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Alright, I got a charcoal grill, and I want to smoke a brisket for my family for the fourth. How the fuck do I do that? Do I just get the grill up to temp, put the brisket on, close the lid, and check it every hour and a half until it's 160?

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You want it higher than 160. Maybe like 175-180 when you take it off. You already know how to smoke in a charcoal grill?

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I loosley followed the method on meat head's texas style brisket on amazing ribs.

I used a texas crutch, but the bark around it turns kind of mushy. If you want that nice bark, just put more time in and don't wrap.

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you need to read more and practice on pork butts.

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>and practice on pork butts.
It's already over between me and your mother, anon. I'm sorry.

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Nah I dont, this'll be my first time smoking anything on a charcoal grill.
My main concern is monitoring temperature. I know brisket takes a long time and you gotta make sure the temps all nice and good. I don't wanna be anal about the temp but I also don't wanna fuck it up.

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As long as you keep the indirect heat low (210-225F) you're good till the brisket hits temp. You'll have to add coals whenever the temp drops, about once a hour. You should try it before the big day if you can.

Here's an easy guide: https://www.weber.com/US/en/grill-skills/mastering-smoke/smoker-setup/smoking-on-a-charcoal-grill/weber-34482.html

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Just buy an electric smoker, why do you wanna torture yourself anon?

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