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in that I've been vegan for a couple of days and I'm really craving some real food. Is a small burger or hotdog too much or will it break my veganity?

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who'se steve jobs

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Eat vegetables AND meat, retard. If you want to do even better, eat more fish than meat.

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no vegan diet no vegan powers

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>vegan likes trap x futa porn
Post ur cute shaven pits veggie boi

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> Is a small burger or hotdog too much or will it break my veganity?
either will break it retard. Buy soy chicken or any type of soy meat marinated. Honestly? the name is not too appealing but it tastes like the real thing, and it's so good I can eat it raw
Or stuff your face with falafels, I make them myself its pretty easy and delicious

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Why go full autism? Just stay a vegetarian and eat fish. Salmon is one of the single most healthy and nutritious sources of protein. And the moral argument against eating fish is one of the absolute weakest.

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>when i's full of bacterias, micro plastics, and mercury

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Your gut is also full of bacteria, retard. Now take your shitty bait back to /tv/eddit or wherever else you crawled out of.

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if you went vegan for ethical/enviromental reasons, attempting to keep meat intake low but not zero is still a net positive until you learn how to curb those cravings. I went from 2-3 pounds of meat a week down to less than 2 pounds a month.

Small steps are still progress

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the same bacteria? please stop going full retard my dude, salmon is for a big part raised in farms that are overloaded with shit, lices...

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legumes, tofu

It isn't the protein in meat that people crave, it's the lipid. So avocado, coconut oil, peanut oil, evoo. If you add that calorie density and touch it with salt or sweat then you're set.

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>cropped tranny wonder woman pic

A craving for cock is the result of not eating enough meat. Fuck your veganity and eat like a man, son.

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I've been vegan for 3 years, the most meatlike nonmeat thing I've eaten so far is the beyond burger. Gardien products are also good, moist and squishy like meat but don't taste like meat. Well the tendies taste like the cheapest soyfilled chicken tendies at least

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t. rotting carnist carcass

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Hot thick cummies mmm yummy!

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No, burgers and hotdogs are fine. I eat some meat nearly every meal and I'm still a diehard vegan.

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Sperm is overrated.

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Your boyfriend's meaty cock

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Vegan diet is dumb. Unless you are a direct descendant of some isolated population that lived off plants and shit. It's useless and privileged lifestyle.

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Interestingly enough, there are some isolated areas where it is impractical to farm animals for food, and food is of course scarce in general. The people are religiously vegetarian (Buddhist) but will eat meat if an animal is dead, especially if meat has been offered to them. It's wasteful, and if offered, very offensive to refuse. Then again they'll fuck in cemeteries to contemplate the afterlife so meh.

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Just be vegetarian. It's easier and not unnecessarily hardcore.

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>Unless you are a direct descendant of some isolated population that lived off plants and shit
The fuck does that even mean?

>its useless and privileged
Bitter dumb poorfaggot. The bulk of the diet is cheap shit like rice beans and oats

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>all bacteria is good because your gut has some bacteria in it

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Majority of humans ate a largely plant and starch based diet until recent times when we became better at securing meat through agriculture and more advanced weaponry

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Yes, eating a little is fine. Especially if you are just now moving to veganism, be prepared to make some slip ups. If it helps, I would stay vegetarian for a little while before you really dive in. Otherwise you might burn out. It's more about slowly changing the way you eat than doing it all at once.

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chicken doesn't count

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a few slices of butter chicken pizza won't hurt

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how about just stop being vegan retard.
your body is telling you that what you're doing is stupid and that you need meat, and you're too retarded to see that

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>your body tells you that you need meat
Fucking Americans

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i'm not from america

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I really don't like anasheya, maybe it's the faces

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If you're on a diet by choice but end up just eating the same fucking foods but made with "substitutes" then that tells people two things:
1) You are unable to actually make a full commitment to this diet
2) You're even more of a faggot than people who actually can commit to this diet

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>fish not meat

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fags die god laughs

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Your own: get fat then eat chunks of you.

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Is anyone in this thread awake? Should I eat a chicken parmesan burger with bacon, or a chilli cheeseburger?

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Literal degeneracy, I can see the type of person you are - cheats on literally one of the easiest things to do, or like, what the fuck, why are you eating vegan food if its not good enough that meat is no longer a substitute, we certainly have the technology, goods and services for quality vegan food, especially burgers, and here comes you waltzing in the door, somehow you manage to find a way to desire cheating on being a vegetarian - you know what I think. Youre a sick man with a blood lust for animal meat like a barbarian, and you probably also have gay sex at bath houses

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I'm gay btw not sure if it matters

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Seitan has a very meat like texture. You referring to meat as "real food" suggests you're just trolling.

Try a big bowl of rice, corn, blackbeans, and salsa all mixed together. It'll taste good, nourish you, and theres no dead animal flesh in it so you're good.

Cheating on a vegan diet may be worse for you than just not going vegan at all. Your gut will adjust to a lack of animal protein, then when you do eat it it will upset your gut.

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True. This guy (?) Is a piece of shit.

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> all bacteria are eqyal
Next you're gonna say all humans are equal.

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What a disappointment of a thread
Where did all the funny people go

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down to the curry hut to gran some butter chicken pizza

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Why not both?

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All large successful groups of humans have a starchy staple in their diet. Asians and rice for example.

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It's definitely the faces. Robin up there has a Uguu~Kawaii/10 anime girl face on a pretty standard athletic/slim dude's build. His lips are weird too with the top being invisible and the bottom one being fat as hell. Then you have a weird angle on the mouth where you can see all his tongue but not the bottom teeth but you can still see his top row of teeth but only a truncated beaver-toothed section of them.

Shit's all over the place.

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some people have to ease into alternative diets. You dont have to go full vegan right away. Just phase out meat products gradually until you're eating more vegan food than carnivore food. Your body will adjust. Go eat a hamburger.
t.ovo-lacto pescetarian

I was vegan for about 5 years, then was vegetarian for another 7 or so, and on the second day of my veganism i went into the fridge and ate a slice of salami. Diet is like 90% habit, and like all habits...

also this
>eat more fish

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i totally missed the joke. But isnt it better to have a community where you can legitimately have a helpful thread from people that can relate?

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>I was vegan for about 5 years, then was vegetarian for another 7 or so, and on the second day of my veganism i went into the fridge and ate a slice of salami
You were never either

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>Vegan here
>I've been vegan for a couple of days

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Fish is vegan. Even prominent vegan activists eat fish, so you won't have any problem staying vegan, just eat all the fish you want!

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I really like anasheya. I think it's the cocks.

When the hell are the going to finish Anal Invaders?

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it's obvious that vegans are trying to shake the leaves, huh.
it'll work.

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