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>that guy that orders water at the restaurant

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How dare someone order something healthy

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I have a friend who always insists we all get water whenever we eat out.
>order a large batch of food for our group
>alright what do you guys want for drinks?
>oh we don’t need drinks let’s just all get water it’s free

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Femanon here, definitely no sex if a guy does this on the first date

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ok miss stinky puss

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gayanon here. Definitely more sex if a guy does this on the first date.

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>that guy that orders sugar water at the restaurant

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i-i was thirsty

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that says a lot more about you than your date; I fucking love water

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shut up dumb bitch

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>hard day of honest work
>glass of slightly chilled water
>best tasting thing on earth
How does God do it, brothers?

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your friend fucks more than the rest of your group combined.

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>fucking on the first date
absolutely disgusting

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Americans detected. In Europe ordering tap water is for poorfags and weird

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t. Corn syrup-chugging angry fat woman.
You should try a glass of water sometime, chicky. I'm sure your clogged internal organs would thank you.

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>man is smart with his money and doesn’t waste cash on the highest profit-margin item in the restaurant
>man is smart and knows to wait until after dinner to make drinks for himself and his date at his in-home bar
>retarded femanon gets mad because she couldn’t buy a $15 cosmopolitan
hope those ovaries don’t dry up too fast!

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>go to local diner for breakfast
>"Early Bird Special" (aka cheap old people breakfast)
>eggs, bacon, toast, and grits for $5 hell yeah
>get a sweet tea with it because this is the south
>get receipt
>Early Bird Special: $5
>Sweet tea: $3
Since then I just got water.

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Waitress here, if people order water while dining out, I assume that they are poor and won't tip well so I give less attention to the table

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How do i stop myself from craving sugarwater while at a restaurant?

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You're completely correct to do so.

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Drinking when I’m eating out is a waste, I have plenty of booze at home and I get to tip thots less when the check comes around.

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I guarentee that your judgemental attitude and callousness has lost you a ton of tips, and you fucking deserve it. Waitresses like you are the reason I tip out the kitchen directly.
>t. Cook who always orders water and tips well (when it's deserved).

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I have a fatter ass than you and I’m a guy

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Perfect. No one likes helicopter waiters

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Do heroin

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what if im thirsty though thats bullshit you should give me as much water as i want

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>drinking tap water
Just because you order beer on tap, doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself with pharmaceuticals. I only have nature made spring water on my property

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sorry you fuking gay

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I put my booze on a separate check “for business reasons” and only tip out on the food portion. Fuck you getting 15% off a cocktail
t. former waiter, bartender

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Righty-o, man, righty-o!

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I only order water. Its good for my figure. Dont carr if peoplr think its poor

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What about ice tea, I always order it and nothing bad ever came of it

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Where the fuck do you order food before getting drinks?

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Any busy/cheap place will do that to try to rush people out faster.

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>all these drinklets
Anyone who doesn't order water with anything else they drink is a fucking faggot.

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>picks up food from kitchen
>places food down on table
>entitled to bonus wages with every task
Just put a jug of water up on a counter somewhere so I can help myself. Your job is pointless.

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too easy

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You’re doing them a service.

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You could have just said Europeans

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how do you tip out the kitchen directly?

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yes you are
chastity is a virtue little girl

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Ice cold water is the best drink ever and if you disagree, you're either a corn syrup or alcohol addict.

Fuck restaurants charging tons for a glass of some shitty whisky or offering 'bottomless' fizzy sugar water to niggas, if you fall for it, you're a dumb fag.

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I'll just call out loudly to you whenever my table requires something. Problem solved, as far as I'm concerned.

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If I'm not drinking I only drink water and coffee. What the fuck else do you order. A lemonade? A grown adult ordering a fucking lemonade? Absolute manlets.

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Why are you letting your friend order for you? Is he paying for the meal?

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If the kitchen has an open window pass to the dining area, I usually just slide up when no servers are there, slap some cash on the pass, tell them I enjoyed the food, and be on my way.
If it's a closed off kitchen, I just ask if it's okay if I pop my head in the doors. The staff is usually pretty good about that, so long as you don't actually walk into the kitchen.
I had one server that was so rotten and pissy, I tipped her nothing, then went around to the loading dock/smoke area and handed the cooks money. I was tickled fucking pink to see her out there smoking when I tipped those boys well.

