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For me? It's frosted brown sugar cinnamon

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not me brundlefly, unfrosted blueberry ftw

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Frosted Cherry or go fuck a camel

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The answer can only be S'mores

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degenerate scum

moderate degenerate
and you...ohh then here go you..suburban scum

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for meeeeeeeeeeeee

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Do you prefer semen flavored pop tarts you flaming pillow biter?

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The chalk micken?

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The best way to poptart is to purchase oreo poptarts and toast them and butter them so the butter melts on the oreo poptart and you sit on the floor in your jammies eating the toasted buttered oreo poptart

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I'm seeing a lot of shit in this thread I'd better fix that

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based cherry poster
strawberry is good too

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its the mcchicken, the best

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they literally froze sugar, and you gobble that shit up?
what the fuck is wrong with you

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goyim tarts. can't believe you people actually eat this garbage

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Brown sugar or smors.

But I'd rather eat something not 99% sugar.

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Hot fudge sundae.

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omg YESSS! I needs it bros!

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based and autismpilled

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Real talk?
How many of you actually toast these things

I used to dream about toaster strudel whenever I was eating these, but, then I started toasting them and I never looked back

OP has the right flavor
Anything else is for cowards

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cherry and watermelon you bitch

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Best fucking flavor

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Peanut Butter is the best you fucking niggers.

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i fucking love peanut butter but that pop-tart flavor is a disgrace

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Imagine having such shit taste, Hot Fudge Sundae is for real patricians.

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For me its vegan soy sugar pop tarts.
I may be in my 30's but that doesnt mean i can enjoy a wonderful popped up pastry right form my toaster,

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For me, it's chocolate chip or hot fudge sundae

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Do these still exist?

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You can buy them on amazon. I don’t know if any grocery store has them tho

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My main man.

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unironically fpbp
they hate you because they do not understand you

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