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Post manly cooking images.

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Damn what cut of chicken is that?

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well that's kind of racist

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people who take these kinds of images are overcompensating to such an insufferable degree. imagine the time it took for this guy to set up this whole spread, probably just for the purpose of making himself look manly. such wasted time. absolutely not manly. sad.

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Many such cases!

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All that’s missing is the hot sauce.

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Just because there's a fuckin' nigger in the picture doesn't mean it's racist, you stupid shithead. Do you hate the sight of shines or somethin? Hate the jigaboos? Fuck you, mooncrickets can be in whatever photos they want without needing to be judged by your darkie-hating ass.

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that knife is as cringe as a big soi face in the pic

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You obviously don't understand the historical significance. Just know that simply seeing such an image would cut any African American deep.

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I fuck with this

I fuck with this hard

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>Bordeaux with fucking ramen
>In a stupid little goblet
Reevaluate your life choices.

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I'm glad this post is satire or you'd be a real bitch.

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what the fuck kind of man is that?

>not outside next to a open fire
>poor mans scotch, no 25 year old Highland park.
>$10 big 5 knife.
>not a 120 day dry aged steak.

women tier all around. I'm sure when you and the ladies go into the bathroom to powder your long jew nose you women compare your husbands wallet size because your too useless to make your own money.

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not manly in the slightest.

>Fire whisky
>no camp fire.
>cheap 2 dollar chinese knockoff knife.
>poor mans fishing

get yourself a better job and a real boat

pic related.

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Shin Ramen n red wine

Sounds like my kind of evening

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t. metrosexual

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Kek. That's Shin Black. Nice to see a fellow connoisseur around on a Saturday night like tonight.

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I'm scared about how drunk you have to be to cook, anon.

>remember that time I tried to eat cool spaghettios as a kid so I didn't wake my parents
That was awful.

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This is cringe.

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Rye back atchuu. I would know that broth anywhere.

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>Shin Ramen
Is that the spicy stuff? What did you do to it?

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That fucking cutlery
>Fishing and hunting the river
>Brings perishables along to eat because already knows can't catch anything
Based and poor student pilled

OP's advertisement tier staged picture is best so far

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Check mine out. I'm just peeling oranges on twitch, though.

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What's ur chan

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filename nigga, darkhelmutt

come drink with me

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>tfw decided not to drink this weekend

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oh this makes me so hungry, this is my favorite kind of shit

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>masculinity is a question if equipment
absolutely, unironically never going to make it

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Worst fishing boat known to man
You'd be better off using a $100 River Bug then that useless unitasker
I've seen cunts lazing around in the middle of a lake on picrelated towing an esky full of beers and another full of fish they caught

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That's alright, anon. No one wants to hang out in my IRC channel.

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I mean I get nothing more from this than the guy's a pretentious twat who's obsessed with branding and thinks sucking down steaks and booze while snapping pictures makes up for what a colossal faggot he is.

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Cast Iron Master-race

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You want to catch anything at all, get a No. 5 Floating Trout Fry and a decent rod and reel. I caught 25 fish in about 3 hours one night in a river. Get wadders, fuck those boats.

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havnt you heard of the whipped cream black genocide

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>liqueur bottles
>beer bottles
>big boy knifes

Lel, this kind of shit is fucking pathetic, forcing it so hard to show that you are adhering to what society tells you is supposed to be manly.
Being manly is about being confident in your choices, your own values and your vision of the world; i.e. not needing to signal to other people that you fit the parameters that THEY consider to be associated with "manliness". Also the case for the people who do the opposite (signaling that they do NOT fit the mold - like the fags putting up those pictures with soylent), also cringe.

The same shit with women being feminine, by the way.

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All of your shit meats aren't cooked in their own rendered fat. They'll taste like burnt olive oil or peanuts from the peanut oil.


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You people pay any attention to this bullshit? That's a 20 something depressing mess. Make good food, you stupid stupid kids.

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racist scum

fuck outta here, this is a negro friendly anime board.

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You're all going to die in poverty.

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Do something that matters, you fucking gimp. What the fuck is that?

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Fuck OFF

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perma virgin detected...
this is a man thread

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Sesame Chicken! This is my favorite. I like shrimp fried rice though.

