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>Europe takes a “precautionary principle” approach towards food additives that are potentially risky. They ban or add warning labels to these additives for their citizens. The U.S. takes the opposite approach. It does not remove additives from our food supply until they have been proven dangerous – which can take a very long time and a lot of red tape.

no wonder americans are so fat

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We may have HFCS but at least we're free and the the fucking nany state isn't labeling our food for us like little babies. Regulation is death and I fight for liberty son. These colors don't run.

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>but at least we're free
that's it goy you tell em

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I don't trust this image to be accurate at all

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fake and gay
what about this image?

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Your colors don't run and neither do your people, that's half the fuckin' problem.

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>Free to get ripped off and poisoned by megacorporations who will sell you out for a penny.


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The UK doesn't require listing every single tiny food additive. Oh no, preservatives! How awful!

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yikes, hard pass

The US model of regulation is infinitely superior to government meddling with food supplies.

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Le crying Star Wars man was a little funny two months ago when people were making webms of him watching blacked porn.

Shooping his face on a skillet or drink can and posting it in a every thread on ck over a month after the initial meme died isn’t funny.

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Here's the thing. Most people are scared of CHEMICALS because they don't understand them. They don't understand them because there's a vested Interest in keeping them dumb. Dumb people will try to delegate personal responsibility to statist forces, and thus willingly vote for the castration of society and freedom in lieu of ever having to think independently.

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>when dangerous additives are banned

Literacy ain't your strong suit, huh?

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Agreed somewhat
The FDA is a fucking scam and they have the same attitude towards medical devices (artificial knees, birth control IUDs, shit like that) that have killed or maimed tens of thousands of people because the fdas process of approval is so fucking bad

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>were free
kek, youre controlled by the jews and you think youre free

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>a very long time and a lot of red tape
neither can you, apparently

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>oh no, procedures are followed properly rather than snap bans because of moral panics

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who are you to decide whats funny. maybe its not about the face but what it represents, which in this case is you completely.

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>Euro's ask "why?" while the US asks "why not?"
Sounds about right.

God your life must suck to be so obsessed.

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Doing it this way encourages companies to actually fund and perform the required research. It's the fastest way to reach a verdict in a capitalist society.

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>who are you to decide whats funny.

I’m a master memer. Your “memes” suck.

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Shut the FUCK up. Any meme that keeps the soyboys from posting here is welcome. Fuck soy and fuck liberals.

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Fellow kekistani!!

This is a meme war!!!

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soy pilled

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>European Union officials, European ministers and Commissioner (Tonio) Borg set up an urgent meeting in Brussels on 13 February 2013 on how to contain the horse meat scandal that exposed flaws in European control systems on food safety, and to formulate an action plan.[98] Following the meeting, EU agriculture ministers announced a three-month programme of DNA testing of processed meat across the European Union.[99] The plan calls for 2,500 random tests on processed food for horse DNA and 4,000 for phenylbutazone (bute), beginning in March 2013, with initial results announced on 15 April 2013. It is unclear why the testing could not start immediately as most of the evidence is still present
You can literally sell Euros horse meat labeled as regular beef and there are no protections against that

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And I'm a master baiter. Thanks for the (you)s.

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Regardless of whatever else may or may not be in food, I'm allergic to either HFCS or whatever trace Glyphosate is in American HFCS. Does anyone know if there's a website that I can order European food without having to buy 'specialty organic' and read every fucking label on everything I buy? I'm getting tired of it being easier to just make everything from scratch.

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>Euros ask why
>Americans have already shoved everything down their throats unable to have a single coherent thought at the sight of anything ostensibly eatable

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>Any meme that keeps the soyboys from posting here is welcome.
Trying to annoy people doesn't keep them from posting. It does the opposite.

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Thank you, we get it, you REALLY hate Americans (as you post on this american site).

Protip: We hate you too, but you'll notice that we aren't fucking obsessed with you.

Seriously, unironically: Get A Life.

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>English version of Japanese site for discussing NTR rape doujins owned by a nip
>American site
Ahahahahaha nonononono

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pretty sure it's 4chan.org not 4chan.org.uk

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Better a nip than eurotrash, and obviously the euros here agree.

Aren't you literally breaking some of your country's laws by posting here?

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Isn't looking up to European food as the peak of quality a sort of a mid 2000s upper middle class thing to do?

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Even Mexico won't use GMO corn, dude.

American food is so bad third-worlders won't eat it.

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Quality post bong

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Seems to me like it's the same ingredients, except in the USA they're required to be specific. Looking at the oatmeal, on the US side it doesn't say "Natural Flavouring", but it does on the UK version. Probably means the extra ingredients are the "natural" flavouring.

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The US sweetens most products with corn (maize).
This is also what they use to fatten livestock.
Tell me again how you're not a sheep if you eat HFCS?

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Yanks aren't even allowed to drink until they are 21

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Show us your teeth, asshole.

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Americans try to do this but food lobbyists buy senators and congressmen new mansions and shit so nothing gets done

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Don't throw stones. The legal drinking age needs to be higher because people are irresponsible assholes and booze is cheap and sold everywhere here, and everybody has a car.

Meanwhile police confiscate your bicycle wheels.

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That Fed Up movie was good

I agree with the message tbqh

People fought hard to keep smoking a normal thing and in the end they lost. And that was great. No more smoking in iHop and in waiting rooms. That shit was disgusting, like pokemon go except pokemon go died on its own.

Same should apply to junk food

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>The legal drinking age needs to be higher because people are irresponsible assholes and booze is cheap and sold everywhere here, and everybody has a car.

Sounds like a real nanny state

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just look at the ingredients sticker, pea-brain? Is it really that hard for the amerimutt nigger-brain to imagine real ingredients in food?

