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>I'll have the super salad, sounds good.
>Oh no, sir, soup OR salad.

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Pretty funny.

-Thank you.

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Nice joke. Because it would make total sense for a server to say "would you like super salad?". Good one.

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I LOLd, nice joke.

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This happened to my dad

I burst out laughing

Waitress was also laughing

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That was pretty good!!

-Charles from Minneapolis

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What, you've never heard of Souper Salad? You get BOTH. It's pretty baste and redpepper.

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Great joke, poster!


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I'll have the chili and sea bass

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>Is this super donkey piss?

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thank you for including laughing wojak so I know this is a funny post and I can laugh at it freely

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the fuck is going on on that guy's neck

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What's the earliest use of that joke I wonder. Souper! Salad! has been around since the late 70s but they probably didn't invent that joke.

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>Cutie Cashier asked me if I found everything I needed today
>Tell her I didnt find that sack of hundred dollar bills I was looking for
Gets em every time

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Skin graft.

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>be me but 7 years ago
>working at Olive Garden
>"soup or salad?"
>"yes please"
At least 30% of guests were blinded by this. How?

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>do you want to eat here or take away

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>Cashier and one of her coworkers talking about the money box out back
>he asks her if he can borrow her key because he doesn't have his with him
>I ask if I can borrow it too
>everybody laughs and claps

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>yes I'd like the super salad

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>how would you like your steak?

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One day these boards will be gone. All the history. The memes and dumb tripfags and happenings. The shitposts. The mods who actually interacted with the users instead of just sitting in some "exclusive" discord. I have no record of what I observed here. Just the feeling. The nostalgia and excitement that kept me going in my teen years. Yeah we all posted while underage. Why else would we be such fuck ups now? Anyways. I love all of you. I only shed a tear at the inevitable loss of all that's happened here.

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>still mooin' har har har bring it to me strugglin' and kickin' hork hork i want it still on the cow weesnawwwww

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Get a load of this sad sack

>Item doesnt scan
>Must be free today! HaHa!
I have never had a cashier not laugh at this

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Youre a fuckin fag and Im glad that your shitty post will be lost in the sands of time

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>item doesn't scan at grocery store
>"guess it's free right?"

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>waitress comes to take the empty dishes
>"wait I'm not finished yet, I still need to lick the plate!'

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What the fuck is going on with this hilarious shit where we sign posts? I was out of ck for a few months and I suddenly see this shit?


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That's actually pretty funny, next time I will reply with "tasty".

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i forgot this chain existed because it's only in texas or around there

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nerve gas

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>high- fives all around

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It's just polite, honestly. /ck/ posters are a little older than the average 'channeler so people tend to be nicer.

-Charles from Minneapolis

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He doesn't really exist.

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I'm on the new seafood diet. I see food, I eat it!

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I'm on the rooster diet myself. I suck cock for food.

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I'm on the horse diet. I horse myself out for whatever I can get.

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great joke
you can alter it a bit too, you have a good punch line. Maybe make the joke like Superman is out to dinner or something

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Im on a diet. I dont eat... when im not hungry!

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Tee hee, good one sir.
>cashier dies more inside

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I enjoyed reading this and I'm sorry other anons are being so mean and bitter to you, fren.

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I know, anon, I know.

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"Would you like a super salad"

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I'm glad you think so [:

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I have plans to kill myself.

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>be out to eat
>enjoy my dinner immensely amd finish everything
>server asks "how was everything"
>say it was terrible
Gets em every time!

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>We don't serve soup, sir, I was pointing out that we have a special on the super salad today.

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Not until after dessert I assume!

- Dave CA

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>How was everything, Sir?
>It was really good. Can I have seconds?

It's specially effective if you plan on getting the waitress's number at the end.

Jorge Alejandro - Nueva Cordoba

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Don't bawww because it 404'd.
TOPKEK because it was an epic win.

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w00t epic win!

Sent from my blackberry

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Waco niggaz really be out here

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Ok, I admit that I laughed

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Stop it anons this boomerposting is killing me! Hahaha!

Alan MN

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Is this your excuse and apology for shitposting frogs?

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>Nueva Córdoba
based and argentopilled

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I've made waitresses wet numerous times.

Joel - Las Vegas

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in my more autist days I would reply to 'how would you like that cooked' with 'correctly'

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I was never underage when 4chan started

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