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I a MAN I like booze and WEED bro duuuuuuuuude beards LMAO
check out my man gave bro, can't wait to post this EPIC manly meal set up on reddit
Pic related is the gay shit you post on facebook

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Are you eating naked?

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What the FUCK is that boat lol

>> No.12493219

can anything be more reddit?

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>t. has never fished

>> No.12493244

also based
>negro friendly

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cooked sausage on the same board as raw pork? topkek

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soy lactating manlets are just as bad

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>meat and whiskey is for men, not boys
>ron swanson am i right?
>yes i love this estrogen filled beer, outta of the way boys, real man coming through

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based and redpilled

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That's not how a man eats things from a can.

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This thread should be deleted and OP banned.
Did you ever think how this thread would make females and the lbptq community feel?
Assholes every one of you.

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Beyond burgers in waffles, you absolutely mad and SEETHING

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did you miss the-
>and three fingers of pappy van winkle 20 year

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... bait

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If you want to drink expensive whiskey then buy it itself instead of buying it alongside some shit pancakes which give people the excuse to overcharge for them. Again, fuck off.

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>Dressing as a meme
Saw some guy in the supermarket dressed & tatt'd like this, he was looking at craft beer like a twat
Picture man related

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Fucking hell Holmes, how did you figure it out?

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ITT: closeted flyovers who think pictures of raw meat and knives will help them pray away the gay

Install grindr, suck some cocks, and vote democrat, you pathetic confused betas

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This guy gets it.

>> No.12493505

Op said manly, not coastie

>> No.12493507

>people who make these kinds of posts are overcompensating to such an insufferable degree. imagine the time it took for this guy to set up this whole spread, probably just for the purpose of making himself look manly. such wasted time. absolutely not manly. sad.


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Shut up tranny

>> No.12493510

100$ simply means less to some people anon. Don't be angry, instead try to figure out a service or goods you can overcharge people for.
Like that hot mouth of yours.

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real men just don't signal anything at all.

>> No.12493528

Honestly that's some extremely weak marbleization.

>> No.12493535

Shit meat as well.
That fat color signifies crappy grassfed shit

>> No.12493729

that's some weird looking grapefruit slices

>> No.12493772

t. fat beetusmerican who thinks beef needs to be at least 45% white fat globules or he might die of hunger

>> No.12493876

commodified manliness is not manliness, it is corporate cuckoldry.

>> No.12493898

/fit/ BTFO

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Knife looks ironically dull and why would you put the whiskey cap near raw meat.

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>foam grips
Fuck people who do this

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You do realize how ridiculously loud that thing is right? You'll never catch a fish in that thing lmao.

>> No.12494051

if you actually manage to buy a bottle retail from the yearly lottery it's more like 230 bucks

>> No.12494086

What fly did you use to catch those boys? Best I've done is caught some white bass with a mayfly, but those aren't good eating.

>> No.12494966

Is that Skylar?

>> No.12495156

a fast one. not as good as the mystic 4400 imo

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Masculinity is a disease.

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you are a disease

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This is true for all meats, seafood included. Use as much of the fat from the source as you can, always.

>> No.12495625

go back to your containment board, faggot

>> No.12495637

He needed some more white in him

>> No.12495642

Not real men. Mentally mature human beings, which isn't a state everyone gets too in their lifetime. Women as well. This is not about being "stoic", it's about being confident in your existence and not needing to validate it constantly.

>> No.12495659

To be fair, if you exercise as a hobby, and like to push your limits and become stronger, I don't see any inherent psychological failure with that. If your thing is about the aesthetics and trying to catch the eyes of other people, then probably you need to go deeper and resolve some real issues with yourself.

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whats the foil on the bone for?

>> No.12495766

that looks good, but i dont see how it is "manly" in any way

>> No.12495778

you learn something new every day

>> No.12495807

Looks like a giant graphics card

>> No.12495901

Why are ck anons so based?

>> No.12495909

Gamers rise up

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Cork and cap on cutting board with raw meat. Re corks and recaps transferring bacteria.

Fucking retard.

>> No.12496374

That poster is. However he needs to write that because there are plenty that aren't.

>> No.12497315

I appreciate you bushcraftAnon

>> No.12497341

>my boats bigger than yours!
ok, whats this REALLY about?

>> No.12497353

This is based.