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A tart lemonade can be primo in hot weather you ignorant nigger

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watch this bros, are you ready?

When I go to the restaurant and order water, I ask them if it's filtered. If not, I don't drink it.

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those satanic trips makes you more of a savage faggot

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This is why i never go tp restaurant. Service in 90% of restaurants is dogshit

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ok mary

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You should demand deionized water.

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>gives shit service
>gets shit for tip

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god forbid they have a profit margin on something

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get bent

I have a medical condition that prevents me from drinking tap water.

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Fuckin' genelet.

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>7 (now 8) (You)'s
good bait anon, not sure how they all fell for it that easily

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ok miss smelly snatch

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He posed as a female keeping sex from a male, that's why it got so many (you)s.

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>not sure how they all fell for it that easily
Because it's summer and half of 4channel is Reddit/Facebook.

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Have sex

>> No.12508975

I love Facebook, hard pass on Reddit though

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That's not you but cute feet

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What the fuck do you order if not water ? Fucking sodas ?

Is it an amerilard thing ? The only normal things to drink when you eat are water, wine, beer and cider.

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Get a job, you beggar

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No it isn't

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>In Europe ordering tap water is for poorfags and weird

nope, everyone does it in France

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how did noone catch that this is a guy buy all his joints and hair

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>have beer before food
>table ready, order wine to accompany food
>jug of water for the table too
What's the problem? If I'm boozing I like to stay hydrated.

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Maybe in Eastern Europe where all the people are poor and dream to be American. In civilized Western Europe it isn't uncommon. Besides with all the fucking pigs everywhere asking you to take an alcohol test you basically need to take a cab/uber if you want to drink, unless the restaurant you're at is within walking distance.

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based and bubbebuttpilled

>> No.12509205

based giestposter

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That's really because in America we have plenty and our water is free, in Europe they are so poor and have so little every restaurant charges you for water they even Jew you out of a few shekels to sit in the restaurant

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You want healthy? Chug milk, faggot.

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I'm not there for the service and I couldn't give a shit about it unless they're outright negligent. Also I don't tip because their job is literally carrying plates and the easiest in the house.

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>the guy who adds salt & pepper without even trying it first

>> No.12509259

Imagidne thinking beer wine or cider is above soda. Its all glasses of sugar stupid.

>> No.12509441

a soft drink is now about $3 ($2.95 profit), of which the waitress might refill it once, you can fuck off with that.
if you cant see people order water for a reason then you obviously suck.
shitty service = shitty tips, this is why wimyn shouldnt be allowed to do anything.
>t fmr waiter

>> No.12509497

>they probably won't tip, let's not care about them
>service is shitty
>they don't tip
> :O
>reeeee fucking poorfags not tipping, I was totally right

>> No.12509574

Thats me. What the fuck you going to do about it Cucks? I have no college degree and make 150 annually also. ANd i have no car loans or house mortgage. And im quitting my job in 20 days because fuck it i can and i want to take a 6 month break.


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false faggot, we dream to be switzerland

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>drinking soda during a meal

>> No.12511169

Yeah, nobody has milk at restaurants with their meal, sperg.

>> No.12511179

So what do you have if you're driving so dont want any alcohol, but also dont want a soda like a child.
Water is perfect in that situation

>> No.12511191

I actually order milk, but only for breakfast. Ice Water for lunch and dinner for me, though.

>> No.12511203

>ordering soft drinks at a restaurant, ever
I can't think of a single bigger pleb filter.

>> No.12511204

I don't usually have any drink with my meal, maybe a beer afterwards.

>> No.12511232

I never ate at a single restaurant in all of Europe that didn't have fresh still water on the table when you sat down. It's implied that you'll drink still water in addition to anything else you order.

>"former waiter, bartender"
>doesn't tip off drinks despite supposedly knowing how the tip-out system works
>still thinks 15% is normal
When were you a waiter, 1975?
Get lost, gramps. The cafeteria diner is where you belong.

