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What's the best oil? and why is it grapeseed?

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I used grapeseed oil to give my wife a massage and then fuck her shithole. Was based.

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extra virgin olive oil > olive oil > vegetable oil > virgin olive oil > canola oil

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High smoke point for us poorfags that can't afford a decent industrial hood.

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Extra virgin olive oil > Clarified butter > Olive oil > Grapeseed oil > Canola Oil > Avacado oil > beef tallow > vegetable oil > peanut oil > Corn oil

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Grapeseed oil is indeed the patrician choice. Flavoursome enough for a vinegrette, high smoke for frying and high-temp roasting. It's perfect. Also, healthy in all the ways that olive oil is.

I prefer olive oil for a few niche uses but mostly, Grapeseed oil is where its at and it's an acceptable substitute for EVOO on even pasta and pizza.

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it is grapeseed, good mix of fat types and high smoke point. Also good polymerization for sealing cast iron.

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Haha, awesome. How did you dispose of her body when you were bored of her?

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Olive oil

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For salad dressing purposes, Linseed and Styrian Pumpkin seed.

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more of a rapeseed guy

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It's not a great oil. Way too much omega-6. It's pretty much identical to sunflower oil that way, except worse in most other ways.

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Where my lardchads @???

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t. subhuman slav

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It's European, not Slav. Cheapest oil here.

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For general cooking? Palm oil. Only thing is its bad because it's the second worse culprit of deforestation.

The worst culprit is soybean oil production, it's also an unhealthy oil.

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Enjoy your heart disease

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Russia and Ukraine make up over half of sunflower oil production in the world. It is slav.

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olive oil

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>palm oil

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Grapeseed is good for it's high smoke point. And, on that front, I'd rather use rice bran oil. But, I do buy both. Rice bran oil is great for deep frying, and grapeseed is good for high heat saute or searing.
I also use beef fat or pork fat that I've rendered for searing.
Clarified butter for shallow frying or certain specific dishes.
For dressings and drizzling, I use extra virgin olive oil, unrefined pumpkin seed oil, unrefined hemp oil, or unrefined hazelnut oil.

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