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Why is flyover food so bad?

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that looks good for a cold day.
anyways, I take it that it's a matter of sample size. If 1-100 ppl are exceptional cooks and you live in a population of 1,000, there are gonna be 10 good cooks.
Lack of competition, brings complacency.

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because rural americans are a bunch of literal retards. they don't know how to cook and they don't have tastebuds cuz they spent so much time sucking their cousins' dicks

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>Be coastie.
>Be roastie.

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God, I love being a flyover and annoying you just by existing. Same way I enjoy being American and annoying Euros by simply existing.

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I never sucked any of my cousins dicks. However I did touch and look at my cousins pussy on several occasions when we were very young. We have a good relationship still, see her about twice a year

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coasties prefer squid

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I just ate 4 cheese coneys today and they were fucking delicious, suck it commies

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>literal ad hominem
Rural fatass flyover hicks are a literal plague. I hope you kill yourself you uneducated shit
>passing off literal incest as masculine family bonding

literally civilization was conceived of and advanced in cities. rural communities are spattles of vomit and puke and diahrrea that couldn't make in the real world (urban)

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It's only bad in Cincinnati

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You have to go back.

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I didn't pass it off as anything. I molested my cousin, plain and simple. Also, I've lived in southern California all my life. I saw some shit about cousin touching and decided to throw in my two cents because I'm drunk

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I touched my mom's pussy when I was 0 and again when I was 13

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>chemtrail poisoning

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Pathetic. Come to Michigan and try a Coney dog, kid.

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You're a disgusting fuck

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Cry more

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Looks dank, would half the cheese tho but thats a good meal

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Blame the Greeks for this. Actually a lot of flyover cuisine is really european poverty food.

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Every country has it's village idiots, flyovers are the USA's village idiots. They are dumb as shit, and good at menial labor bullshit jobs that are required to keep society running; that's why it's passed off to these trailer rodents who take pride in destroying their bodies; it's marketed as "muh blue collar GET R DONE" bullshit.

Honestly, I'm glad these mouth breathing, chromosome deficient subhuman vermin exist, if they didn't life wouldn't be as easy.

To answer faggot OP's question, it is because they are dumb as shit, that translates to God awful food.

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Yet they know how to live in your head rent free.

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Come to Pennsylvania, home of the world's greatest kielbasa

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There are good dishes here and there but they tend to have mediocre varieties of food.

I think the reason is stagnancy. On the coasts or any other hubs really, there is a blending of people. So these areas will have much better ethnic food by the idea >>12475024 here.

Beyond that, having all of those cuisines in a single area lead to more experimentation and fusion between those cuisines.

Also flyovers don't kno no better, yada yada

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>Looks dank
>Half cheese

What're you seeing besides cheese??

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>this triggers the coastie
based flyovers

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uh sweetie....reality check time

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coastie cope thread.

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Everyone knows that coasties seethe non-stop and project horribly. It's the same as UK posting "do Americans really threads"

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>UK posting

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Rocky Mountain master race.

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Case in point, like vermin they flock to crumbs.

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>Case in point, like vermin they flock to crumbs.

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>like vermin they flock to crumbs.
>coasties fleeing to flyover states in droves

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Gonna be honest, I do like the idea of only cowards carry if you could settle disputes with a real fight.

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Nobody prefers squid dumbass

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Lol, I'm college educated. Nice cope, though, toasty roastie coastie.

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Godamman. Braz gere. You fuckers deserve civil war. And I hope the flyovers win

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Because if you're not a local, you're not getting served the good stuff.

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>I love it here at the literal bottom of the barrel

You've just redefined cope. Well done, tubby.

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Because Ohio should be fucking bombed. I have 100s of stories about that shithole. Most don’t believe me.

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Flyovers would win. Coasties are anti-gun and would start panicking as soon as their cold brew coffee and avocado toast ran out.

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What I ate tonight: >>12475541

You can suck on my entire dick, you pompous cultural waste.

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Even we flyovers fucking hate Ohio. They are about as hated nationwide as california.

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It's funny because flyovers are always happy and coasties are always uppity. Whatever helps you sleep at night Sebastian.

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>flyovers are the USA's village idiots.

On a global level, the USA is the world's village idiot, so this is like idiotception. Especially since different Midwestern fats are now arguing over which of their idiot states is least shit.

How far does the rabbit hole go?

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and yet the "idiots" are the most powerful country in the world and have military bases in every yuropoor country. How does it feel to be lower status than idiots?

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>angrily smashing away at his keyboard as he posts sit on 4chan


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Yeah, ignorance is bliss. But it's the wrong sort of bliss. The sort of bliss that would result in global human extinction if everybody shared it.

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I'm quite content, you're the one with the very obvious attitude.

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>global human extinction if everybody shared it.
You say this like it's a bad thing.

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Too many white people. They don't embrace the diversity like we do on the coasts.

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Keking at this exchange when it was obviously an angry coastie that made this thread.

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It’s the worst state and their chili confirms it. I know faggots who not only put CINNAMON, SPAGHETTI AND SUGAR in their chili, but also.... wait for it... fucking PEANUT BUTTER. FUCK OHIO.

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I really don't understand why there is so much anger towards different parts of the same country. Do other countries hate each other in the same way

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I've been working in Wisconsin the past 3 years and travelling all throughout the country on business during that time. Flyover land is depressing as hell and is full of miserable people with alarmingly subpar medical services. Meanwhile the coasts and larger cities are full of happy educated people. Jesus help you if you get sick anywhere in the southeast or deep midwest flyover.

