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i cut these parts off because they're gross and i got yelled at by my bf for doing so. it's gross and it needs to go. am i wrong?

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Feel free to cut them off after cooking them. The fat imparts a lot of flavor and moisture to the meat during cooking.

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lel fucking woman 'cooking'

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Your bf is an idiot

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fags shouldn't be allowed to call their partners boyfriends. Should just be faggot

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Tell your bf that you're the one cooking and that you're going to top him tonight for a change.

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Never cut fat off a steak before cooking. It's a flavor saver.
The only time it's acceptable is if you are cutting your own steaks from a whole primal cut, and you need to trim.
t. woman who actually can cook.

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I would beat the shit out of you if I saw you do that

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Your boyfriend is right to yell at you.

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You're just cutting off the ends for what reason?

Hope you realize the fat is the lighter parts of the meat.

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You're right. The only good fat is the side fat, or any marbling within the main part of the meat. The circled fat will not be rendered properly, and will just harm the finished product. Souce: head chef for 8 years at Appleby's.

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no. All these faggots don't know the difference between a fat cap and gristle.

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Look at the back of my hand for a second ;)

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tits or gtfo

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You can trim the fat, that's fine, but its much less fine if you're trimming so much that you're cutting off meat to get to it.

That being said, how is fat gross? Do you even bacon?

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Why not just ask your butcher to trim it for you? You realize you're paying for it and then just throwing it away, right?

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it ok anon we all believe you

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agreed. Do OP is a fag?

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You are old and tired.

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>my bf
Is this board 100% trannies and fruits or what? Jesus

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You should feel shame for being subhuman.

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leave it in and trim it off after you cook it if you're such a fag you think fat is gross lmao you're lucky that woman fucks you

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I prefer the terms "ripe and flavorful". Now post tits or leave.

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you're right to do so. though you should also trim the cap of fat along the side. unless you're grilling on an extremely high heat it's necessary to trim the fat in order to get a proper and even sear on your meat without over cooking it (i.e. without even a faint ring of well done around the pink).

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Only trim off fatty parts after you cook it, otherwise you're sacrificing a lot of taste.

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Yeah, I would call you overripe and rotting.

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This is very conflicting because every guy online says I should go back to the kitchen

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yeah we should #cancel 'tits or gtfo'. it's time to retire misogyny on 4chan. anyone else agree?

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I don't allow my gf to cook cause she's fucking terrible at anything but pancakes and cheesecakes.

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Well at least she can make something. Cheesecake is kind of redeeming. My bf melted a glass stove top trying to make Jello for something for my birthday, so I handle all kitchen matters now

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>le ebin white knight
I bet you’re hoping the “””””girl””””” will leave you “””””her””””” email

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Your entire life sounds like a fucking joke

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Sounds like you have some deep seated aggression against women. Get your heart broken lately? I guess I'll take having a joke life over being miserable and alone like yourself

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Why would you stay with someone like that? Nevermind, I know the answer.

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I’m not alone, and sometimes I truly wish I was. How does saying your life is a joke make me miserable and alone anyhow?

Do you just go on 4chan to bait people and then try and trigger them because you’re some tumblr bitch who thinks everyone is one wrong sentence away from a noose?

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this guy fucks

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Because he has a lot of other things to offer besides cooking? Not everyone is privy to the same knowledge or life experience. I think I can cover the kitchen
Whoa you got mad FAST. Was it the miserable or alone part that upset you so much? Did I hit a nerve?

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How does my post even seem angry?
Why are you so angry? Why you do view all of the internet through a lens of being a victim? Who touched you?

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You're still crying over this thread. Move on, bud. Have sex.

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Go finish your psych major if this thread is such a waste of time, since apparently you know everything about everyone who encounters you

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have sex

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>this mad

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Yep, it's so far past it's day, it's a fucking dusty dry skeleton covered in spiderwebs.

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This one is really going through it.

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just show him this video and ask him if he's better than Chef John:

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You're an insufferable faggot on many levels.

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have sex

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one might even surmise that these bones are full of green dust

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