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which restaurants do you take girls out to when on a date?

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Cook together.

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i've been on like 4 first dates to sushi.

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i hate that. theyre squirming around in their seat, and asking stuff like "does it smell like fish to you"?


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Fool. Persueing lust will only serve to enslave thee.

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Probably the most redpilled post I've ever witnessed on The Chan.

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>which restaurants do you take girls out to when on a date?
Drive in's mainly. Don't have to leave the vehicle.

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"Hey babe you want to go spend 5x the price for burgers at Burger Barn? I hear it's lit!"

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200% this

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I take women to Chilli's for first dates. I order us the Margarita sampler and tell her to order whatever she'd like on the menu.

She usually picks out something horrible while I order a bacon cheeseburger which they end up taking half of. I usually spend $60 + tip. I always fuck the women on that first date.

Chilli's works for me.

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i usually go for a decent sushi place. got me laid after the date and still together

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Only correct answer right here

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diabetes burger

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>thanks for the sub sandwich anon teehee

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I take the young lady to Five Guys to assert my financial security.

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God i wish that were me

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>"does it smell like fish to you?"
I cracked up thinking of some bitch saying that in the Andrew Dice Clay making fun of bitches voice.

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Someplace where they would be embarrassed if they acted like a instgram thot like op's pic. Fucking attention whore!

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have sex

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>he thinks being in a high class establishment will prevent thottery
You clearly lack experience

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get fucked

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She's attractive but something about her screams "trouble".

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I don't think I will ever go out on a date again. I am old now, and I don't care about romantic relations anymore.

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t. never have and never will be laid

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More sex awaits you. Go get it dude

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histrionic attention whore, that's always trouble

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I send them for take out

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Look what I did to you, AGAIN. OHHH!

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I dunno. I haven't done the woman thing in like a decade. Everything is all retarded dating apps now. I don't think I can adapt. Also, I'm uglier as a result of being old. I think I crossed some line where it seems like it's more trouble than it's worth.

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Whatever I find on HappyCow near the other stuff we're doing.

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I agree. But even in her face, there's something untrustworthy. It's almost like it's genetic.

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It's just the sidelong glance, an expression typically used in media to depict untrustworthiness.

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Have you tried bussy? My friend with benefits tells me it's usually better because most women are dead fish.

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>God i wish that were me
The girl, the burger or the boyfriend taking the pic?

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Not sure if you're making fun of me. I'm never going to go gay. I still have an emotional attraction to women, yet the whole dating and food thing seems even more brutally transactional than it was when I was younger. I just think I'm done.

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are you fat?

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No. Is being fat advantageous somehow?

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Do you play video games, or are you one of those turbo-losers who can't even be a loser properly?

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Oh, I see. You're trying to figure out what's wrong with me for not really caring about dating anymore. That's cute. Have a good one.

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I normally take them to med-high chains that have a wide selection since people are so retarded about eating in our generation.

Hate dating though. People are awful at conversation.

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I've never been in a date

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no, being fat will explain why youre a loser

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Haven't missed much.

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fuck that guy could be my twin brother

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Last two dates I managed to get both stood me up, one being a few months ago one 4 years ago. A few years before that I took a fatty out on a date for coffee and ice cream near the beach but it turned out she was extremely stuck up so it went poorly. I am not made for the world of dating.

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Damn that girl's hot. I asked some girl on bumble if she wanted to go get coffee at 9 pm one time. She says "sure where?" I say "Wawa?" It's a convenience store on the east coast for you flyovers and Euro fags. That was the end of the conversation.
I also once took a girl to Denny's after we banged. And that's about it I don't go on dates.

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it's funny because it's true

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Local joint in houston called Bibi's

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Someplace normal, like fazolis or a diner. Low stress familiar and easy to talk to the person across from you about them. But my goal wasn't to have sex or impress. If you can talk and laugh with a girl for an hour and a half without getting awful crazy bitch vibes than their is potential.

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Why did you have to remind me? I just came on here to figure out what I wanna eat right now, not be depressed that I am afraid of dating.

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she probably ate a single bite from that burg

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>Someplace normal, like fazolis
That place is fucking golden, and since there are so few now it is no where just normal.

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Which ever one would be likely to disturb a NT thot.

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This was Rachel Ray about 40 lbs ago

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i don't go on dates.

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i would still pipe fat rachel.

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I go someplace local. The food scene here is great with lots of indepentant restaurants. The part of town can be a little sketchy though. As for what kind of food it depends on the girl. Got an answer for whatever they're craving.

Alot of them just stay uptown so you get bonus points for being a fucking hipster.

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dates are for gays and zoomers

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Pöúnd Tœwn

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i dont let a girl see me eat until like the 5th date

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When people call it piping I lose my entire libido for at least three days.

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jesus christ

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It depends. If you are taking a thot out to dinner sushi is the obvious choice. Thots love sushi. If you are taking out a respectable woman an Italian place or a steakhouse is fine.