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>Is it really that hard for the amerimutt nigger-brain to imagine real ingredients in food?
It's a toss-up, honestly. A lot of Americans are stupid enough to think that the government is looking out for their best interests and wouldn't allow anything unhealthy to be sold in stores in the first place, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary. The rest of us range from people who just don't buy into the bullshit and home-cook anything would be significantly healthier to the far extreme of raw kale-eating vegan hippies.

It's also worth noting that unlike a lot of places where you may have multi-generational mortgage-free homes, most Americans are culturally obligated to live alone and outside of their means, and can't afford the time or the money to prepare good food.

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Why is the UK so based?

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>Cool Original Flavour

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you're an obnoxious dipshit. I bet your one of those kids who was bullied because he kept trying to bully people.

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lol europe companies just lie about whats in theres

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It's not, but she looks like the kind of girl who still looks hot in the morning without makeup.

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Just don't reply, you fag.

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Your picture just shows that more ingredients are allowed to hide under the "flavourings" label in Europe.

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>Smoked, cured horse meat is widely available as acold cutunder the namehamburgerkött(literallyhamburgermeat). It tends to be very thinly sliced and fairly salty, slightly reminiscent of deli-style ham and, as a packaged meat, may list horsemeat (ashästkött) as its primary ingredient.[101]Several varieties of smoked sausage made from horse meat, includingGustafskorv, are also quite popular, especially in the province ofDalarna, where they are produced.[102]Gustafskorv, similar to salami ormetworst, may substitiute for those meats in sandwiches.


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Americans consume most products with water (H2O).
>This is also what they give to livestock to drink.
>Tell me again how you're not a sheep if you drink water?

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I would rather be free than some pussy European serf.

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>the absolute cope of the Monsanto shills ITT
2 oz of high fructose corn syrup habe been deposited into your account

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>Regulating an actual dangerous substance is more nanny than outlawing porn for teenagers

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>GMOs bad
>chemicals bad

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Muh vaccines and GMOs are bad

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Is this just a meme or are there actually people here who believe Monsanto keeps 4chan propagandists on their payroll?

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I wouldn't doubt they have a social media team. It's not like they're ASSIGNED 4chan by a higher-up, but somebody says "I can shillpost on 4chan" and everyone else says "ok sounds good"

>> No.12480915

>yeah I am just gonna post things all day one one of the slowest boards on 4chan this is definitely a job that people have

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They absolutely hire PR shill for all media platforms, I doubt they hire a 4chan specialist but they absolutely do exist. You will see the exact verbatim arguments and ad hominem arguments in a lot of the threads

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>people always are saying 2+2=4 when I tell them otherwise, they must have a script

Its not like the anti-science luddite posters are any less consistent in their points, at least the supposed shills are factually correct

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Lol this exactly what Im talking about, 95% of Luddite posts you can find is literally shit spewed by retarded shills like you with vague appeals to “authority”

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straight off the mommy blogs

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Proving my point further. Preemptively damaging controlling about points not even mentioned. What a pathetic existence

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do you think Americans waste food because of the chemicals that preserve freshness that are added or the other way around?

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except that horse meat is just a cheaper lean red meat, compare that with the corporations in america shovelling in carcinogenic preservatives

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>European versions just have the ingredients renamed to appease the state


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>cancer linked
well kind of, but not really though, this is a pretty misleading and dishonest way to frame this. The media is so fucking bad at reporting on technical stuff

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>I wouldn't doubt they have a social media team.
Yeah, but you actually need to measure what you're doing and report on results. I've never worked in marketing but I've seen the social media teams you're probably thinking of (every business large enough to have one does) and none of them would include 4chan in what they cover.
Most of what they do is going on sites where people complain like Yelp and make shitty attempts to calm those people down. Or you have the twitter / facebook stuff like with the Wendy's social media team where they try to cultivate a cool and funny image.
4chan wouldn't make any sense because it's pro-anonymous by design with constantly disappearing content, and even if all those things didn't apply you still wouldn't want to show up at the big meeting with your company's VPs to present a powerpoint on all the 4chan posts you've been making. What happens when the people in your meeting pull up 4chan and see that autist from last night's threads at the top of the catalog feature a smiley face emoji with a cock and testicles above an enormously wide open asshole dumping green shit everywhere? What happens when they see all the posts of people calling each other nigger and faggot and posting gore and gay porn in the timeframes before someone deletes them?
>You will see the exact verbatim arguments and ad hominem arguments in a lot of the threads
The same anons post the same things multiple times in multiple places. That's autism, not social media marketing. You also have slightly less autistic anons who start posting repetitively because they know people like you will read into it as a marketing campaign and get upset over it, like with all the Jollibee threads.

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glyphosphate is classed is classed as a 2A carcinogen which is the second highest level, its been shown to cause cancer in animals


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What if it turns out all those additives are actually good for you though?

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yeah but do you know what that means?

There is literally no evidence linking glyphosate in concentrations found in food to cancer in humans.
To qualify as class 2A does not imply risk to humans in trace amounts, it means like you probably shouldn't drink it straight over a lifetime but even then we aren't that sure it would cause cancer

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Do you know what else is class 2A? Drinking hot things in general, red meat, being a barber, working at night

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The only 2A I know shall not be infringed.

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Being fat is BASED!!! Thank you trump!!

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Monsanto shills in this thread working hard for that 25 cents

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>you should never eat corn

>> No.12481494

oh corn syrup in everything I eat is ok now, thanks for opening my eyes bro

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>Can't drink in public
>Can't collect rain water off of his roof

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>here’s a cooking board, better talk about this country
Lol this obsession is getting out of hand

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