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Oh wow...

now that's tender

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Every week its a new one.

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Why hasn't he been caught yet? He can't keep getting away with it.

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aww looks how tiny micah was! he's growing up so fast!

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I have a feeling that people are going to use this pic a lot in /ck/ in the future

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I fucking hate this guy so much. He looks like an old leather wallet was stretched over a dog skull and left out in the sun. His kid looks fucking retarded too.

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Thats mean.

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Wow if he reads this board he probably feels really sad right now.

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whats with those eyes? holy fuck. is this an edit or have they always been THAT creepy?

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Is he a cartoon?

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>weiner with children #1748 before being sacrificed to satan

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Is the baby for dessert?

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when will the inevitable poisoning prank happen?

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Holy fuck lol

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mark truly is an angel

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fucking kek. was never able to articulate my hatred for him until you did it for me with this post.

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He's a hapa, that's just what they look like.

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I'll be seeing you soon.

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Why is it always some insufferable thot that is in these videos?

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Thanks for using my screenshot. Really makes me happy!

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Just imagine, that's the face many unfortunate third world children see just before they die.

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fuckin based

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Someone post the avocado thot

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Is he holding a live baby in one arm while there is a fried baby arm in his hand? Holy crap, he gets bolder and bolder every time.

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Nailed it

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what nationality is he? Is this man a result of racemixing? why is he even famous? like why would want to see this and not be terrified?

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Oh man, the avocado thot is so fucking Jewish looking. She radiates Judaism.

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Half anglo, half Asian, lives in Thailand
million+ subcriber youtube channel

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Let's hope he does then.

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im in fucking tears holy shit

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