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What did you have for dinner, /ck/? I made carne asada tacos for the first time and it was really good. Pic related was it.

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salmon over rice from a new pizza place down the road opened by a bunch of syrians
wasn't very good, and we have excellent seafood around here
could have been way better than a palm-sized fillet in a pile of rice so fucking large you wouldn't believe it. fucking thing was like 15lbs
they also took the skin off which is a disastrous move

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I'm making chicken vindaloo with rice, i managed to not totally curry stink up my apartment too, idk why indians struggle

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>salmon over rice
>new pizza place
Youre not that smart are you retard?

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no, they play-up the seafood
talked to the owner a few days before they opened and he was all about the seafood, and not so much about the pizza. turns out the pizza is surprisingly-good, and the seafood is surprisingly-weak

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I only eat one meal a day. today it was 8 AM ramen with 2 stalks of scallion, yudoufu, hardboiled egg, and pickled radish

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Grilling some sausages

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I made some Iraqi shorba (lentil soup). I've been wanted to make it ever since I went to an Iraqi restaurant a few weeks ago, and they served a bowl of it before the meal. Really good stuff. I'm really full now, though, because I ate 2 bowls, and it's more filling than it looks.

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Nice. I like that you try.

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Penne with sliced sausage with tomato sauce and various spices and stuff. It came out really good but I only used a 1/2 box of penne and it ended up being so much that I ended up adding more sausage and tomato sauce to it and storing the rest in a refrigerator.

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I currently have this in the oven. It is the first time I have used the oven in 2019. I post here daily.

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Cooked a sweet potato and Pan seared some flounder along with broccoli

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Nice quads, but I'd add a can of tuna and some peas to that, maybe more cheese and some hot peppers.

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>can of tuna and peas
Sick and fucking twisted
>more cheese and some hot peppers

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Do you know what a salesman does?
How can anyone be this stupid. Im actually flabbergasted. I fucking hate dumbfucks like you.

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Putting tomato in cubes instead as a salsa. You are a disgrace.>>12474845

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