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Who gives af about diabetes when you're hosing them afterwords?

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Pick 2.

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I do not date girls. I date insecure men who think they are girls and will do anything for validation. I take them wherever I feel like going, because what I say goes.

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Some place she feels comfortable since I met her at a similar establishment. Twin peaks, hooters, tilted kilt, etc.

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Dude, he's old. Get a clue.

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Based and tranny pilled

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>wasting sushi money on thots
Just take those stupid bitches to In-N-Out or something. That way they can take pics with the burger and shit and you don’t have to spend real money on them before they allow you to assrape them to get back at daddy.

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My boomer CPA who looks like a total stereotypical nerd although he's got a wicked sense of humor and is an all around decent guy told me one story
>hook up on internet with a thot
>completely honest about the fact he's 5'8" and looks like the epitome of a nerd
>she's all for meeting up after he tells her he owns his accounting firm
>he tells her he'll be wearing a red jacket and sitting at the bar of the restaurant
>she says she'll be wearing a bluejean miniskirt
>he's sitting at the bar watching the door and sees the thot come in and she scans the bar with money hungry eager eyes and does a 360 and walks out after she see's him
Ths irony is although he's small, he's not that bad looking. I've seen small guys in the gym showers with enormous penises too, so there's that.

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Dave and Busters

>> No.12418207

So what you're saying is you spend a lot of time wondering about your accountant's penis.

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Just buy some ling, and steam it, no need to go to a greasy fucking restaurant.

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I'm kind of with this guy


There comes a time when it all seems more trouble than it's worth. Even when a woman's clearly interested it's like, meh.

However, I recommend something like sushi or tapas for a first date. Lots of little dishes coming to the table helps if conversation is getting a bit stilted.

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i had some decent theme park food

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Ok, this is pretty based.

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>arm tattoo

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Me neither. If anyone's ever been attracted to you then you really should't be posting on 4chan as far as I'm concerned.

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Truth bomb.

>> No.12418740

Alamo Drafthouse for dinner and a movie. The dames LOVE it.

>> No.12418855

He's right though. It really isn't worth it.

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a medieval themed self-service restaurant

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Does it count if the only person who's been attracted to me is someone who only knows me over the internet and has never seen my face/body?

>> No.12419691

No it doesn't.

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Cool. I'm glad to be an AUTHENTIC™ user of 4chan.

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Indian food place because the manager is a family friend and gets me free drinks which is nice if its not going great and I decide to just say fuck it and get a little drunk instead.
Bonus: Get to play a little game with myself in the car where I see how much I can let out some covert gas on the way home before they notice.

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I take her to Famous Dave's and order a slab of ribeye for myself and a large salad (vinaigrette dressing, no cheese or croutons) for her.

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Reading this thread with great interest because I'm 38 and thinking about asking a girl on a date and don't want it to look like I've never taken girls on dates before. I really haven't but obviously I don't want her to know that. So far I haven't had any good ideas. Carry on.

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Hire a retard to pretend to be your brother and then take your date to Chuck E. Cheese with said retard to show how much of a caring person you are.

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The dating apps are just a superficial change. You can handle it. It's like in the 1890s how you'd send your servant to leave a calling card then she'd send her servant to leave a calling card then after that you could fuck. It's just a procedure to get onto the date, the actual dating process is the same as always.
The major problem now that there is no such thing as casual dating anymore. It's either anonymous sex or she moves into your house.

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Pre-marital sex with people who weren't prostitutes did not happen before the 1920s. If you were spotted alone with a woman you weren't married to your name would be mud and you would never work again.

>> No.12419784

Yes well obviously you wouldn't literally fuck after swapping calling cards. It's a figure of speech. My point is that while the courting procedure changes, the essense of talking to a girl remains the same.

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>> No.12419803

Dating is just meeting up with someone and asking about their life to get them comfortable with you while pretending to be normal and trying to keep your anxiety from causing you to misspeak, and moving your body in a way that is pleasing to the other person (a light touch that's not creepy, maybe a kiss at the end of the date depending on body language, etc.).

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it shouldnt be a performance, jesus christ. let yourself be who you are.

>> No.12419832

It's not easy for everyone to be comfortable around a stranger.

>> No.12419839

Channers should never be who they are. If you don't understand this already I don't know what to say.

>> No.12419845

i understand that. of course. thats why people tend to have a drink or two in social situations. but you made it sound like youre wearing a skin suit and are afraid its going to tear open and fall off and the other person is going to start screaming and run when they see who you are.

everybody in real life is a freak, they just all hide it.

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I actually seem to perform worse on dates after a drink when I'm feeling that slight buzz. Only when I drink like a fish do I get a bit better, but you usually can't do that on first dates.