>> No.12511247

Sure, but one is a glass of sugar solely for the purpose of drinking a glass of fucking sugar.
Why drink all that sugar and not even feel good after it? Soda is for children and plebs.

>> No.12511250

>150 annually also
How's life in the homeless shelter?

>> No.12511253

I tried to order water in Germany and they kicked me out of the restaurant.

>> No.12511801

>"Because I can"

Care to tell us the story of how you got fired anon?

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Absolutely based

>> No.12512582

You basicly have 3-4 choices when it comes to ordering a drink at a restaurant.
>Sugary pop drink
>Fizzy water
One will give me kidney stones again, one normally tastes like shit and makes you taste the food less, one just tastes like shit and one is water.
Also, if im going to a restaurant its for the FOOD. if i want a drink that'll taste like sex ill go to a bar or something more specialised.

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Out to lunch with the brohs, everyone ordering beers, come to one of the new guys that's tagging along with a broski

>Can I get a milk

>> No.12512879

t. NEET who lives in Europe and doesn't go to restaurants
You order water in any restaurant they'll ask you if you want a bottle or if you want carbonated, retard.

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>paying 3 dollars for carbonated syrup

>> No.12513599

Apparently posing as a woman is top-tier bait around here.

>> No.12513628

Dude water is the shit. Don't knock water.

>> No.12513643

Sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nice brap cannon tho

>> No.12513957

Good no one likes orbiting waiters ya'll beg more than the homeless

>> No.12513997

Jesus Christ, all the salt from this innocuous fucking post. Ignore those shitters. As a non-tipper, I appreciate your attitude of giving extra attention to those who in your experience are more likely to tip, instead of feeling entitled to tops from everyone. I'm happy to receive minimal but adequate service. But just for your own sake, it might be worth taking a more positive perspective on life and giving the best possible service to everyone. The more you give, the more you get - in this case it means you won't lose out on tips from customers you wouldn't have expected one from, but it applies to your whole life too.

>> No.12514010

For me it's water with a wedge of lemon garnish.

Bottle of San pellies if I'm feelin' cute.

>> No.12514012

I always get water so I can look over their selection of beers.

>> No.12514084

what if people just replied for fun
that would be weird huh

>> No.12514097

What kinda Jews work in the service industry?!

Look at what you are bitching about.

Look at it.

Let's say I order an 11.00 meal and I order a water instead of the 2 dollar soda. Instead of 13.00 the total is 11.00 even.

Okay, math time!

I tip 20% because I am not an ass. So...

The tip for 20% of 11.00 is 2.20.

The tip for 20% of 13.00 is 2.60


So you are throwing an entitled temper tantrum over 40 god damned cents. And passing judgement of customers of being shitty bottom feeders. Because they're not spending two extra dollars to give you those four fat dimes. Which they are apparently obligated to do.

>> No.12514109

Everybody is always serious about everything on 4chan. This is the biggest lesson I have learned in my 10 years of visiting daily.

>> No.12514115

Fuggedabout it jack

Its 4channeltown

>> No.12514156

I believe you mean 2 dollars and 40 cents, I forgive you

>> No.12514409

I don't drink anything but water though.
Even at my house I just have bottles of water in my fridge.
Everyone else in my house drinks soda and tea.

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>> No.12514437

order a water along with alcohol if i decide to get it. if dont want alcohol, i order Dr. Pepper. i dont go to resturaunts that dont serve Dr. Pepper.

>> No.12514825

It's extremely easy to spot LARP:ing americans because they say europe, instead an actual country within europe

>> No.12514845

if I order alcohol im def ordering a water with it. If you dont do this you're retarded

>> No.12515002

Sparkling pelegrino please

>> No.12515028

I don’t like drinking alcohol or sugary drinks when I eat plus I barely drink anything when I eat

>> No.12515060

>that wojakposter who pays attention to what other people order at restaurants
You’re unironically an incel

>> No.12515061

at what commie restaurant is water free?

>> No.12515146

Sorry bro, You are weird. Water is the only acceptable drink to ever drink. Well carbonated water that is.

