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There's this guy in my town that posts on facebook every day asking people to get him food.

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that's neat, dear

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Ask him why he can't get it himself and report back. Alternatively, tell him you're interested in making an arrangement that meets both of your needs.

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My facebook wall is dead

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>There's this guy in my town that posts on facebook every day asking people to get him food.
Why? Expand on this. What's the background here? What have others revealed about him by asking him questions when he does this? What's his explanation? Is he unable to afford these foods himself? Is it more of a mobility issue?

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what do I say now

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Tell him your mom died Saturday June 8.

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Tell him he should have plenty to eat now as long as he kept her corpse in good condition.

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This and then ask him to get you a five dollar meal

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"I'm sorry for your loss"
be decent

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>that explains why she was so limp when I was porking her last night
send it pussy

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I really don't know if I should argue with him or not

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I can't imagine making fun of someone insane enough to beg for food on facebook and thinks his dead mother is related to this begging to be smart when your name is attached. OP would be the one who gets eaten.

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Ask if his dad can afford food, if not call child protective services on the manchild

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"Listen to the birthday boy"

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i'd push a little harder

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he needs to learn to cook for himself now that he's the woman of the house ;)

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Come on Jessie tell him that if he fills your Hot Pocket you'll get
him a McChicken

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my dad died and I cooked a lasagna that night for myself
this guy needs to get over the fact his mom won't make him tendies anymore and pick up a spatula

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"Ask them to serve kfc at the wake"

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Fucker can just order delivery, he's after gibbs.

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does he actually ask every day or has he just asked for like most of a week for attention?

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Tell him to order it himself and stop begging for pity via delivery. If he needs someone to talk to he can use a phone like a regular Joe Schmoe or get a fucking therapist.

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Tell him he looks like a fookin ballsack

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ask him for the link to the obituary
fat faggot begging for food

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I think I'm as mean as I want to be right now.

some of you people on this site are really callous

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Lmao dude doesn't even want her food, he's fiending for some KFC.

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he's been doing this for a long time

but no he doesn't ask every day

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>home cooked meal
>uh I'll think about it

bitch he said he wanted kfc

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Next post point out the dates prior to his mother's death that he begged for food, and tell him if his mom was a decent human being she'd be ashamed.

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Keep going anon. This is fucking hilarious. He doesn't even want some stranger's homecooked meal. Nigga just wants KFC or McD's.

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Dude... I kinda feel bad for this guy. How old is he?

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>timbit fiending mooch
does this nigga have autism or is Rant and Rave something people do now?

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nigga needs to learn how to dumpster dive for scrap metal and get dosh for tacos

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Is this in Nunavut?

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>value of a mother: one five dollar KFC meal
it's probably 2-3 at least

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he's just about fifty

luckily, he didn't pick up on my backhanded insult, which is just as well.

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Wainwright, Alberta

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OP did you just dox yourself?

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>I ordered from another place and they sent it free of charge.
As in no delivery fee or did this nigga cry on the phone and get a free meal? Must be lying to save face.

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>roastie “accidentally” doxxes self to get attention
>thread was a ruse from the beginning
Pack it up boys.

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Figures, everyone in Alberta small towns are fucked up. I’ve lived in Vermilion and hated everyone there.

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People say foolish things after they lose loved ones. I would tell him to stay with his best friends or family for a while.

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Look up "Alberta Eugenics Program" or "Alberta Sexual Sterilization Program."
Alberta has a history of being retarded hicks.

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>he won't tell me where to get free food

okay my sympathy is waning

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>OP is a girl
pleas ebe my gf please i'm 6'0 and 295 pounds i'm large and in charge and can protect you from facebook creeps

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This reads like he's just a lonely person and looking for excuses for people to come over.

Then again if he was he would jump at having some sweet young thing bring him home cooked meals.

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Good BBQ tho

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It's probably a fake profile, slow your roll.
Tell him you want to support the restaurant since he couldn't pay them and you feel bad they aren't making money.

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maybe he's a fag, you ever think of that?

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OP pls respond

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send me kfc

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ok whats ur address i'll be right over

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1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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kfc closes at nine

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bitch I'll open you up with nine (inches of dick) don't leave me hanging here jenny

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wow I guess the guys on reddit aren't so nice after all

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My sympathy disappeared when he didn't jump on a comfy homemade lasagna. He's just after gibs.

