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Fun restaurant experiences?
>stop at rural Burger King to put on a dry shirt
>enter bathroom
>instantly, employee is banging on the door
>tell him I'll be right out
>mfw he accuses me of shooting up heroin in the bathroom
>apparently junkies come to this BK a lot
>put my shirt on and fuck off back to civilization
I was going to order some nuggies, but fuck that.

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Try looking less like a druggie. That's my advice and I'm sticking to it.

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fuck off junkie, this isn't a degenerate board

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If people assume youre a junkie then thats not good. Really.

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>put my shirt on

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Nevermind, I didn't even read the first line

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Why was your shirt wet? I feel like we're missing some key plot point here

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I wet myself at McDonald's as a kid but they gave me lost and found pants.

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How the fuck can someone lose their pants at McDonald's

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What happens in the McPlayhouse stays in the McPlayhouse.

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Fukkn got me m8

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>Be me
>Four years old
>Grandparents babysitting us while parents are out of town
>Take us to McDonald's to dinner
>Lets us play in the playground when we were done eating
>I was a stubborn little bastard, refused to come down when it was time to go
>Grandparents are getting antsy
>Still not coming down
>Grandmother eventually climbs up to get me out

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Past like 11pm a lot of the fast food places in the poor areas of my city require an employee to unlock the door for you if you want to go to the washroom.

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>working on brothers house one summer
>have to take a massive dump
>bathroom isn't finished yet
>drive up to BK
>almost finished emptying my bowels
>some midget mexican man comes in and starts trying to open the stall and coughing really loudly
>tell him it's occupied
>stands there while i finish, still coughing
>well fuck this guy
>don't flush
>shoulder past him
what the fuck was that about

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Fuck Burger Queer.

Apparently they hire a lot of Antifa degenerates to harass and threaten female employees.

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One time we were in the sports cafe bar on campus, and we were smoking weed, and I started to feel a bit funny, so I went to the bathroom.
I was standing doing a piss, when my vision started to go a bit funny, then I collapsed in the corner with my cock hanging out, pissing all over the floor.
After a minute or two, I got back up, realised I was covered in piss, and made my excuses and left.
It was only about two o'clock in the afternoon.

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I work here. I really want to kill myself. Worst job ever, people in the kitchen take themselves way too seriously. I'm writing my sole beneficiaries and will.

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>go to mcdonalds and buy a couple of milkshakes
>drive to burger king and throw them all over the lobby and cash registers

Fuckin commie supporting fags started the war.

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>casually flirt with the girl taking your order
>use your chest voice
>get free shit
works every time

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Looks like an alt-right fash got a tad bit butthurt, lol! Stay assblasted, your turn is coming if you ever work up the courage to leave mum's basement.

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My little sister got pantsed at Wendy's. That's about it. One time I saw some guys fighting at Waffle House, and one of them lost a tooth.

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OP, I have a gas station so I feel like I can provide some insight to this situation. People who use public shitters are just a nuisance, I don't blame the employee for acting like that. Can you not change your shirt outside? I'm assuming you're a male, don't treat someone else's business as your private wardrobe/restroom.

I have bums taking showers in the bathroom, what the fuck am I supposed to do?

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For gods sake get some iron anon

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Nice going you prick.

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Have some sympathy man. "Oh no a homeless guy shaved off his neckbeard in the men's room" at least I didn't smear shit on the wall or something.

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Im not an activist, the o ly time you would see my face is when its already too late dor you.

>> No.12361928

I don't give a shit, I don't want to provide this service for vagrants. California law REQUIRES I provide a restroom for the entitled assholes who come by here. I would say 8 out of 10 don't even make a purchase of fuel or anything. The law states I have to provide it for CUSTOMERS WHO MAKE A PURCHASE. Go ahead and try to explain that to the scum that feels entitled to public restrooms.

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The megachain you work for doesn't give a shit about your moralfagging. Give up the restroom codes wagie.

>> No.12361945

I own the fucking station. There is no code, it's a key and I let everyone use it anyways, not worth the effort to even waste my breath speaking to someone who uses a fucking gas station restroom of all places to take a piss. I purposely keep it filthy, fuck you.

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Then I'll purposely piss on your wall you fucking heartless asshole

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>BurgerKing got all of those /pol/tards seething
Absolutely based

>> No.12362450

This reminds me of the tumblr lards that tell over reacted stories

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What's incredibly fucked about the entire scenario is my local BK's staff is chill and at least keeps the decorum up of appearing friendly to customers, while my local Mcdonalds treats me like shit, to include management, just because of how I look. What really pisses me off too is once I explain why I look the way I do, every motherfucker always says the same "oh you didn't have to tell me that, anon" bs. Yes, I did have to tell them because if I didn't they assume the worst. THANKS MSM! THANKS BLUE CHECKMARK TWATTERFAGS!
What the fuck is an anon on a budget to do in this situation?

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I quit my job at Chick Fil A after a nude dude showed up.

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How ugly are you? You sound like my ex wife, and she was UGleeee.

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I agree it's based, because they will do it back better than you, and your soiboy side will escalate, then they will do that better than you, and you will repeat the process until you start killing people and they will do that way better than you. Once you faggots are done weeding each other out we can have a period of peace and quiet

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Fucking hell. I left context clues that indicate it has something to do with what the MSM and the blue checkmark twatterfags have put into people's heads and this is what you came up with? Because of what the MSM and blue checkmark twatterfags have said on twitter, white guys who are bald are treated like skin heads unless they go way out of their way to counter virtue signal. I have a hairloss disorder. It doesn't just affect my hair on my scalp. Figure it out.

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Man, I seriously cannot wait. I just want these freaks gone and for things to go back to normal for a while.

>> No.12362880

Yeah ok dude. You were conceived from a context clue that my dick proposed to your mother's womb.

>> No.12362885

>Once you faggots are done weeding each other out we can have a period of peace and quiet
One can hope

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I shave my head and I don't have these problems. You sound like a dysfunctional person.

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What part of hairloss disorder didn't you get faggot? You probably virtue signal as described previously. Location also comes into play.

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>I left context clues
You left dick. You want people to judge what you look like, show them what you fucking look like. You DON'T want people to judge what you look like? Don't fucking bring it up, you dumb little attention whore.

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I left plenty. It's not my fault subtlety is lost on you. Your assessment doesn't even make sense. My point is that because of the MSM and blue check mark twatterfags blowing out of proportion the nazi thing they have people treating people like me differently depending on location and how politically blue the area is. And if it's happening to me, chances are it's happening to others too. Think about people who have hairloss from chemo or alopecia.

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Rude employee
You should contacted manager and corporation dudes

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Were you 8 or what? Only babies wet themselves

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Prove it

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>t. not cute enough to get McMolested

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Your face made a perfect burger King logo

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It did.

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I did the exact same thing but with my mom

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*throws milkshake at you and calls you a fascist*

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I was 32

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In California they literally have to lock the restroom doors with code locks bc of how many junkies there are.
>In CA u have to talk to the manager just to take a piss

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He probably didn't speak English and didn't understand what you were saying.

>> No.12367244

>delusions of persecution
No sane person is going to intuit how your obsession with “blue checkmark twatterfags” and the “MSM” has anything to do with how you feel you’re treated at your local McDonald’s

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