>> No.12516385

You are an idiot

>> No.12516431

>that guy who drinks anything during the meal

ruined the solely eating experience intended by the chef, plebs the lot of you

>> No.12516433

>incel as a generic insult

>> No.12516443

nice hammer toes, femoid

>> No.12517903

post tits or GTFO

>> No.12517912

I am a dumb American, so I have two questions:
1. Do people actually eat snails and frogs in France
2. If so, how are these meats prepared, and how often do they eat these things?

>> No.12517920

Milk can be rotten in restaurants, and too much of it can cause diarrhea. So no, water is better.

>> No.12517922

yeah, incel literally just means involuntarily celibate

>> No.12517959

seems you may be the one falling for the replies, friend

>> No.12517963

yeah...i'm gonna rub one out to your ass, thanks

>> No.12517964

>130 replies over ordering water at a restaurant
I love this board

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absolutely based
literally God's gift

>> No.12518104

>he needs to use salt to make his well water palatable
If you have an actual drinking spring, post a pic with a timestamp, because that feature on a property increases value into the multi-millions.

>> No.12518112

What a stupid bitch, no wonder you don't get tips. Maybe try fucking up the order of everyone with red hair so you can complain about not getting tips from them too. As a matter of fact, quit your job and you can complain about not getting tips from anyone.

>> No.12518149


>> No.12518286

Yeah I usually do if I'm not ordering alcohol. If they have decent beer and I don't need to drive I'll have a few of course, or if they have proper wine to pair with my meal, then that. But water goes with everything and does it's job better than everything else; quench thirst.

>> No.12518369

Servers will bitch about just about any tip. If a table gets $100 of food and the server comes to the table a total of 3 times and you take up a total of 10 minutes of their time while they have 2 other tables and you are there for 45 minutes and tip $10 they will bitch because it's not 20% even though they are going to make about $20-30/hr or more even after tipping out.
If you order $12 of food and tip them $3 they will bitch because you didn't tip at least $5. Then if you tip $5 and other tables aren't giving them insanely high tips they will bitch about that. Pretty much the only times I don't hear servers bitch about their tips is if they get 20%+ on a large tab like $100, or $10 on a small tab.
I have tipped servers well if they are good servers, but I've worked in restaurants and know most non-good(not even just bad/mediocre) servers are lazy and spend half of their shift talking to other employees about dumb personal shit and then when they get to their tables after finishing their 20 minute conversation they blame it on others having them do shit which was never asked of them and they never did.

>> No.12518386

Why do birdshit skins make this face?

>> No.12518393

All roasties must get toastie, even the imaginary ones

>> No.12518428

Euros say 'in Europe' all the time when they want to claim something other countries do during Europe vs US arguing e.g. Finnish school system

>> No.12518437

Go fuck yourself. Waitstaff has to smile at assholes who are yelling at them because the kitchen is full of arrogant fuckups can't do their jobs right and are pricks when you be point it out. And then some smug prick like you comes up with a bullshit justification to fuck them out of a tip so they're earning less than minimum wage... And the job is to keep smiling. Fuck yourself with your "so easy hurr durr carrying plates" shit.

>> No.12518454

Where the fuck are you posting from that restaurants charge? Here in Arizona it's illegal to deny someone water, because it's a desert and that could be a death sentence... as long as they've made it to civilization. If you find someone out there and you give them water without checking for a passport, it's a crime.

>> No.12518464

Why don't you get a job that is AT LEAST minimum wage? that's why I never cared, everyone knows what they're getting into, there must be SOME benefit. Be it drugs, or tips from people who actually care

>> No.12518476

... Or lack of economic opportunities to go to college, life circumstances and the like, the gradual fuckening of the American job market that has caused wages to stagnate, decent jobs that don't require higher education getting outsourced overseas or eliminated due to automation? There are a *lot* of us trying to get by in an economy that's been rigged for the guys at the top for ages, you're going to begrudge the folks at the bottom a living? I repeat: Get fucked.

>> No.12518629

>be woman
>having sex on the first date
absolute garbage

>> No.12519024

Sure thing roastie. The only reason you are a server is because you know it pays better than minimum and it's easy money. You can't in good faith say there aren't any warehouse or cashier jobs in your area: Get fucked

>> No.12519107

Fuck you man I'm just thirsty

>> No.12519283
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>So mad that he's self fagging now
Absolutely embarrassing.

