pretentious

this for me. I think it's his Q & A he puts in the comments below. Makes him come off like he's all that. I don't feel that air of pretentiousness in his videos

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I definitely get that. I've always found know-it-alls endearing, so that's my own bias shielding me from a problem with him.

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white wine is good for cooking

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I enjoy his videos alot. I always wondered what /ck/ opinions on him, I just figured he's Soy boi Jr of binging with babish Reddit edition and /ck/ hates him because he's too unique and pandering to Reddit and not /ck/. I have yet to try his broiled cookies doe.

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dont season your steak, season the cutting board

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I feel like I should dislike him but I don’t

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I hate him. He's scared to make a fucking mexican food cause it's racist

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>mfw saw his rise coming from the beginning when that one anon shilled him here

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>Nothing yet but he reaffirms that everything I already know is right
That is so like something he'd say.

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>I don't feel that air of pretentiousness in his videos
My problem is that once I saw it in the comments, I can't help but see it in the videos, even if it isn't there as much. The association can't be reverted.

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Youtube will always manage to find a new and shittier fag to push. He's worse than babish because he doesn't even have a shitty gimmick to mask his little knowledge. This retard doesn't even know how to prep garlic. Jacques Pepin has demonstrated the technique like 30 times.

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The Oldschool cooking show format seems painfully drawn out and clumsy compared to the editing of modern youtube cooking channels, It's kind of crazy that one asshole with a mid range camera can get better results than a professional crew.

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nothing, can't stand watching his videos, not sure why you faggots are shilling him

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because maybe we don't have the same opinion as you?

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taking a film making class, having basic editing skills and knowing how to speak publically basically guarantee that your channel will be high quality

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Simply Raguesean

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that Square Space is a great place to build a website

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He taught me that wanting to hatefuck a dude doesn’t mean it’s gay.

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The worst part about this guy is that hes a bad cook.

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Blooming mg cocoa

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fine with me.

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he blew up in the past few months
he seems to really be riding, so it might be a fast decline. I enjoy his vids

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He puts way too much vinegar and sugar in almost everything and almost never enough salt. His recipes seem overly sweet.

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nothing at all

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His oven fries recipe is unironically kino. even if it is just sliced roasties

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yeah i started using that method just for cubed potatoes and it's god tier

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