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What are some good Hawiian dishes?

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That's a food that fat-asses and ugly people that have given up on their life eat. If you have eaten a mcchicken in the last you I guarantee you are either retarded or poor.

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Maybe if she stays vegan for long enough her dump truck butt will finally shrink to a normal size. Too bad about the epidermal damage though, she'll need surgery for that

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Off-topic and wrong

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>last you

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and I guarantee you're both

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you can just admit you're gay bro, there's no shame in it

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Poi is the traditional staple food of Hawaiians and is vegan, but it's disgusting and people only still eat it because muh heritage.

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being the big gay isn't a crime breh

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You can tell non-Americans and zoomers apart from regular posters by their inability to read without spelling error.

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Any retard can tell you meant "year" but you look stupid as fucking calling people retards when you can't type a short sentence without making a spelling error you garbage "human" being.

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why do all of these vegans have so much body fat

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>t. angry at the world and my only facet for my anger is pointing out spelling errors on a pygmie spear-sharpening dojo in an attempt to feel better about myself

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Cope harder, typelet.

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Still relying after btfo is the ultimate loss

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spam is the only hawaiian dish of import

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Low testosterone

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Is eating her clam vegan??

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They typically eat a lot of processed shit with lots of oil to make up for flavor

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is Poke-bowl a hawiian food?

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That’s a videogame, you idiot

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Try to cope better you bloated carnist.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFF30jfTubU [

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Humuhumunukunukuapuaa poke

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No, it's a mainland thing.

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That's not what humuhumunukunukuapua'a looks like.

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It’s a Chicago thing now anon ;^) since some nigger from there trademarked the term. Yes it’s Hawaiian

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Lau Lau

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Potato chips and peanut butter are vegan

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how is poke different from tartare or civiche?

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>Her ass is big therefore its nice. Who cares if it has the consistency of cottage cheese in a garbage bag

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Ugly, fat, ruined and fake. Wouldn't even waste the energy holding a door open for it.

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laulau and katsu curry are the only hawaiian dishes i eat

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imagine being so triggered at people eating vegetables

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Fucking NO ONE is gonna ask who this bitch is? I need to know.

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just add some rice to your raw fish and put it in a contaminated bowl

>that will be twenty dollars without tipping

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I wouldn’t fuck that with my mom’s dick.

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bread isnt vegan

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Making your entire identity about your diet is just as bad as making it about your sexuality. How do people become so empty that even what they eat can define them over everything else the posses?

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Normal people:
>processed junk
>processed junk
... and the ratio is like 20% vegetables to 80% processed junk because they have to replace meat and dairy (things that taste good) with something else that tastes good. Most people only have 2 or 3 vegetables they genuinely enjoy, but eating them every day gets old fast.

Doing a vegan diet with proper nutritional balance is pretty much impossible without regular appointments with a dietitian and the willpower of a god. No amount of "save the animals!" mindset can overpower the instinctual desire to ear trash that tastes awesome. Rest assured that 99% of people who say they're vegans aren't nearly as healthy as they broadcast. Or they're just plain lying. Probably both.

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Based retard

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vegans have lower muscle mass on average, most studies prove this. no plant is equal to meat/dairy/eggs in protein content and quality unless you start eating processed meat alternatives, which most of them probably try to avoid eating too much of too for health reasons and also that they're expensive.

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>tfw no sexy indigenous Hawaiian bf

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Most “normal” people are overweight like you and eat like complete shit

>Doing a vegan diet with proper nutritional balance is pretty much impossible without regular appointments with a dietitian and the willpower of a god.
Lol you’re just a dumb weakwilled bitch. Absolute worst case scenario is using chronometer(!!!) everyday

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Could you link one of these studies?

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Hawaiian pizza.

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Poke is literally sushi, but in a bowl instead of rolled.

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Poke is sashimi, rice is optional and likely not sushi.

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it doesn't though

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