>> No.12519835

Lol, I tip upward of 25% when service is good, and I just drink water.

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Shit nigga, I live in northern Indiana and people eat frog legs here. I think it's a weird Michigan thing, but I've also heard of Southerners doing it. Got a pal who swears its just like chicken, but I've never taken the chance to try it for myself.
As for snails, I think those're just cooked in fucktons of butter and herbs. But that could've been one of many methods of preparation, for all I know; just know I've seen a French cook make 'em that way. Another dish that I passed on, though that was to save room for free beer.

>> No.12520413

First off, not a roastie, probably better hung than you are, pencil dick. Second, yeah, there are cashiering jobs that pay minimum wage, waiting lets me support my family. So I'm an idiot for finding a decent paying job... Oh, wait, this isn't about me, this is about you justifying being a prick to people you've never met before on some kind of bullshit Objectivist "principle." Third time, for the slow readers out there: Get fucked.

>> No.12520500

The common French doesn’t eat many of these for some reason. My dad loves snails though so I grew up frequently eating them. I still do eat snails frequently, they are easy to get. Usually they come prepared in garlic butter and baked in oven. Shit’s delicious.
Frogs are way less common, you can’t even get them in supermarkets anymore. The most traditional way is frog legs pan fried with garlic butter. It’s pretty nice too but I like snails better.

>> No.12520504


why does your vagina have such a bad odor?

>> No.12520511
File: 7 KB, 253x199, testkitchenclaire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


whatever you say Meth head

>> No.12520512

Tap water in America isn't cancer like it is in Europe

>> No.12520516

Post cock

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Based. Who here /milkfiend/

>> No.12520562

based. I start every morning with wine and a cigarette

>> No.12520566

I only tip male wait staff

>> No.12520575

This but unironically

>> No.12520896

That’s a lie anon
You know it is

>> No.12520899

you are a retard

>> No.12520988

It isn't. I live in Idaho and the waters fresh as day.

>> No.12521005

I'm ordering a $20 starter, a $65 main course and a $15 dessert, and you're getting your shit-stained panties in a bunch over the loss of 15% of a $8 beer? The service industry isn't for you.

>> No.12521079

You need a highschool diploma and a decent work ethic to pick up a trade. Licensed tradeworkers are a necessity all over the place. Getting an apprenticeship is a very simple and easy process, especially if you go through a union (although I know they might not be everyone's cup of tea). If you're a woman, as long as you pull your weight just like everyone else, nobody will give a flying fuck; I wouldn't recommend being an ironworker unless you're a female bodybuilder but there's plenty of other things you can do.

You could be a plumber. You could be an electrician. You could be a machinist. None of these involve too much heavy lifting and I personally know a woman who's doing an electrician apprenticeship. They're not the most luxurious jobs; a plumber's gonna have to get in a crawlspace and work around dirty water, an electrician might be working in a new construction site with no heating/cooling/power(duh) in the middle of summer or winter, and machinist work can be loud, get repetitive and be very demanding on the quality of your work. But you'll work 40 hours a week and make damn good pay. If you want that but also a cushy office, then yeah, you should have gone to college and maybe there's no way you could have, but that's the hand you were dealt with life. Sometimes I think I should have gone with trades and a lot of things would be simpler and less stressful. You can get a stable, well paying, and respectable job, you just need to not be a cushy faggot.

t. Dad was a machinist (now a pastry chef), several friends are all sorts of tradesmen, and work with lots of skilled labor in oil fields (my degree starts with "geo")

>> No.12521393

Based, fuck that dumb roastie waitress

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>> No.12521441

This guy got his roleplaying thread deleted yesterday so now he's just shitposting across other threads.

>> No.12521454

He's obviously a white supremacist and asserting his dominance over you nerds by ordering milk and drinking it in front of you.

>> No.12521488

You make 150 a year. I spend 150 a year. Let's not get too excited there.

>> No.12521526


>> No.12521529

Fuck off, with tips most waitstaff end up making a good bit more than minimum wage and being in a tip position doesn’t mean that you HAVE to rely on tips, even if you don’t end up earning up to minimum wage, you still get paid the difference by your employer.

