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What's a good food related job that doesn't require social skills? I'm sick and tired of working at In n Out because they're so racist there. You kinda have to be a blonde extroverted 19yo chad (or just female) in order to advance there.
I'm brown skinned though, so all I ever get assigned to do is wIpE tAbLeS aNd TaLk tO cUsToMerS. All day every day. That's all I ever do, and it's absolute torture. I've never felt so useless at a job before! It's as though the white people don't trust me enough to learn anything important, no matter how mich I ask. I suffer from aphasia due to a stroke 12 years ago, so I absolutely shouldn't be "hosting" in the dining room because I can't have meaningful conversations with strangers. I can never hear or understand their replies, so I just avoid talking to people altogether, and "talking" to people and interrupting their meals is the only thing they expect me to do!!

My passion (and main hobby) in life has always been food&cooking, so when I was hired there, I was thrilled to finally get a chance to cook. Every other job I've ever had, I've always excelled the most in the kitchen- but they won't even teach me to do fries or pour drinks! It's been absolute hell, so for the sake of my own sanity, I have decided to downgrade to a lesser job with a worse pay just so that I can feel useful and busy again.

My question is: what should I do though? At this point, I'd be happy to just be a dishwasher in a place full of immigrants that won't look down on me for not being white and affable.

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YOU got this, niggerchan.

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You seem to be the racist, as is very common with your types. I simply don't give a shit about your fucking nations and don't want to visit them.
If you want to call me racist for disagreeing with you then you must have been shillary supporters since that's the best that they can do.
Are you still seething in your closets because Trump beat your annointed one?

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Nigger or sandnigger quit using the race card as a crutch. If what you're doing isn't your strong point and they don't want you to do anything else then you're literally not needed, simple as that.

I'm a white dude working in a kitchen and I have to break my back cause if I don't remain busy and someone in charge sees it they see it as money they can save.

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>If what you're doing isn't your strong point and they don't want you to do anything else then you're literally not needed, simple as that.
>then you're literally not needed, simple as that.

That is literally what I said in my post. I feel useless because whities don't know how to use me to my full potential. That's why I'm finding a job elsewhere where I will feel needed and useful.

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>cooking at an assembly line restaurant
shiggy diggy
and this is b8 but in n out has levels where you advance to more important positions like fry cook, potato chopper, or burger flipper

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Dude its a fast food burger joint. It also sounds like you got you problems and maybe a shit manager. Also I ain't ever seen a fuckin chad working at In n Out all my life.

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>in order to advance there.
Genuinely curious, what kind of career can you get from a fast food server?

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By "advance" I mean "be allowed to do something other than wipe tables". That's all I ever wanted.

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>suffer from aphasia due to a stroke 12 years ago
get dem gibs muh nibs
welfayo bux uh waitin you

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In-n-out pays you very well to wipe tables, consider yourself blessed. Examine your own personality and think about is holding you back from success.

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>"talking" to people and interrupting their meals
wtf man
any joint where that would be commonplace would swiftly end up on the no go list for me

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>being this defensive over nothing to do with you
I think though doth protest too much, racist faggot.

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>never seen a Chad at In N Out
It's all relative. OP's hourly wage alone would put him in the top 1% of /biz/raelis.

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Yea and they keep pestering me to do that despite the fact that people hate that. INO is trying too hard to be like a sit down restaurant.

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That's because everybody on /biz/ are NEETs desperately clinging to some shitty alt coin on 100x leverage thinking they are going to get rich.

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/biz/ is filled with the kind of braindead lice who think they've developed a syestem to beat roulette or craps.

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>anon is literally brain damaged
>works at a fast food restaurant
Like pottery.

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you have aphasia, literal brain damage, and you think the colour of your shit skin is the reason they don't think you're smart enough to flip a burger

maybe they're fucking right about you

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>I feel useless because whities don't know how to use me to my full potential.
You're brain damaged. You don't have any potential.

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What potential if you're literally fucking brain damaged? You know how much disabled people struggle to find any job that'll accept them and here you are bitching about fucking potential. Jesus christ black tears are a hell of a thing.

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Nice blog nigger. How about you get a real job that pays well and you cook for yourself, friends and loved ones. You'll probably just ruin your pasion from dookg it too much anyways.

