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Y'all niggers ever eat fettuccine with a carving fork?

>> No.12349165

What a fuckin dumbshit faggot for getting that tattoo.

>> No.12349174

omg is that the pack of sausages from Hunger Games? I love it when he cooks things from movies.

>> No.12349306

it represents an easy industry trick used to plate fetuccini

>> No.12349320

Tattoos in general are degenerate. A true gentlesir remains pure.

>> No.12349325

>yeah, just got some *heh* fresh ink, wanna see?

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>"artsy" white dude
>asian character tattoo

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It was even worse than that if I remember correctly
>Hey guys, sorry my arm hairs look weird. I GOT FRESH INK!
Absolutely nobody would have noticed the arm hairs or tattoo itself beyond uber fans that follow him all across social media. Cringe worth attention seeking

>> No.12349338

More like CRINGING with GARBAGE! Am I right or am I right, /ck/?

>> No.12349354

It totally means something bro

>> No.12349356

>tattoos are scaaarrry
Pathetic nobodies afraid to express identity through ink, a custom dating back thousands of years.
>inb4 b-but muh kike bible lteachings forbid it

>> No.12349386

>seething faggot attention whore

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