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Valid point or vegan propaganda?

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thats not bacteria up top

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the preservatives protect mcdonalds, just like they protect me after i eat it

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If my raisins don't go moldy in 80 days does that mean fruit is bad now?

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Kinda silly taken at face value because salt and freezing temps will preserve anything indefinitely and those are both seen as relatively harmless. Muh chemicals and all that.

But the point still stands that processed foods are full of shit you don't know about and whose effects on humans aren't really understood. Hell, we still aren't sure what effects high sodium intake gives and that's been added to food since the beginning of civilization.

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>the mcdonalds got bigger and more ripe

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>drink oil since bacteria in the ocean can

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Propaganda. McDonalds burgers and fries do not look that good after six months

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This. Eating preservatives slows down aging and your skin wrinkles less. Based.

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Yeah, it's a valid point.

Raisins are specifically dried fruit. Dried fruit was made for long storage in the first place. Don't be a fucking idiot. No one is storing a hamburger in a ziplock at room temperature for 80 days, and if you did, you wouldn't eat it.

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safe 2 eat.

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This is stupid. It's been proven that it's due to the burger being cook, sanitizing it, then immediately placing it in a sanitized container keeps it from getting bacteria fast enough to rot it before it dries out. The fries are also protected as they're effectively defrydrated and covered in oil, which used to be beef fat until some vegan fags complained.

The watermelon will just rot from having a lot of sugar and water.

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the burger is so damn thin it just dries out instead of fostering a high moisture enviornment for bacterial growth. it looks the same, but that patty and bun is as hard as a rock. a homemade burger would get moldy and rot.
preservatives are a non-factor here.

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>The burger doesn’t rot because its small size and relatively large surface area help it to lose moisture very fast. Without moisture, there’s no mold or bacterial growth. Of course, that the meat is pretty much sterile to begin with due to the high cooking temperature helps things along as well. It’s not really surprising. Humans have known about this phenomenon for thousands of years. After all, how do you think beef jerky is made?

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I don't eat fastfood though...

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shut up sweaty

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No, vegan fag.

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Honey bad because never spoils. What absolute retardation

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Same with olive oil.
I'd like to see a vegan try going without that.

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olive oil actually does spoil, stop using rancid oil

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>6 months
>Bread doesn't even have mold
180% fake.

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it spoils after like 2-3 years but the taste is different
yes it is better to eat bread with fresh olive oil but if youre gonna fry some eggs old olive oil is just fine

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no you idiot, it's rancid, it's oxidized, it tastes bad
if you're going to fry anything, try not to use olive oil, but especially don't use rancid olive oil

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Also, I'd love to see any source that says up to 3 years is okay for olive oil

Preferably multiple sources, but seriously

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ITT: lards jump through hoops to justify their fast food addiction.

Smokers do this too.

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>pedantically implicating fungi because the pciture features mold, when bacteria are involved in the breakdown of foods as well.

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Nice bait

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What if it does have mold but the mold is microscopic so you can't see it?

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Then I'd ask what kind of shenanigans are behind this experiment, because bread refrigerated in a sealed container for ~1 month would have visible mold, but this doesn't?

Combined with the fact that this is vegan propaganda (which I've never witnessed an example that wasn't a lie) and I've drawn my conclusions.

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You're an idiot.

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>grandstanding for fast food

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>longlasting food bad

yes, we'd all be so grateful in a survival situation if we didn't have shelf stable food

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just fake and gay propaganda
the burger on the bottom is dried out, that's why it seems to last so long.
go get a mcdouble, keep it in the wrapper, then open it after a week and see how fucking disgusting it is

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i could rub that burger on my ass hole and it still wouldn't rot

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Fast food isn't long lasting. That's the point. You couldn't eat that 180 day old burger and fries without getting deathly ill. You'd have to have your stomach pumped, and even then you'd have a good chance at death. Long lasting food is preserved in cans, jars, tetra packs, or one of several drying methods. You can't just eat a burger and fries that's 180 days old and was in a ziplock or some shit. Don't be daft.

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I once saw a timelapse video of two burgers side by side, and the McDonald's one didn't start to rot until after mold on the home made one started sending out spores. I wish I could remember where I saw that. I don't think it was Youtube.

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Uh, the explanation is simply the salt content. Though I think the image fake anyway since the McDonald's bun would definitely mold into a dry husk by then. Was it kept sterile and managed to just harden?

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there is a difference between grandstanding and allowing bias to rule over rational thought and reasoning. I hate mcdonalds, but that doesn't mean that the guy isn't right.

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>Uh, the explanation is simply the salt content.
No it isn't you retard. Don't make shit up. Look it up.
>Well, here’s another piece of evidence: Burger number 6, made with no salt, did not rot either, indicating that the salt level has nothing to do with it.
Salt can be used to preserve food but it isn't what causes these burgers not to rot. The cause is:
>The burger doesn’t rot because its small size and relatively large surface area help it to lose moisture very fast. Without moisture, there’s no mold or bacterial growth.

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Eating fruit and dismissing fast food isn't a vegan agenda you fat American retarded shit.

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>eating mcdonald's will make me a super man who will never get bacterial sicknesses
why didn't anyone tell me this sooner

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Because I'm not a bacteria.

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