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Oh I get it, you're suppossed to avoid as many taste buds as you can when you drink IPAs. That's kinda fun.

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That's literally the opposite of what an IPA is, though.

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I don't think so man... companies wouldn't just sell a beer that tastes like dish soap and there not be some kind of trick to it...

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The trick is to have somewhat mature taste buds.

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Oh, its like that thing where old people can't hear. That makes sense.

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>like that thing where old people can't hear
That's actually part of it, though a better analogy would be comparing a super taster to a normal person (guess which one is the picky eater?). When you're young you instinctively avoid bitter flavors and want bland and sweet. As you age your palate gets overwhelmed by overly sweet things and you tend to gravitate more towards nuanced flavors that include bitter. IPAs (especially doubles and triples) are one of the most beloved styles among brewers because they have the most potential to develop complex flavors while striking a good balance between malts and hops. Lagunitas is okay, but not exactly a good example of a great IPA.

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IPAs are tasty, sorry you were born disabled and without tastebuds

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>buy 7 different IPAs
>They all taste like orange peel

I'll stick to my wheat beer

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I actually think Lagunitas is a good intro to IPAs.

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Sure, if you're a seasoned alchie I could see the appreciation of the pain. I guess it's kinda like how women that have a lot of sex like to be hit.

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Wheat beers (at least Belgian ones) are defined by an orange peel taste dumbass

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You have to be 18 to post here

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who /treehouse/ here

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I only drink ones that follow the bavarian purity law

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Shut up you you psudo intellectual. I love sweet shit and ipas. They're not mutually exclusive. Stop trying to find a fucking reason and just not like ipas without being a faggot about it.

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This. What an embarrassing thing to say.

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>they're not mutually exclusive
Re-read the post you're replying to, dum dum.

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I know I liked it. One day it was just too sweet and stopped enjoying it unless I was forced to. Shortly thereafter I realized that every beer lagunitas makes is fucking sweet like sugar and stopped enjoying them entirely.

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Usually highest alcohol content, only reason people drink them.

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you have summoned me.

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Anon, you're making me nervous.

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Soyboy, the post

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me and my friends switch to those after 40s stopped coming in glass bottles

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Lagunitas is shit. Anyone that says different is equally shit. They would never have sold a single beer without their indie neo-rockwellian art aesthetic.

T. Beerfag

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Hi everybody, >>12475247 here again. So my wife saw what I posted earlier and will subtract five husband points unless I apologize to you all for acting ableist. Real awkward conversation subject when her boyfriend was over and all

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have no quarrels with your inner security. i am the liquor.

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>IPAs are tasty
>here, look at this picture of my substitute for a real personality

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the standard Lagunitas IPA tastes like soap and pine needles but some other decent IPAs exist out there.

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IPAs had the same problem that hot sauce had. Some people just want to try hotter and hotter hot sauces without caring about it tasting good, because they like the novely of the capsaicin. And some people only wanted IPAs to be as bitter as possible, sometimes just so they can look down on other people for not wanting to drink it too. Doesn't mean all IPAs are bad though, I still had a few that tasted pretty good.

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For me, its pilsners.

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My negro.

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I'm glad you used the past tense because that trend peaked getting toward a decade ago now.

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>based tier
twice as mad, rhyme and reason
>high tier
mad tom, boneshaker, london porter
>good tier
Market, shinnicked,hopbot, west coast
>mid tier
goose, monty's
>low tier
market, cider,rickards
>shit tier

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Thank you guys for not replying to the more blatant shitposts on this thread.
Also Coop makes some good IPAs. F5, the best IPA, is so delicious I'd almost take it over a standard Belgian wheat beer.

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Based and redpilled

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Blatant shitposts are the only reason I browse /ck/

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Of course its a fucking leaf

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I get tired of malt liquor and ipas taste decent compared to malt liquor and 7/11 sells lagunitas at 1:50am when every other store is closed.

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