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1. Stop asking for advice on 4chan. EVERYONE has potential. These anons just aren't using theirs and are taking their frustration over their lack of self-worth out on someone they see as even more 'worthless' than they feel.
2. Recognise that your difficulty with speech and people's racial prejudice will make progression harder for you than for some, but that it's also probably made you pretty tough.
3. Completely ditch or at least limit the time you spend on shitholes like this. Use the internet as the resource it is and learn a new skill that you can use to make some tangible progress. IMPORTANT: This is tough. Finding the motivation to do this when you work a shit job you hate can be a fucking nightmare.
4. Don't give up - you're tough, remember?

Best of luck, my friend.

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Thanks anon. I usually don't mind the trolls because I'm a troll myself, but genuine advice like yours really makes me feel better.

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Go back to your own country.

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Nah, I think it's more like
>anon wants to cook.
>Hates being treated like the janitor.
>Hates being paraded in front of customers because he's selfconcious about his disability, and probably just doesn't like dealing with people.
>Instead of letting him learn to cook, it seems like they just want to parade him up front so they can show of how diverse and caring, and christian and lovely they are.
>Like "look at us, we hired a disabled darkie boy to bus the tables, aren't we swell?!?!", when he just wants to learn a trade.

Having a mental language problem isn't really an impediment for like 90% of cooking jobs.
Some of the best cooks I worked with could barely even speak english.

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let da boi cook

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i'd love to kill a nigger.

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nigger you do not have any potential

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I wish reincarnation was real, so edgey 4chan dickheads would be reborn as somalian kids in their next lives.

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then i probably would actually wind up killing niggers, with a machete.

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>letting a black person cook at a restaurant

yeah, anyone who does this should be criminally charged for negligence.

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I'd rather eat food cooked by a black person than the average 4han user.

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that just means you're stupid. not really making any headway here.

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How's the food at klan rallies these days?
Still just macaroni salad, jello, and mountain dew?

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the FBI gives us basically unlimited catering budget :))))))) last time we got raising canes and panda express.

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Yeah, definitely no black people working at Raising canes...

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there's more than one, you know. some are all niggers, and some are no niggers. retard.

there are none working at the one we order from.

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God, imagine being such a loser you not only going to a special club for people who are afraid of minorities, but actually audit fried chicken restaurants to make sure a brown person didn't touch your food.

Maybe if you didn't spend so much time on this weird hobby of yours, you could get a job and a girlfriend.

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if you allow niggers to prepare your food, you. are. stupid. period. that's a fact.

second of all, you have every reason to be extremely concerned about what you call minorities. they're not minorities, whites are minorites. there's fucking tons of them. and they're dangerous, stupid, violent, selfish, cruel, lazy, and wicked. the fact is that black people are awful, selfish, and abusive towards everyone else (and each other).

there would be no disadvantages to killing all of them. it would reduce crime, pollution, taxes, and advance science, universal healthcare, education, and industrial efficiency. it would create a happier, healthier world.

name one disadvantage to killing them all? there are none.

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this guy is both though

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>OP basically admits he has no work ethic and blames it on others
>works for a company known for their quality and fresh tasting food

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Well, for one, you're proposing murdering millions of people for arbitrary factors outside of their control. Why would you want to murder strangers for the way they were born?
Do you have literally no empathy?

Two, literally all these are true about killing racists, and they would atually deserve it.

Three, how do you decide who qualifies for you wet-dream genocide? Beause if you're from the USA, odds are you have at least one black anestor in the last 200 years.
Are you willing to submit to a DNA test, and stake your life on the result?

Four, black people have contributed tonnes of shit to science, technology, and culture. Almost certainly more than your family has done. Why does your family deserve to survive?
In fact, why do you? If you think unproductive members of society should be purged, why not base it on achievement, rather than skin colour? If you truly beleive blacks are inferior, then surely this system would have the same result?
Or are you afraid you might actually be inferior to a lot of brown people?

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>you. are. stupid. that's a fact

I'm not sure you know what a fact is. Probably explains why you are the way you are...

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>you're proposing murdering millions of people

for the greater good. and calling them people is really borderline. also, it's not murder, if it's war. in war it's just killing.

> for arbitrary factors

umm, not arbitrary at all. they're stupid, they're selfish, they're a blight on the earth, they are holding everyone back, they're rude, they're abusive. we'd be better off without them. there is nothing less arbitrary than that.