>> No.12521617

a town in Michigan would beg to differ

>> No.12521621

>order water at bar
>get charged 11 dollars for "still water" from some shitty european spring

>> No.12521708

>restaurant doesn't serve beer or wine
What am I supposed to order then?

>> No.12521719

>150k annually
You still have to work for a living at this which means you are still a wagecuck. You played yourself.

>> No.12521831

Soda, Milk, Juice, anything that cost money! C'MON!

>> No.12521843

what does that stand for? is that an abbreviated acronym? are you calling me something nasty?

>> No.12521851
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Fornication is a sin. A terrible sin only shadowed by your swelling pride, an even worse sin. Repent or you will burn for eternity. Eternity.

You'll be joining her in hell too.

>> No.12521875

wouldn't mind hitting that from the back 7/10

>> No.12522297

>paying 3 or more dollars for a fucking fountain drink

absolutely no way you idiot.
shit bait thread why am I replying

>> No.12522324

>literally allergic to minerals
or is it some low level bacteria?
this has to be bait

>> No.12522375

>that guy who acts like he is better than everyone else for doing something everyone does

Waterfags might be more annoying than furries and footfags.

>> No.12522471
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>> No.12522890

Good thing I don't live in Michigan.

>> No.12522944

>I assume they are poor and won't tip well.
>Waitress here
You don't have much of a reason to judge people for their socioeconomic status when you're working at the bottom of the totem pole of some restaurant.

>> No.12523205

So I guess the lesson to take away is don't stick with water. Even if you are trying to stay healthy, you don't want to upset the waiter. Order the most expensive drink and maybe they won't spit in your food

>> No.12523228

Holy based

>> No.12523336

>even worse sin
Christians can't get their shit straight.

>> No.12523409

>drinking water is now an American stereotype
wtf I thought Americans chugged soda all day?

>> No.12523425


>> No.12523461
File: 34 KB, 429x577, 1541858750150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>drinking calories
fucking fatties

>> No.12523609

I order water along with something else to drink. I like having the water to satisfy my thirst, and the other drink for taste.

>> No.12523627

I mean. I wasn't going to tip in the first place. I only tip if the waitress/waiter actually did a good job.

>> No.12523638

>And the job is to keep smiling
That's every job dumb fuck

>> No.12523645

This, I thought everyone did that

>> No.12523657

Shut up. I like to drink a lot of water.

>> No.12523662

You have to do it though Anon, you don't want your date and waiter to think you are cheap right?

>> No.12523739
File: 33 KB, 360x296, 1435821151773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who puts salt and pepper in fucking water?

>> No.12523774
File: 51 KB, 200x195, CIcKi3g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'll have your finest corn syrup sludge, mixed with carbonated tap water. What's that? Your soda fountain hasn't been cleaned in 2 years? Excellent. Oh and I'm assuming free refills? I'll be having a few hehe

>> No.12523812

more like waiter, not fooling anyone hiding your face and bulge

>> No.12523921

Fine. Give me 10 waters then.

>> No.12523932

lol Poorfags detected. Btw I'm a guy you gays.

>> No.12523966

I always order to go. Fuck wa*ters.

>> No.12523985

[X] filename not renamed to realwoman.jpg

>> No.12524107

you got any pics of your butt?

>> No.12525116

dilate tranny

>> No.12525613

Good advice, less attention the better. Why would I want some cunt disturbing or company over and over.

>> No.12525617

Those are guy feet for sure.

>> No.12525619

>All over Europe, this applies!!!
Very few things are common in european countries. Clumping them together is pointless.

>> No.12526024

>order iced tea
>everyone else only gets water
"why you gotta get a drink every time, son? It's like $2 they add up"


>> No.12526062

But I prefer wanted. Soda fucks with my ulcer.

>> No.12526073

>mostly get water
>decide to get drink
>dock the fee for the drink from the server's tip
why not just do this? that way if you really want the coca cola you have to pay a bit in guilt while keeping up with good financial sense.

>> No.12526083

based and holypilled

>> No.12526107

i thought cars weren't really a thing in europe and people just walked everywhere?

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