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>just a superficial change
They really aren't though. They're a fundamental change to when you would organically bump into someone once or twice, then ask her out based on her body language. Now everybody has to take photos of themselves and make up all this stupid shit. Hundreds of randos look at your stupid shit and stupid photos, and all your stupid shit becomes part of the botnet. Then it all means absolutely nothing because you meet and can't stand each other after one minute. But if you talk to a woman out of the blue now it's bad form, even if you're not hitting on her. Oh, and THEN you can proceed to the regular phase of dating. You guys know how broken this shit is, right?

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I like it, I don't have to approach women.

>> No.12419918

As he stated, something like this had been the norm for most of history. What you are talking about has been possible for less than a hundred years. Women have mostly been kept in hiding, and only allowed to associate with men in highly controlled environments very similar to what Tinder is today.

>> No.12419932

Yeah, I'm too old for this shit. I'm not jumping through extra hoops, making stupid dating site profiles. I had my fun in my 20's. I think I'm done. I'm free!

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Basé et rouge pilulé

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So it's true. There are really 14 year olds on 4channel. Is this what I have been arguing with all this time?

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Rib joint if she's not a vegetarian. Make her get all messy with the ribs. If she's nonchalant about it she's not too uptight. Besides ribs are awesome

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I don't think that means you shouldn't try. I'm in my mid thirties and flirt with everybody, sometimes it works. idk man I don't think I could give up women until I'm decrepit

>> No.12420245

>Where would you like to go?
I mean between the mess and the absolute lack of class that ribs signals, it's honestly a terrible first date unless you're pursuing a redneck

>> No.12420251

I like her breasts and would be interested to see how they look without any clothing to support them.

>> No.12420256

That's completely been my experience. I get hit up a lot by 30 year olds who want to settle down on OK cupid a whole lot

>> No.12420258

you really don't want people to know your oddities right off the bat. being quirky is only ok if you're a girl

>> No.12420260

Is OK Cupid the one that claims to make scientific algorithmic matches? That site told me there is nobody for me and refused to create an account for me. I wish I was joking. It took over half an hour to give them my details, and I was rejected out of hand.

>> No.12420262

experience dictates otherwise, virgin

>> No.12420264

It does seem to work though. I matched with my oneitis 98% which is very rare

>> No.12420277

Ok Cupid more like Ok Stupid amirite

>> No.12420870

Never go out to eat unless it’s coffee or ice cream until after the 3rd date, by then you guys should have figured out what kind of foods you’re into

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Last one was some mexicanish . Food was average, but we did end up at her place, so that place gets an extra star in my book.

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In N Out
Then later you give her the aul In N Out as well.
You understand me fella?

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Who do you think I am

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What's the joke?

>> No.12421774

In smol town Alabama, Red Lobster is the ticket to a good time.

>> No.12421942

This guy fucks

>> No.12421991

>Red Lobster
Are they still around? I was certain they all closed years ago.

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anyone else have one of those weird middle school gfs
>sat next to her in math class
>one day she asked me if I wanted to go out
>said sure
>exchanged numbers
>bothered the fuck out of me during some event thing by asking me stupid questions over text
>would constantly bother me during math class which I was already struggling in
>would text me all night, felt obligated to respond because I was retarded
>this goes on for a week
>tell her to leave me alone over text on a saturday
Never had any kind of attention from women since but it really put me off the idea entirely.

>> No.12422054

Olive Garden or red lobster are really classy so we go there every month.

>> No.12422092

Ikr, ribs are bomb and it’s tight if a pretty girl wants to dig in.
Bonus points for taking a butch to a crawfish boil.

>> No.12422101

Denverfag here. We holding on to the last of the cheddar biscuit dynasty. Fading fast tho.

>> No.12422111

>Don't have to leave the rape van

>> No.12422502

Mcds; make her pay.

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>> No.12424263

How am I supposed to consume that root beer float like that

>> No.12424280

Shit protagonist

>> No.12424296

Sushi for a first date. Girls love sushi.

>> No.12424756

You just gram it then dump it. It's not for eating.

>> No.12425382

Alpha as fuck

>> No.12426172

Disgusting eyebrows.

>> No.12426196

Nahhhhh, have had many girls, am currently dating some Ukrainian qt. It's not all its cracked up to be. You get used to girls, like anything. 4chan is comfy

>> No.12426217

Holy fuck I havent laughed this hard in weeks.

>> No.12426471

McDonalds they usually really like the play area and being around others their age

>> No.12426635

Put me in the based and epic reddit screencap.

>> No.12426638


>> No.12426748

>can't have sex with women? Just go gay, sweetie!
Why do fags constantly try to convert straights? Fucking get in the oven already you slime.

>> No.12426773

>tfw at work
>talking to female coworker
>25 lbs overweight probably
>cute eyebrows
>Big tiddy
>prime squeezing hips
>wearing yoga pants
I had a 3/4 chub the whole time I was talking to her. I'm hopeless.

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