>Do you have literally no empathy?

i have empathy for the people close and closer to me, not people who are unlike me. to love someone, you have to hate someone else. that's literally how it works.

>Why would you want to murder strangers for the way they were born?

for the way they were born.

>Two, literally all these are true about killing racists, and they would atually deserve it.

wrong, racists comprise a vast amount of very important and valuable people. and racism isn't wrong. it's not a crime or bad. it's good and normal. it's healthy.

> how do you decide who qualifies for you wet-dream genocide?

it's not hard. if it's not white, nightey night!

> black people have contributed tonnes of shit to science, technology, and culture.

they've detracted from all of these. complete fucking negative impact.

>why not base it on achievement, rather than skin colour?

first of all results would be almost the same second of all it's not skin color, it's race.

>I'm not sure you know what a fact is.

one fact is that if you let niggers handle your food, you're stupid. they're going to do a bad job, they're unsanitary, they're hateful little shits that will tamper with your food because they have no work ethic, and they're disease-ridden. you can not argue with the undeniable fact, the absolute incontrovertible reality that it'd be better to have white people handling your food. you can't get around that without delusion.

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Fuck arguing with you.
If you're trolling me, this is pointless.
If you're not trolling, and these are your sincere beliefs, which you refuse to change, then reasoning with you will change nothing.
Rascists and fascists that won't change derve a bullet. It's the only way there can ever be peace.
The world would be a much better place without you.
I kind of pity you. Your life must be truly pathetic for you to have this much hatred for people who are different.
Please stay in your trailerpark, and let society advance without you.

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Give it up Vlad, everyone is on to your games at this point.

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>Rascists and fascists that won't change derve a bullet. It's the only way there can ever be peace.

bring it on, faggot.

>> No.12386659

Based and red pilled

>> No.12386660

>Fight fascism with more fascism

Liberals are so fucking stupid.

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Fuck off, I'm a socialist. Fuck liberals. They're not interested in fixing the world.
I'm also probably better at capitalism than you, trailer park boy.

Either capitalism will render the world an uninhabitable hellscape, or there will be a revolution. Either way, you are fucked. You'll either die in floods, famines, or droughts (because, spoiler, the rich won't save you. They don't care about you at all), or you'll be lined up against the wall for the firing squad. Best case, you end up in a forced labout camp in post apocalyptic Arkansas.

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Maybe the problem is you and not your employer? So many nonwhites have such a victim mentality even white liberals will admit it if they are talking to another white person. Sort yourself out and try not to blame whitey for everything.

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Kill yourself, nigger.

>> No.12386718

Do you also have a nice collection of hot sauces as well you little commie bitch?

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>"having kids is immoral!"
>"the future belongs to people like me!"


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Lmao try not to cut yourself on that edge. Grow up fool

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the hilarious part is that niggers would be the ones killing people like this in the first future he describes, and that jews would have caused it, and in the second future he describes, he'd be the one up against the wall getting shot by the smersh, just like last time, and jews would have caused it.

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Having more than 2 kids is immoral.
We need a global 2 child policy.
The future is either socialism or death, really.
capitalism is literally rendering the planet uninhabitable.
The wealthy will survive. People like you and me will be fucked. The sooner you stop sucking billionaire cock, the sooner you can start helping to make a better world for yourself.
Do you have a nice collection of limited edition energy cans on your dorm wall, you sophmore "business" major?
I'm almost 30, with an MEng, and a pretty good career. The whole "you'll grow out of socialism when you start paying taxes" is a retarded boomer meme.
Jews don't run the world. Selfish rich cunts do. And they use idiots like you to do it. You probably argue agaisnt universal healthcare, even though it would benefit you, because you've swallowed so much capitalist propaganda.
Also, again, racists deserve the wall.

>> No.12386813


>Having more than 2 kids is immoral.

we need to kill all the niggers, then. the future is kill all the niggers or death. niggers are literally rendering the planet uninhabitable. it's us or them.

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How about we just purge you, for starters?
Do you contribute anything at all to society?
Or is your whole life just mindless consumption, going to klan rallies, and bitching about how everything wrong with your life is the result of a jewish/black conspiracy to keep you down?

