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Does Steve1989 have a learning disability or literacy issues?

This is an actual letter Steve sent a Patreon supporter. He don’t write so good.

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I was raised by an engineer that worked on satellites. I'd put his spelling around 6th grade and handwriting far far less.

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I was also raised by an engineer who worked on satellites. You're not my sibling. Fuck off, daddy stealer.

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I can promise you ASMRcuck1989 is not an engineer who works on satellites.

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What kind of animal capitalizes every single L

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The content an spelling are fine. No one cares about handwriting.

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Handwriting says a lot about your brains retardation level

And i am not too familiar with steve but the handwriting in the OP is pretty alarming

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Didn’t he get botuslism that fucked his motor skills a bit?

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My handwriting looks like a shakey alcoholic doctor. Most people don't spend time learning penmanship.

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There’s plenty of dumb people who write all nice and fancy because they take their sweet time. You’d know if you have had sex

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>Handwriting says a lot about your brains retardation level
It literally does not. It used to be a sign of intelligence because people who wrote a fuckload of letters and books were very well educated, and thus very practiced in the hand of literature.
Since the advent of typewritters and the effective total and complete abolition of handwritten notes in the modern age, everybody has fucking dogshit handwriting.

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I fail to see the correlation despite not being a virgin. Maybe I've been having the wrong sex?

Btw women owe me sex even tho I'm gay

But really post a pic of your handwriting i am curious

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I feel like you are making sweeping claims to create the illusion that everyone had shit handwriting when I am not even that old and I went thru handwriting practice in school. American public school.

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This couldn't have less to do with cooking if you tried.
Also have you ever noticed your informal writing hand looks far less legible than when you're trying to write clearly for others?

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Here’s mine I did on my tablet, I’m wasted right now and still did better than Steve

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This isn't funny. Botulism affects motor skills.

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Literally nobody cares
Your showing off your handwriting on the food board on a weekday

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>he hand wrote a thank you letter
thats precious. Is there a new video up?

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Get a load of this L-let

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Back to whatever hugbox you crawled out from

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What this guy said. We'd be more impressed on Saturday

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When I'm detoxing my handwriting looks like I'm actively raping an angry goat. The goat doesn't want it, but I'm trying to write in cursive.

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I work at a software company, and more than half of my colleagues are borderline illiterate in terms of their writing skills. Coworkers who learned English as second language fare better on average than native speakers in terms of writing skills, but the sample might be biased since my employer puts heavy emphasis of screening for verbal English communication competency, and most foreigners write better English than they speak.

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You have to admit, you all kinda belong in a burn bin. Fat used for fire to power something else. It would be more useful than you.

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>he posted using software

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I want a "hand written with love" Steve letter

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his spelling, content, and structure are fine. Most people's handwriting sucks these days because most communication is through computer keys. Even someone with good handwriting will write shitty if he takes a long break from physical writing

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Yeah that is indeed better than the OP. But thats not hard

Holy shit my dude. Are you actually insecure about handwriting

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No not really.

You have other things to blame. Probably nerve damage from diabetes.

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There's nothing wrong with what he wrote. If I'm trying as hard as I can to find fault here I might phrase "thank you so much for not only your help..." as "thank you so much not only for your help..." but that's just a personal preference.
If you had only bought up the handwriting as screwed up I might agree with you (not that it matters, bad handwriting among intelligent professionals like doctors who can't be bothered to care about trivial concerns like that is a well established trope), but I don't have any idea where you're coming from on the message itself somehow being the product of learning disability.

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Oh come, I love Steve if someone presented you that letter without context and asked you to guess the writers age i’m certain you would say a teen or adolescent.

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I hate e-celebrities and I don't agree with you at all. You don't need to be a child to cobble together a few simple and straightforward sentences of appreciation for some e-celeb enabler's patronage. I think you're reading into the handwriting and not actually getting the impression you're thinking of from the message itself.

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Why are you deflecting so hard. The standards arent vaporous. Steves handwriting is dog shit embarassing

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handwriting is a useless talent in this day and age, enjoy keeping yours sharp for your secretary job though.