We need more ridiuclous posts you know this freakazoid isn't just begging for food. There's other perversions afoot we need to see them.

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Wrong. I know many homeless losers that make up shit on the go (e.g. "Just got fired," "my mom just died") to gain sympathy and get free shit.

They literally ask for a living. They are professional liars.

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would people really just get off the internet and lie?

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OP post feet

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fucking slut not responding to me and fucking virgins pretending to be both me and her all women are the fucking same dumb bitch

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>food bank
>not the food library

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Wow, I was kinda interested up until this outburst. I actually like my men to be big cuddly bears, but not assholes.

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shut up you lying cunt that's all you manipulative whores do lie lie lie can't be honest like men this is why you deserve to be second class citizens i can't believe my votes only worth as much as this fucking cock holster with legs attached fucking bitch

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Damn; maybe I do like assholes...What's your sign, sweetness?

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Yea but its easier on the internet

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oh yeah what's the game this time you pretend to like me then all you and your friends pelt me with baloons filled with vegetable oil it's not fucking happening again women are incapable of feeling empathy they're closer to insects than human beings cruel cunts

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my food bank only charges 3 percent interest

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Better than late fees, I can't even go back to the food library because I didn't return a ham hot pocket 2 years ago.

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damn mine always try to chew me

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nah I was just joshing ya

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Only when they don't get their kfc

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OP is an underage tranny

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supreme plot twist

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What the hell is a food bank? Do they store your food for you so you can get it at a later date? Is a refrigerator a food bank?

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>he doesn't know about the food banks

what country are you even from

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10/10 would take xer on a date to KFC

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I don't use the food bank to store food I just use my cache

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The Congo

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You have never had a 'man', Gertrude. You and I both know you're too young to be here young lady.

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in this guy's defense your mother and your grandmother are two entirely different fucking things

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we must destroy the central food bank and restore culinary control to the people

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Holy shit that is a plot twist.

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great thread now I want sum kfc

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Starting to wonder if it's weird viral marketing for kfc

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The breakfast one makes me feel sad, and the rest just make me feel angry.

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You're way out of touch. Facebook is for washed up boomers. Young vibrant soyboys would never go near it.

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It cut off. Should have said Waynes World

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What do zoomers use now

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>implying any of you idiots have come close to my true identity

maybe I've been jim all along

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She didn't claim otherwise, just shared that she's part of the family and agreed it was tacky to ask for food based on their family member dying.

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Rant to you, asshole >:(

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rave to anyone that smacks this begging faggot with a baseball bat across the face

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you didn't cover up your name in one of the posts.
I think it's safe to assume Jim isn't the type of dude to be friends with sock puppets, nah, he keeps things 10x10

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He'd have probably just ordered a water and sat while you ate, hoping you'd feel guilty and order him food or give him the left overs. Why bring up that you're gonna pay for your food? Shouldn't that be a fucking given? He'd just have an excuse "I lost my bus pass and used the last of my money to get here", blah blah.

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Welcome to soyworld soyboi

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>tfw I had tofu twice today

The real soyboy was me

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It's like how girls I like on Facebook won't meet up because they think I'm going to rape them, so sometimes I get so desperate that I specify I just want to talk not have sex. That makes it worse of course, but maybe it would be better that they didn't automatically expect the worst from people.

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>implying anyone currently on this planet dead or alive is not soy as fuck

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good job. im not even sure if this is ironic or not

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>Rant and Rave
Lmao. That’s way played out. It’s Cheers and Jeers now Boomer

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>he neither rants nor raves

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>his mom died
>he just wants $5 kfc
>"lol go to the food bank"
they don't give you kfc there you retard

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explains it, trailer trash fucks
Fort Mac here

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"your mom would be ashamed of you right now"

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My Grandma died may 5 and she was the last close relative i had other than my uncle that live in another state and and grandma that has late stage Alzheimer, and I'm not such a whiner who begs for food on facebook even though I'm unemployed, tell him to grow a pair.

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>No wonder your dad was crying when I sucked his dick last night

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Twitter and reddit, also certain 4channel boards

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People still use Facebook? Is this 2008?

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Rerolling for this

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You got pelted with balloons full of vegetable oil?

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what does rave mean in this context and why do you keep reposting this shit thread

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Oh she had Alzheimer's, no wonder she forgot to cup my balls

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no one cares about fort macdonalds

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Every town has some mentally ill person that everyone knows. Stop pestering him.

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