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This is my wife please say something nice about her

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I bet she fucks black guys

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Not a flattering picture

>> No.12474884

please delete these posts....

>> No.12474889

She looks like she has downs. Also why do Asians have shit stained pussies and assholes?

>> No.12474894

Hey could you please delete your post...

>> No.12474898

I'd pork her dumpling

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What a freaking crazy racist thing to say

>> No.12474920

OP here. Yes I am black. How does it matter?

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Bizarre that they keep trying to push her as a YouTube personality when she has the personality of an Intel processor

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You think anyone who works at Buzzfeed, Tasty is worth anything? They have a single mom with blue hair as a "personality".

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I prefer chubby Mangchi. Gets my dick hard every time. You just know she's wet af.

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I am disappointed that the S O Y poster didn't put the soyboi face on her

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She for sure leaves a huge wet spot

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I like her big yellow horse teeth.

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you forgot the c in the filename

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Why one more chance?

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At least she's not black

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It means you're posting from prison

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I used to talk to Rie a lot. We both went through different paths in life, so we fell off. I tried calling her, but she has a different number now. Not only that, she's also married now.

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Are you being serious anon?
I actually want to know no lies here thanks

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Yeah, but we were only friends and I'm pretty sure she had no interest in me. I had a crush on her, but never said anything because I valued her friendship a lot more. None of that fucking mattered since we eventually stopped talking. Anyways she's wonderful.

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>she left me in the dust the moment she smelled mild YouTube fame but she's wonderful
I've literally never typed this out before but: C U C K

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she looks like a duplo figure

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This was 4 years before she joined culinary school, you zoomer faggot. You weren't even able to wipe your own ass back then.

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>LARPing on 4chan

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It's actually kinda weird, she's really sweet when she's not the focal point, but she can't read a script for shit.

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Is this a real person? Her face looks like ps2 graphics

>> No.12475535

Yeah I'm sure it's better that she ghosted you then instead of when I said, you pathetic bitch

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Rie McClenny

Married a white guy and moved out of Japan.

Not True Samurai Woman.

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