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lots of the smartest people i've ever known had absolutely dogshit handwriting. it isn't an indication of anything.

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im 3 years older than he is and i have similar writing skills. to be fair i am also a gr10 dropout and am just a dirty blue collar machinist

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I've already been saying you're reading into the handwriting, not the message itself. Not sure why you would respond to that by saying his handwriting's bad. Do you even have any real problems with what he wrote as opposed to the handwriting he wrote it with?
And I have no idea what you mean by deflecting here. How have I deflected? I'm just telling you I don't see what your problem is with the message itself. I do see that the handwriting's bad. That's all.

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Only women and fags give a fuck about how pretty handwriting can be. I'm glad kids today do not have to learn cursive as it made bad handwriting into scribbled mess or so fuckall fancy you can barely read either.

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>everybody has fucking dogshit handwriting
Speak for yourself, millenial.
>lots of the smartest people i've ever known had absolutely dogshit handwriting
>the smartest people I've ever known
Knowing the smartest of a bunch of stupid people isn't something to brag about.

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>Calling someone a millennial in a way that implies they're younger than you
Are you in your 40s?

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This is a surprisingly funny thread. Who knew the topic of handwriting could trigger so many people. Some of you were beat too hard for bad handwriting as a kid

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yikes steve

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That's a lot better handwriting than I have lol.

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He's a cringe manchild who eats MREs.
What do you expect?
Of course he's a fucking retard.

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Doctors must be pretty retarded, then.

>> No.12508572

The guy is a roofer and a Trump voter. I'd be surprised if he wasn't retarded.

>> No.12508574

He's a landscaper, not a roofer.
>and a Trump voter
Do you have a shred of evidence to back that up? Guy strikes me as center-left.

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>actually giving some fucking faggot on the internet money. Just fucking kys
Pic not related

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He has both "Remove Kebab" and "State of Jefferson" paraphernalia on display in his room.
The State of Jefferson is a white nationalist wet dream about splitting California into two separate states

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>man fights off botulism, food borne parasites, and a mutated form of lyme disease
>continues trucking like nothing happened

I'd like to see you do better.

>> No.12508607

I can

First step is stop eating rancid food

Easy. Holy shit steve might actually be retarded

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>Remove Kebab paraphernalia
Sent to him by a fan and displayed happily, as his custom. Note that it hasn't been in videos since the shooting in New Zealand

>State of Jefferson
An old, Libertarian idea, going back to the 1800s. Not tied to White Supremacists except in memes. White Supremacy and White Nationalism isn't even mentioned when you look up articles about it. You're reaching.

>> No.12508625

The Jefferson stuff has nothing to do with white power.
t. An actual Hernandez in Mendocino county

>> No.12508644

Doctors must have high levels of retardation in their brains if that's the case, jackass

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>Fantasy state named after a slave holder and colonizer with near 100% wh*toid population
>Nope, no ill intentions there
You've got a bad case of Stockholm syndrome, mijo

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Did you read this on the root?
How about we just want Sacramento to leave us the fuck alone

>> No.12508738

Never seen a doctor before? The ones that actually know what they're talking about are very rare.

>> No.12508745

Well Marvin, how about you stay in Oakland and we stay north of the GG

>> No.12508753

Actually for all I can you can rename Atlanta hotep city and live there for all I care

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>writing by hand

Lmao get an iPhone grandad.

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Europeans wuz black!!!!

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doesn't look that different from my writing in my food diary

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return to reddit you stupid leftist incel

>> No.12508809

I'm just correcting somebody's misconceptions. If anyone's unnecessarily angry over somebody, it's that guy (you?) having a bone to pick with Trump and making bogus associations between unrelated subjects.

>> No.12508810

He's a literal zoomer, whoever the fuck he is. What do you expect?

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He received a head wound while working construction that causes him to involuntarily shake. I can't remember which specific video that he mentioned this, but if you chain watch SteveMRE, you'll come across it. Poor handwriting isn't an indicator of intelligence (or lack thereof), though. My handwriting tends to be rather poor because I'm usually in a rush, but if I take my time, I can make it look fancy like some faggot.