>> No.12386884


>How about we just purge you, for starters?

try it bitch

>Do you contribute anything at all to society?

fuck yes i do.

you brainwashed NPC's are hilarious.

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>try it bitch
Wow, what a big tough internet boy

>using the term NPC unironically
I never stop finding the irony of this hilarious.
Right wing retards literally unthinkingly parroting a forced meme about how other people parrot shit without thinking.

Read a fucking book. Talk to someone who your inbred cousin/fuckbuddy. Leave /pol/, and your shitty facebook libtard meme group for a week. Fuck.

>> No.12386945


if you had read books and thought for yourself you'd quickly realize you hate niggers. the purpose of intelligence is to observe differences between things. you are unintelligent. you purposefully ignore the differences between niggers and humans. that's actually worse than unintelligent, it's evil.

>> No.12386947

Having less than 2 kids is immoral if you are reasonably intelligent and have a strong principled virtues to pass down.
A rejection of responsibilities is what is causing the downfall of civilization. People are willing to give away their liberty for promises of relief from the burden of responsibilities. The reason health care is so expensive is the presence of insurance that act like subsidies and curtail competitive forces that drive down prices. So people clamor for "universal healthcare" in the hope that ultra rich people will pay for their stuff, not realizing that the ultra rich got that way because of the very same control systems the ignorant masses are asking for.

>> No.12386956

dont bother replying theyre either underage and hasnt broken their indoctrination yet, or are from the north where there are no niggers to ruin literally everything and make going outside dangerous

>> No.12386967


in all likelihood they've seen like 2 niggers. and they weren't together. they've never seen what happens in a pack of niggers.

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So the reason healthcare in the US has absoultely nothing to do with the fact that it is a system designed for profit?
The fact that health insurance executive rake in millions, while a single aspirin costs the consumer $50 in a hospital has nothing to do with it at all?
Even when socialised healthcare has demonsteably been significantly more cost effective in other countries?

And before you start, don't try to say that US healthcare subsidises the rest of the world through research. cuba was under US embargo for decades, and their healthcare system not only thrived, but actually discovered numerous new drugs/treatments.


I grew up in Atlanta, and went to public school. My first girlfriend was black. I've probably spent a lot more time around non-white people than you. I'm just not an asshole.

>> No.12387009


>I'm just not an asshole.

yes you are. you say you want universal healthcare, but you also don't want to kill all the niggers. these are not compatible. furthermore niggers existences will never be anything but confusion and suffering, and you are willing to allow that to continue rather than do the responsible thing.

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>mfw the chapofaggot ITT larping his way into a tangle of lies

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I'm literally from Atlanta. Born in North Fulton. Living in the UK now, because I have a fucking sweet job. Doubt me if you want. You're probably trapped in Incest canyon, Alabama, working at QT or something.

>> No.12387054

>anon wants to cook
>they don't need a cook

As simple as that. He should move to another job like every other person would do if they don't like their current job.

>> No.12387066

do you see some irony in calling other people rude and calling for genocide in the same post

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Imagine actually lying about your life on a food-related shitposting imageboard to 'own' the rightoids because they used a word you find offensive.

>> No.12387104

I dunno man. Turnover at restaurants is super high.
If he was there more than 6 months, I guarantee there was a cook slot open at some point.
I worked as a bartender at a place for a year, and there was one KP who was desperate for a chance on the line. The manager hated him though, even though he literally spent his free time and money learning to cook, and getting some cooking qualifications. Still was never given a the whole time I worked there. And he'd been a KP for over a year before I started. Really hope that dude left and got a job somewhere better.

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Imagine refusing to belive someone from the south could possibly leave the country, and not be a racist.
Seriously, that's more about my life than I've probably ever revealed on a 4chan thread.
I'm not gonna fucking scan my birth certificate to appease a moron.

>> No.12387137

You have to show them that you can excel at the tasks you have been given before they can trust you with more responsibilities. Your goal is to have some conversation like: "You seem like you love your job" "No sir, I actually hate it and would rather ..., but I just do the task I've been given the best I can" with your boss.
I suggest you pick out people who are just entering the building or are looking around and greet them in brief, friendly, non-committal phrases. You shouldn't ever have to get anybody's attention. If you ask a question, make sure it's one that can be answered with a smile or a nod. Most importantly, be seen doing this. Your job is to show how friendly and attentive the restaurant is, your co-workers, the guests, and mostly your boss wants to see this demonstrated.

