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Why can't every video be a Molly video

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thanks for linking the video you useless fuck

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You know how to find it, why would I give a fuck?

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it’s courtesy and expected of new threads about discussion of a video, you know i’m right asshat.

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Cry more

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Which one of you fuckers sent Molly a Dick Pic?


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actually current board culture is such that linking a video in the OP is almost always seen as advertising

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>That's not a monetary offer

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That was me

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Why is this shit like documentary style?

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The film world never recovered from The Office

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>pro chef

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What qualifications is she lacking?

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She's a chef, she gets paid for it, she's a pro chef.
Doesn't mean she's a good chef. Plenty of professionals, aren't.

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The concept of the word "chef" has been diluted to the point of being meaningless. A chef is a hefe, a chief, a leader of people. A person who cooks or bakes, even professionally for a magazine, is a person who cooks or bakes.

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What restaurant kitchen has she been head chef at? That's what a professional chef is

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Is Molly the chick who tried to fix that painting of Jesus and made it much worse?

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So why bother adding the word "head" to "head chef"?

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Nah, that chick was just on molly

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fuck these e-celeb threads you.cunts. fuck off back to /tv/

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Anybody have Molly's phone number?

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homie shes married, give it up.

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Why bother adding the word master to master Sargeant

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So? Everybody gets divorced these days. At least the second marriage has a chance of being happy.

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Like three paygrades difference dummy

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lol she cute, so maybe you wanne give me her number man

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