Then again, I'm a drunk retard so maybe I'm full of shit.

>> No.12508915

>no spelling mistakes
>no grammar errors
I don't get it. Is it because he has poor penmanship?

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>that handwriting

>> No.12508931

I think its because all the letterd with curves or loops are all jagged and blocky, giving the impression that a child that doesnt know how to grip a pen wrote it

>> No.12508956

His fine motor skills are impaired due to a head wound suffered during work.

>> No.12508958

I don't see any spelling errors in that at all, though. Maybe I'm lower than a 6th grade level myself.
My handwriting certainly isn't any better than his, but I haven't used it in a couple decades anyway.

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my handwriting is worse.

>> No.12508962

On God?

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>plenty of dumb people

>> No.12508968

Watch all of his videos that he released during the past year. I can't remember which one specifically mentions his trauma but he talks about it at length during one of his smoke sessions.

>> No.12509019

My Spanish parents would beat me for having bad handwriting, if only they'd beaten me for bad math over penmanship

>> No.12509021

itt: op laments giving this steve dude money.

>> No.12509022

Let's see your handwriting. I want to know if their beating was in vain.

>> No.12509036

s-steve, is that you?

>> No.12509042

The simple truth is that people are getting worse at handwriting with every new generation. We probably reached peak handwriting just before the telegraph and typewriter were invented. Your ignorant, dumb-fuck ancestors wrote far better than any of you.

>> No.12509112

Having good handwriting just means you write alot by hand nothing else

>> No.12509135

I use a computer far better than they did

>> No.12509137

WAH? I went to American public school, and we were constantly working on our penmanship including cursive.

>> No.12509147

It's not a contest. I'm just saying there's no reason to be disgusted with the state of modern handwriting. We pretty much only write to sign checks, these days.

>> No.12509470

How's the weather in 1987, friend?

>> No.12509476

>Hotep city
A public school here renamed itself Hotep and taught students from an Afrocentric world view. The school was shut down some years later. I wonder why.

>> No.12509507

This is honestly wholesome. Steve is so fucking based.

>> No.12509520

*He doesn't write so well.

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>> No.12509590

I was about to say, I have dyspraxia due to a minor brain injury and this looks a lot like my handwriting. I have a verbal comprehension score of 150 too, and a perceptual reasoning score of 129 (that's not a boast, my memory and organisation is shit which is why I needed to have my Weschler IQ scores tested in the first place, point is I'm not retarded when it comes to words). This looks less like learning difficulties and more like motor difficulties.

>> No.12509602

one of my best friends I used to go to high school with has been a ketamine junkie for nearly 10 years (this is UK) and can still do actual calligraphy when he's not in peak drug psychosis. as bad as modern tech has been on sociology, this seems like a weak argument and I doubt any further than 100 years ago literacy in general was better than it is now.

>> No.12509604

This was true in the 90s... I'm guessing, somewhere in the early 2000s, many schools began dropping cursive as a requirement for students in grade school.

>> No.12509607

I was born with dyspraxia and was going to say his writing style looks awfully similar to mine. I broke the IQ test due to having too greater gap between verbal and perceptual when I had to do it when being assessed for extra time during final exams in high school.

>> No.12509614

Wild. My ed psych told me the gap between my highest and lowest scores was the largest she'd seen in over 30 years of her career. Dyspraxia is probably the least understood of the common learning disabilities. I can tell what words mean I've never seen before mean by guessing their etymology but I can't remember what I did when I woke up this morning.

>> No.12509626

He probably was educated in a southern red state where handwriting, spelling and grammar were eliminated to make room for bible studies ;)

>> No.12509687


me >>12509590
What also makes it obvious it's a motor problem and not an intellectual problem is what it is that's wrong with the handwriting. The spelling, grammar etc. is all fine, it's the form of the letters that's off. And he's clearly adjusted how he writes to compensate- spacing words out more, not writing in cursive, and mainly writing letterforms in a way that requires a single stroke- look at the plus sign for example- to reduce the length and amount of co-ordination required. If it's anything like my dyspraxia writing even this little probably hurts his hand a shit-ton so the emphasis is on getting the job done quick. In my case for example, I only ever write in all caps so there's less curved lines to deal with. If I try to write lowercase letters it looks like a doctor's prescription to others, literally just wiggly lines.

