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Anyone else loves the classic McDonald's hamburger? Whenever I'm in mood for some fast food I always order a dozen of those bad boys. I don't think I'll ever get tired of them.

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Yeah senpai I usally get 2 of em with mac sauce on em then add Kraft singles at home. Pretty much get a shittier Big Mac for less than 2 bucks

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I love the classic hambie but for me it's the Double McFish, the partitions choice.

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I can only eat 2 or 3 at a time, used to be able to put down 4 mcchickens and 4 mcdoubles like 2 years ago but not anymore.

Still good though

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br├Âther, where have you been all my life?

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You'll be hooked.

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Enjoy your leather disc meat

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McDoubles are better

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medium black coffee
small fry
regular cheeseburger

the perfect mcdonalds lunch

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Mcdonalds hamburgers are simply frozen foods

At least with the quarter pounder you get better patty

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>be almost 30
>remember double cheeseburgers for $1
>popular as hell so they're always hot and fresh
>"Sir, profits went down a penny."
>"Went down 1 cents? What do you mean 6 million dollars a day?!?!"
thus, the McDouble® was created.

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today, they're almost the same price of the other discounted hamburgers. but I really like them

I remember than they costed like 80 cents. now they're like 1,60 dollars

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5 cheeseburgers, a 6-pack nuggets and 2 apple pies.
That's the sweet spot. No gimmicks.

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Nuttin beats da Big MAC

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Bro their hashbrowns are actually so fucking good.... MMM oh baby

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except for those thin ass burgers and the huge buns

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i wish they still had the chocolate pies
I had a Big Mac today. it was delicious.
there isn't enough meat on those basic cheeseburgers though.

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Yeah the plain McDonald's hamburger/cheeseburger is better than anything else on the menu. It's better than the Big Mac or Quarter Pounder.
The Double Cheeseburger is the perfect menu item, a close second is the Egg McMuffin.

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I will never understand the Big Mac. I try one every few years just to give it another chance and am always disappointed.
The basic hamburger and cheeseburger have a much better flavor profile.
Try this cheat code: Order a double cheeseburger or McDouble with Mac sauce. It adds the tang of the mac sauce and they have to make it fresh for you because you asked for different ingredients. I always get it 100% fresh when I ask for this.

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I wish they still had blueberry cheesecake pies.

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this. All my life I grew up trusting TV and despite how many times I've seen the big mac advertised, it's surprisingly pretty damn mediocre

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There's always the bizarre "Holiday Pie"
I liked it but my friends thought I was a weirdo for ordering it

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Is that custard?

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Yeah it's just like vanilla pudding/custard

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Fuck that sounds good

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they started charging like 80c here in canada for the mac sauce what a fucking scam

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Hell yeah senpai. I always get two single-patty hamburgers with extra pickles and extra onions only. Then I dip that sucker in sweet and sour sauce. It's fucking delicious as far as fast food goes.

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At my local lunch spot if you say no ketchup sub mac sauce they substitute it for free. If you say add mac sauce its .30$. This is in the us though.

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Idk, beef I'm ok with rolling the dice but who knows what mercury infested Asian swamp McDonalds is getting their fish from

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>Anyone else loves the classic McDonald's hamburger?
The best! Too bad those fuckers stopped selling them, would need to buy their shitty happy meal to get one or get a cupom to buy it.

>always order a dozen of those bad boys.
Fuck you man, give me some of those!

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I worked a Maccas for a year and this is exactly what I had every lunch break for the same reasons you give. Another good one is never get the gourmet shit/less popular items. A normal burger will be made from ingredients that have been opened within the hour because of the constant turnover, the ingredients for the gourmet stuff usually sits out for half a day before it's fully used up and a new lot is opened

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1 Sausage biscuit and a water cup

because I am poor

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This is unironically the only thing I order from Mc Donalds

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>tfw not available where I live in evropa

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>>Anyone else loves the classic McDonald's hamburger?
>The best! Too bad those fuckers stopped selling them, would need to buy their shitty happy meal to get one or get a cupom to buy it.
Maybe you live in a different country but every McDonalds I know has the basic hamburger and cheeseburger for sale

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I unironically prefer the single cheeseburger to the double. The single has a much more balanced flavour whereas the double is too cheesy, too oily, kinda gross even. Regular hamburger is kind of shit though.

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