>> No.12497360

I make these all the time. I call them burgles

>> No.12497371

Stop saying BASED. You're not living in 2011. You fucking fat adult children.

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>> No.12497457

3 fingers in that glass is about 3oz probably which is fair to charge 100$ for

>> No.12497494

How do I into whiskey?

>> No.12497500


You don't, shithead. Get some Talisker or Lagavulin. Drink 4 bottles of it then you know what whisky is. Stop fucking around.

>> No.12497504

Reddit soy onion

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>>In a stupid little goblet

>> No.12497546

Have sex

>> No.12497602


It's good that you pretend. It might happen some day.

>> No.12497627

What kind of homo doesn't like a glass of bourbon or whiskey to relax? End yourself fag

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Manliness is honest and confident enjoyment of your personal interests, therefore all honest cooking is manly. Even honest knitting is manly.

>> No.12497646


who the fuck cares about 'manliness' today? You sound like a stupid cunt even bringing it up.

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I fucking love pancakes

>> No.12497660

>reddit spacing

>> No.12497667

are you a fucking child? Who cares about this? Feels like 2010.

>> No.12497675

He caught a cow? IMPRESSIVE!

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>not calling them HamBaffles

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i dont live in USA anymore now i live in actual SEA and cant get american chinese food :(

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2packets of cheese and 1 box if pasta
How can men even compete

>> No.12498638

I'll stick three fingers in your ass you little bitch

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>> No.12499532

Why, because he’s a nigger?

>> No.12499536

Goddammit anon I may unironically go and make a box of mac for dinner tonight now

>> No.12499555

>never chopped firewood in his life

>> No.12499581

Id rek that faggot in front of his gf

>> No.12499599

I know. Cork or nothing

>> No.12499611

>leaves to dilate their hack-job sex-change pseudo-vagina

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>giant onion sliced in two
>steak, 6 to 8 minutes cook time

that onion is going to be raw anon

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>> No.12499840

fuck thats cute

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>that glass
>three fingers

>> No.12500059

have sex tranny

>> No.12500072


>> No.12500084

soap shoes

>> No.12500115

>food for babies is manly
Jesus Christ.

>> No.12500118

That photo is from a photo shoot about gays in love who like to eat.

>> No.12500263

That stove is fucking filthy. Apply yourself.

>> No.12500276

Seething feminized manlet detected.

>> No.12500285

Some people actually cook instead of use it as an excuse to take glamor shots.

>> No.12500289

i need it brehs

>> No.12500302

>not cleaning after every meal


>> No.12500321

The bigger the knife, the smaller the cock. Also having beer and whiskey out means you're not interested in the drinks but rather showing it off, which is quite the opposite of what a man would stand for.

>> No.12500322

How do I into whiskey?

>> No.12500325

Drink it.

>> No.12500327


>> No.12500374


>> No.12500476


>> No.12500509

You call that manly? I don't see a firearm and cigar anywhere near that table.

>> No.12500613

I use my stove too, but I also fucking clean it you hogslop.

>> No.12500628

You haven't cleaned your kitchen in at least 6 months. Abolutely fucking vile.

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>> No.12501188

>thread: post manly cooking images
>who the fuck cares about manliness bro?!
how does it feel being a so stupid?

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>> No.12501220

New here?

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>that knife
I wouldn't even be able to politely keep my smug laughter in. I would have to assume it's a reddit-tier normie trying to show their manliness. It's so obvious they're trying hard with the meat, fancy beer, etc. I really would feel terrible as I look at this wagie's wife and laugh at him.

These guys get it. It's all for displaying your manliness for a pseudo image.

You're terribly mistaken brainlet. You're confusing masculinity with what insecure normies assume masculinity to be. I forgive you though.

>> No.12501585

dumb frogposter

>> No.12501620
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>> No.12502135

Reddit's default editing mode is now WYSIWYG so double line breaks are no longer needed there. "Reddit spacing" does not exist on reddit. It's been in done since the beginning of usenet, and on this site, long before reddit existed. It improves readability.

This is an incel meme.

>> No.12502254

What kind of Grapefruit is that?

>> No.12502310
File: 26 KB, 500x333, UTB8CxHYIhHEXKJk43Jeq6yeeXXas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Step the fuck aside boys

>> No.12502828

How can a knife looks ironically dull

>> No.12502856

you're cute

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