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Mexican food trucks are so based.

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Why do redditors reupload front page content to 4channel

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You have to go back.

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why do redditors complain about content on 4chan that they already saw on reddit?

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Hes right tho, its not just here. Every front page picture gets uploaded and it's never on topic

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The Mexicans never expected what was coming next. If only they had looked up.

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Don't know why they're laughing. All they're doing is promoting the destruction of another country because their own is so shitty, they do whatever they can to escape. They should be ashamed of their people for not being able to make a decent society.

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Holy god shitting dick nipples, that is terrifying. These so called jolly bees must be eradicated

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its actually sad u know this is from reddit
you are a faggot

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do eurotards have to weigh in every time

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why do we pretend to hate reddit again?

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What do you legit only use this website?

I probably check every website I can

I have no loyalty to 4chan lol. I think that is even faggier than anything.

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t. shitty mexican. They make fun of white people, and yet they desperately try to move to white countries because they can't form a functioning society.

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ck, youtube, and hulu. thats pretty much it. im not a droning retard lurking for the newest meme every minute of my life. how pathetic.

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Just a shirt bro, why you such a buzzkill?

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Ok? Seems like you are

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just to clarify that not all mexicans are cucked idiots who still think trump is bad.

with the recent immigrant hordes and their caravans invading our country, many mexicans have learned the hard way that trump was indeed right about his policies.

fuck those degenerates on the pic.

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just stop posting, u got btfo a while ago

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I wholeheartedly refuse, but I thank you for the suggestion. I shan't take it into consideration, but your thoughts are much appreciated.

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>tfw local bar has a taco truck that rolls up just when I'm blasted and super hungry
Gonzales you are a miracle worker

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