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What is it about Mark that makes him so popular? He's one of the best food vloggers right now, but what's his main appeal? I personally like his vids because of his enthusiasm. Also, what do you think of his Brazil trip?

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Popularity means he caters to the lowest common denominator. That means children and stupid people.

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>/Mark Wiens/ General
And then I noped the fuck out of there.

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YouTube is full of brown people, just look at how popular Bald&Bankrupt became after pajeets found him. Easily a billion subscribers right there.

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epic win!!

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Fucking kill yourself you eceleb shilling piece of shit

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I still stand by my statement months ago that he is not actually human but a member of a rare hominid species that just recently exited the jungles and rural areas of mankinds domain. He seeks to hunt and devour human flesh, and our brains are screaming at us every time we connect eyes with him, telling us on some base instinct to flee. Because what stands before us is not a man, but a creature that mimics one. But, it doesn't mimic us for protection it does it for camouflage to better prey on us.

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You have no idea how true this is. Indians fucking love Mark Wiens, any time I hear him mentioned in real life or see him in TV it's by an Indian or in an Indian restaurant.

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I love Mark

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Seriously Mark, where are the bodies?

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Cant watch his videos, seems so fake and forced.

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i dislike this guy but i do envy his lifestyle

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Even his occult hobbies?

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I find Mark Wiens irritating and uninteresting. What are some /ck/-approved food travel youtubers?

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Mark Wiens

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personification of reddit

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Oh hi Mark

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Reddit is into a literal demon in human flesh?

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I can’t stand his skinny effeminate neck

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Someone post that old video where he looked and sounded like a normal human.

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Ahh the good times, back before he got involved with drinking children blood and eating human flesh to increase his life force

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This is racist.

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I watch the shit out of food related channels and videos and he has NEVER come up in my recommended videos. Until visiting this board I'd never heard of him.

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I agree, this is no man.

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