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SEETHING larpfag


>> No.12387157

Eh, that's one way to do it, but who knows how long it would take.
I think he probably made the right decision to leave. Don't waste your life waiting for a job that doesn't care about you to give you a shot.
Remember that if you died on the job, there would be a job ad out for your position before your obituary was even published.

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You seem like the only one mad here dude.
I never even mentioned trump.
I left the country in 2011.

>> No.12387179

Just making fun of your chapo autism. Anyway I'd tell you to kill yourself, but you're probably on your way there already.

>> No.12387180

Things are expensive because insurance, subsidies, and regulations keep competition out of the market. Without competitive forces, there is nothing to keep prices from rising.

>> No.12387214


no. genocide is necessary to move the human race forward.

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I mean, the government could literally impose limits. Set a price limit, and a minimum standard for whatever they're tendering for. Like "We need a minimum of X vials of insulin per year, meeting X standard, and any company is eligible". But keep overall control of the healthcare system to makesure it isn't failing and bankrupting everyone.
Or they could just do it themselves. I really don't see why compition between companies is considered the only form of competition. If Universal healthcare truly fails, then people will begin to beg for an alternative. But I never see that happen, desu.
My experience with UK healthcare has been pretty good. The mental health services need significant imrpovement, but only the rich get mental healthcare at all in the US, so I still preter what we have here. Plus, you are always free to buy private healthcare here if you want.

>> No.12387238

You go first then.

>> No.12387245

This is true, but even at his next job he needs to have the same approach. One thing he has going for him is the lowered expectations people will have about him give more room to exceed them.

>> No.12387249 [DELETED] 


no, genocide of the problem races. specifically the niggers. more than anyone else the niggers must fucking die. every single last mother fucking dirty fucking god damned ape one of them must fucking hang.

>> No.12387250

Try talking to your boss ;)

>> No.12387255


there's no such fucking thing as 'mental health services'. the only thing anyone needs a doctor for is broken limbs or suturing. everything else is a hoax. doctors can't do anything for you.

>> No.12387274

How would you know what they’ve served in the past? Unless...

>> No.12387279

Try looking at it as how you get paid to basically do nothing all day, with zero responsibilities, while those poor bastards in the kitchen are sweating their asses off for the same money—lucky you.

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So, you think you know better than literally millions of doctors across the world who study the human mind?
Why is mental health such a hard thing to understand? The brain is the most complex organ in the body, and we still hardly understand it. Doctors have recognised that there are recognisable things that go wrong, and drugs/treatments that can help.
Do you really think Schizophrenics are faking it for attention?
Do you also think cancer is a hoax?
Is everything a conspiracy?

>> No.12387306

Eh, they're making him go bother people while they eat, and clean tables. Sounds like a shit job. I know I'd hate it.
cookings a shit job too, but at least you can feel like you're learning something. Building towards a job at a better restaurant. Dreaming of working somewhere really nice somewhere, becoming a sous, and living a better life.
You don't even get to dream about that when you're just the stuttering dude they wheel out in front of customers to look inclusive.

>> No.12387312

Holy fuck you are retarded. Nazis may be pieces of shit, but at least they're chads. I can hear the high pitched helium nu-male voice just by reading the shit you say

>> No.12387385

>government could literally impose limits
They could, but why would they? When has government ever acted responsibly? In practice the game becomes extracting the most from the populous as tenable to maintain or expand the scope of their authority.
The reason that capitalism succeeds and communism fails is because capitalism understands people to be greedy and self-interested and tries to use that in a constructive manner. Communism expects people to act completely contrary to human nature to the point that it can't function when people act non-altruisticly. And people are surprised when every communist nation immediately becomes a tyrannical dictatorship.

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Kek, I just got banned for 10 mins for posting off topic.
Just nuke the thread Jannies. Nothing good is happening here.
Hope you get a new job where you get to cook OP.
Fuck all you /pol/tards and racists.
I'm out.

>> No.12387465

>grows up around nigs
>moves away only to land in UK with straight up Somalian nigs

>> No.12387664
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You betcha!

>> No.12387675

Nice argument, dumbass.

>> No.12387681

>poster count remains the same

>> No.12387688

>my country is 56% white

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