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/ck/ humor

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speaking of which, did operations like Op Renigger cause them to switch to only pictures or what?

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and this is cock related how?

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Fuck off retard

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>walking into the kitchen at 2am for leftovers

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Haha epic! I too enjoy Facebook memes! May I save it, friend?

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the goddamn rock star doesn't give a fuck that thots are going crazy over him

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Retarded fattie

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I hate women so much.

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They hated you first.

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I'm sure you do, gaywad.

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god damn it anon this is supposed to be a /ck/ humor thread, not a /ck/ make me depressed and lonely thread

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Having to scream 'fuck you' at a mythical stranger you made up isn't convincing anyone you're happy with being fat.

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I bet she is a real treat in bed, the way she ate whatever was put in her wew

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it left her body in the form of shit

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>thanks for the cantaloupe anon teehee

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>when you forget to use a roux and the sauce breaks

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I fast so I can eat 2000+ calories at 1am, it's only a problem if you're overeating all day

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>jokes on you bitch I already came in it

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*barfs violently*

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Oh other people actually did that too?
I don't know how much impact we would have made in the grand scheme of things. A friend scolded me when I told him what I was doing.
I'm just trying to save the world from Google's AI taking complete control.

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>the sax girl just staring a the retard

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I'd still eat it.

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redpill me on op renigger, I stopped paying attention to big raid stuff after the shia flag flopped again

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was it autism?

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Just frustration

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