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I would unironically wear that shirt.

>> No.12509725

/ck/ - Food & Cooking

Fuck off with your e-celeb bullshit.

>> No.12509750

>He don’t write so good.
Who wants to try next?

>> No.12509756

Fellow norcal resident, all state of jefferson faggots are literal subhuman scum. I almost wish they'd secede so I wouldnt have to share a state with them.

>> No.12510852

Once you're out of school for a bit and adapt to virtual communication your ability to write and spell takes a hit.

Seriously, whens the last time any of you physically wrote anything you weren't copying down? Its either happened to you, will happen to you, or you're an autist who deliberately practices to impress nobody.

>> No.12511431

this thread is mean, steven is a patron saint

>> No.12511506

congrats now you get to show off that useless skill on shitty image boards

>> No.12512170

Handwriting is not a good measure of intelligence desu, I've seen the dumbest black girls have the prettiest fanciest handwriting while I can't read a fucking thing a doctor has ever written

>> No.12512187

There's a lot of research showing that bad handwriting has a high correlation with increased iq

>> No.12512189

And if your social worth is closer to the black girls and the only similarity with the successful doctor you have is shit handwriting, what does that say? That you a good boy, you got a bright future? Lel

>> No.12512194

Imagine being so stupid that you think that poor handwriting speaks to your intelligence more than correct grammar and spelling.

Maybe you guys should stay in the kitchen lmao

>> No.12512195

this is standard for american education.

>> No.12512203

he was lifting weights before he wrote the letter

>> No.12512205

imagine hating on someone taking their time to write a note from the bottom of their heart.
unironically have sex

>> No.12512217

Grow up pussy, nobody is hating

>> No.12512226

Bullshit, nincompoop. I have an IQ of 113 and my handwriting is worse than Steve's

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>Not tied to White Supremacists except in memes.

>> No.12512236

For real? I have 145

>> No.12512245

Nice predictable odd number you totally made up. You didn't even try to make it believable.

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>> No.12512260

My handwriting sucks dick and my name is spelt Mykell so I legit look fucking retarded writing my name out

>> No.12512266

Whats with this reaction on 4chan? I get this a lot.

>> No.12512267

...doctors are notorious for shit handwriting anon, anon. Not saying Docs are inherently smart, but it takes a bit more then general knowledge (and money) to get through med school.

>> No.12512273

Stopped reading there. What a reddit opener.

>> No.12512279

>actually had to read just one sentence
truly a genius

>> No.12512285

Women owe me sex.

>> No.12512299

Calligraphy is a near completely useless skill and you can have shockingly terrible handwriting and still jot down perfectly legible print.

>> No.12512302

Oh and I forgot to add: women owe me sex.

>> No.12512331

they do though

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File: 2.13 MB, 3006x5344, IMG_20190619_164438426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have okay handwriting I think. I only really write stuff by hand in my "night journal" where I'll jot stuff down before bed to not forget stuff. I'm usually dead tired by this point.

>> No.12512353

Looks like a bunch of pubes you tore out by hand. And you just dumped it on a notebook. The fuck.

>> No.12512376

Pilot G-2 .05mm actually.

>> No.12512378

I work for literally a quant fund and I think my handwriting might be worse than a third graders, but the way Steve writes is kinda weird. It's... not messy. It's clear he took some time to write this. It's the difference between a doctor's note which looks like a bunch of scribbles and a child who has to fully grasp a crayon and takes 30 seconds to write a capital A.

>> No.12512413

Sorry the thread isn’t going your way and you got blown the fuck out, reddit, but the OP is about a dude who reviews food on his channel.

>> No.12512623

I don't care about the handwriting but you should stop biting your nails

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>seems like a weak argument
>tries to prove it with an exception to the rule

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