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When you look at the scale of the country, sure.

Coasties hate flyovers just like English people hate Londoners and Greeks hate Germans.

The only thing that's unnatural is when people adopt "anti-hate" philosophies, which seems to inevitably (as in, every single time) result in some kind of psychological imbalance and EXTREME hatred for philosophical opposition.

Flyovers wouldn't have half the disdain we have for coasties over their degeneracy if they hadn't first fallen into a state of complete hatefullness in their regard for us.

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I live in Michigan and have the U of M hospital right near me which is top tier medical care. I've never been Wisconsin though so I can't vouch for them.

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flyover food sucks because they mostly originate from northern europe which has shit food too

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Frankly I don't particularly hate the coast, I just think they are actually miserable and don't know how great it is to live in the quiet, comfy, countryside.

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You mean inside the same country, I presume. I've started to hate Queensland people quite a lot. They have too many people who consistently vote for shitheads. I guess they must feel like shitheads are representative of them, which means they must be shitheads themselves, so they have voted for my hatred.

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I mean, you're right.
But let me tell you something, as a former leftist: There's a little-spoken understanding that "some people" will never willingly accept our way, and that for the good of all, we have to "educate" those people's children to "think right" in the next generation.

They mostly just make themselves miserable, but they are actively plotting the subversion of your children, and are already acting on those plans through the institutions of education and media.

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>Come to Michigan for the Coney dogs
>Stay in Michigan because now you're dead
No thank you.

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There are so many fucking black people in Milwaukee. I am a coastie who moved to the midwest recently, and this was the most striking feature about it. Conversely, I'm sure you can get some good eats at their digs. Not gonna lie, I miss the coast so much. There are some nice areas tho.

Some parts of Milwaukee have been gentrified so you can find different cuisines of the world (sounds backwards, but this is how flyover states be). Fav spots are Glorioso's Italian Market, Thai-namite on Brady, Ethiopian Village, Rice and Roll, La Masa which is a restaurant that exclusively serves empanadas. Maru Sushi has AYCE sushi that's pretty good.

Seems like the main cities have good healthcare here - rural, I haven't heard great things about.

Honestly the temperament of flyovers in the cities is like, pretty friendly but won't ALWAYS start a convo with you if you were sitting at a bar. Some are subject to the collective social awkwardness of this generation.

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More or less, the motto of the Midwest is "mind your own fucking business". I like it.

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I cant help but notice anytime people are making fun of fly over states they always got the reddit spacing

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Stay out of Flint, Saginaw, and east Detroit and you'll be fine anon.

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No one in europe cares about you.

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GG retard.

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>formatting like an evolved human
>lE rEdDiT!!!

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Feels pretty good since I dont have to worry about being shot going to school, losing my house because I broke my leg, being able to fund an education, or go to prison forever for smoking weed. Thanks for the bases btw, saves us having to pay for it ourselves.

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> flyovers are always happy
Opioid epidemic enters the chat
Obesity epidemic enters the chat
Fundamentalist Christians enter the chat

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School shootings only happen every week or two, asshole. We're a big country with a lot of schools. It's still statistically unlikely to happen to any individual.

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>t. redditor

>> No.12476795

>unironically uses t.meme

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>lE rEdDiT!!!
>no u
You aren't building a strong case here.

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Any more thought stopping cliches to throw around? Better get them out now. Cringe.

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>School shootings only happen every week or two
>implying this is anywhere near acceptable
>Europe isnt big and doesnt have a lot of schools
>total EU population is comparable to US
>drastically less gun crime

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I'm not even the guy you were replying to before, just someone else who noticed how retarded you look. Forgive me for letting you know that you look like a fool.

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>writing a paragraph to defend your lies

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how is reddit spacing better formatting?

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dont you have a faggot meeting over on reddit to get to

>> No.12476869

Well you see, it just makes more sense.

Everyone knows that in the civilized world you typically put a space between every sentence.

No one would ever think of writing more than one sentence per line.

Cant you tell how much better this is?

It takes up 10x the space with even less words!

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>likes textwalls

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lmao must really get to you that multiple people think youre a fucking retard. i bet you wish you could downvote us and stalk our reddit accounts

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>predictable photoshopfag

>> No.12476901

>still samefagging
>still photoshopping
Major cringe

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Fuck you coastie

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You are very autistic

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>thought stopping cliche

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Are you in 10,000% damage control mode now? You're just gonna go on the defensive rampage forever?

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Behold flyover cuisine

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>Greeks hate Germans
Stop trying to infer grand generalizations from your experience on epic frog political subreddit, brainlet.

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>only two are mine

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Why are you so hostile? Is it because redditors all still live with their parents and have never seen a pussy in real life? Talk about cringe, you piece of shit faggot bitch.

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>uses meme words like Reddit

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>mind your own fucking business
>meanwhile let me crawl under your bed and make sure you're only having sex for procreation purposes and don't enjoy it
>and lets make sure you derive no pleasure from this life other than joining everyone else in worshiping a dead jew in beautiful death cult charnel houses
Flyovers believe life should be suffering to atone for the sins of the flesh and their food is simply an extension of that puritan ideal. Their food is suffering because enjoying life is evil.

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>the motto of the Midwest is "mind your own fucking business"
But that's literally the opposite of life in the midwest, is this a joke?

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