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Thoughts on this thing?

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corn syrup and soy way up top on the ingredients
why would a sausage have to have these ingredients?

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Because they're cheap and for low class people so (((they))) add in the special formula to weaken them

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Disgusting. Why would anyone pickle a sausage? Ive never seen any sort of pickled sausage in Tijuana

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Fucking awful. Just now tried one, two weeks ago. I took a bite out of it, and the texture was awful, and the flavor was awful, and I looked at it and saw how the pink extended into it until it faded to grey and then was pink in the center again for a different reason, and threw that shit away, so the crows could have it. Based crows; they recognize my car and keep my ride safe from any pigeon who'd try and shit on it. The moment a trash dove so much as looks at my car, three sorties of angry crows scramble to show it why their collective noun is a "murder". Best aerial death army you can buy with stale corn chips and end-pieces from bread loaves.

But regardless, pickled sausage is bullshit. Tastes worse, has worse mouthfeel, and costs more than Vienna sausages.

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Love them but rarely eat because my ass burns like nothing else the next day.

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Surely there's better quality than that...

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That brand is ass but there are some good pickled sausage out there

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Not food

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