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Take a cup and fill with sour patch kids
Fill remaining space with water
Either add ice or let set until sour patch kids become chilled and hardened in the freezer

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Enjoy candies with spoon, as you would a breakfast cereal. Nummy num!

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Now heres the best part: the sour patch consomme. Best served straight, on the rocks, or with a shot of vodka.
Delicious AND nutritious

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Is this some new drug concoction the kids are getting high on?

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AH! Mother's milk. Now thats refreshing. Great for an afternoon summer's treat and fun for the whole family. Salut!

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A sugar high, perhaps :D

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Wanted to rip on you but this thread is based and original.
Will be trying this.

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In all seriousness, if you made enough of it it would be a great vodka mixer

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Just make a lemon drop, queer

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I made Jolly Rancher-infused vodkas last year for gifts; bought a bunch of nice clear bottle with bails in them; just pour vodka over a bunch of them, shake periodically over a few days (they don’t like to dissolve in EToH) and wahlah; put one of each color in a gift bag, get drunk on rainbow colored vodak

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But the point is for a FUN treat for the WHOLE family. Its about sharing the EXPERIENCE.

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ur supposed to put vodka in it, not water. are u retarded op

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Is good with wutter too tho. Very refreshing. If you're coming in from a hot day and immediately hit the sauce you'll only get dehydrated more

Plus I hate drinking straight vodka, would rather mix it with this

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Sour patch tea recipie:

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My mom is cool
My mom will treat you ri-ight

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Look at this dude, eating with his lips like a monkey

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Gotta fully appreciate the mouthfeel

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i too wish to disperse my soul into the purble palace vaporwave aether

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Based and original

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I know someone who does this but with airhead bites.

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The way you’re eating it bothers me
I’m sure it’s good but also ur kinda retarded

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L8r h8r

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Inferior to suudsu.

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What is suudsu

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It's pure genius.

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Thanks for elaborating

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