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>bell peppers on a cheeseteak

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>bell peppers on anything

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Great thread, consider hanging yourself with piano wire

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that would decapitate them tho

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This is news to me, could you give the novices a demonstration

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>jalapeno poppers on burger

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>bell peppers

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What about mushrooms. I fucking love mushrooms on my cheeseteak

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Bell peppers are just tasteless. What is even the point of them?

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Based as fuck. Fuck bell peppers.

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To put an unpleasant plastic skin in your food.

Bells are inedible until roasted and peeled.

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I like red, yellow, or orange bell peppers, but green bell pepper can go fuck right off. They're basically underripe, and give you gas because of that fact.

As far as cheesesteaks go, pickled peppers are way better.

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> all these tastelets in the thread
the absolute state of /ck/.

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>not throwing every type of onion and pepper that's available on whatever you're cooking
holy cringola

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>is offended because people don't like what he likes

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>reeee no veggies on my sandwich mommy i don't like green stuff waaaaah

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You're right, that faggot >>12332354 does need to learn to cope.

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git gud

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Uuuuuh no?

Grilled onions are amazing on a cheesesteak, practically invented to be there.
Mushrooms are situational for me, but have some valid purpose.

Cheese Survey:
>Cheese Whiz

I'm a provolone man.

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Crescent dough is gross and so is not using pickled sweet and hot peppers.

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Tastelet underaged pickyfags detected.

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Who the fuck doesn't like bell peppers

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>onions ever

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You mean in a cheesesteak, or literally in any food.

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>fags on my /ck/

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Lel raw bell pepper is horrible, all it does is leave a soggy crunchy texture in what ever you put it in. No flavor at all

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you have to be at least 18 to post here anon

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Based reply

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you lose all credibility when it comes to cooking if you don't like onions.

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Bell peppers and cheese do not go together. Their levels of sweetness and saltiness are not compatible.

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if you put ((("cheese" whiz))) on a cheesesteak youre a subhuman trailer trash faggot who punches drywall

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>mushrooms and onions on a cheesesteak

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Bell peppers overpower literally everything. Sorry I like tasting the other flavors of my food.

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Red bells sauteed with the onions and mushrooms are great and improve the sandwich

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Green bell pepper does but not red

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now THIS is heresy

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It really depends what gauge(thickness) the piano wire is, and how much the person weighs, along with how they choose to hang themselves.

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whats so bad about bell peppers?

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They're icky

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Raw onions do the same shit but nobody complains about it and leaves you with a funky aftertaste too

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Underage tastelets. They probably hate tomatoes and pickles as well

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Tfw I wouldn't want cheese on my cheesesteak, is this weird?

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>your sandwich not being 50-65% vegetables

I'm still a fat fuck but I have to have some texture/leafy goodness to counteract the salt and fat.

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so just a steak sandwich

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I don't like whole tomatoes but I do like tomato sauce and soup.

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what, are bell peppers too hot for Americums?

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>Red and yellow bell peppers, jalapeno, onions, tomato slices in a cheesesteak
fuck everything

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good christ, the name says what it should contain:
cheese and steak
that’s it

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Love peppers and onions but I hate them in my cheesesteaks. I just like cheese and mayo

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oh tons of onions are good my friend, you can't taste them.

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bells are literally the red delicious of peppers
mediocre taste, shitty texture, obtrusive profile
I used to be a huge manchild that hated onions and peppers. I got over that and eat both regularly, EXCEPT bell peppers. They're just trash. especially when they're not even cooked.
give me literally any other vegetable matter instead

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>"eyyy can't make a cheesesteak wittoud da whiz"

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