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>$10 for a fucking strawberry
Are Japanese people just natural-born con artists?

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You dont realize what an agricultural superpower the united states is

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Have sex faggot

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All Asians are, don't you anything about the Chinese? Why do you think they all hate each other?

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Things are worth as much as people will pay for them.

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fruit like that are seen more as gifts in japan, and have special meaning.

think. speak.

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You just have to manipulate them into buying your gimmick first.

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based mexicans knocking it out of the park

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arent those the strawberries that taste like pineapple

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$300 for a steak.
i may have to agree with you OP

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You don't understand Japanese culture (I don't understand everything about it either). The shape, color, size, etc. of things are very important. The overall aesthetic and how pleasing it is to look at, smell, taste, etc. is all very important. That doesn't just apply to food, it applies to pretty much everything.

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maybe they got the price wrong but because of the narrow eyes they can't see their error

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Obviously, you are a tard if you haven't realised yet. All that shit about le master sushi chef kobe beef folded a mirrion times is all a big con. The western equivalent is almost always better with less hassle and less pretentiousness involved.

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But that strawberry is an aphrodisiac unlike American strawberries which are filled with estrogen

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No, that's maket value, worth is a different thing.

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those strawberries take ten years minimum to learn how to grow like that

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And how are they different from the regular strawberries I buy at the store?

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They’re grown by Japanese people.

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Those strawberries are folded over 9000 times

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they taste like pineapple

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Just buy a pineapple

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Don’t tell me what to do kid

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>Basket of strawrberry? That're be 300 dorrah gaijin.

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>doesn't bat an eye when he pays the same amount for some shitty beverage, valentine's chocolate or hipster meme food
At least the Japanese pay for healthy things, faggot.

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That looks poisonous. I wouldn't eat it.

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>implying Americans spend 10USD for 7g of anything
Christ, maybe if it's drugs you retarded fuck.

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7g of gold is $300

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This is true But there's another thing operating in Japanese culture as well. Gifts are given as signs of respect, and perfect pieces of fruit are sold for that purpose. I've stores have boxed perfect melons and other fruits prices between $50 and $100 for the sole purpose of gifting.

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sheeit right now strawberries are going for 98 cents a pound in Merica.

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7g of cocaine is also $300

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>make a strawberry that taste like pineapple

>Cant make a cow that taste like dog

Subhuman gooks

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>gold is edible
Fair enough, but street heroine runs as little as 5-10 USD/g in some areas. Some of it being safe, well safe for heroine.

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There's so much fentanyl in the heroin these days I wouldn't consider any of it safe.

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Yeah the gift thing is something I never fully understood or cared about in the 12 years I lived there.
Like at Christmas time you could buy Asahi Beer gift packs which were like $30, but all it was was 8 cans of normal Asahi laid out in a pretty box.
Or my favorite. Oil.
Happy new year cunts!
Here's a gift box with 12 bottles of canola oil in it!
Merry fucking xmas!!!

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A gram of LSD is 5000$ drug prices vary

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Stop googling prices. Christ. Get them from a traveler. Also, are you talking about pure fucking LSD? You can't measure LSD that way. It's measured in millionths of a liter. Been a while since I've seen anyone but you should be able to get several tabs for 30 USD.

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Fentanyl isn't more dangerous than heroin. It's just a gateway drug because it's prescribed as a slow release painkiller, but the slow release can be easily bypassed by chewing it up.

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The merchant fears the samurai. for a good reason.

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LSD comes in a crystal form before its diluted into a liquid and then put on paper tabs. 5k is what the rainbow family will sell you a crystal for

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Japan is rotten. They lack so many natural resources, that anything fresh and delicious is automatically rare, expensive, and a delicacy. That's why you get shit like
>Thish pig irron sworrrdah is forrrded 9000 times
>Thish sushi wirr be 300 dollah gaijan

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pure fentanyl is used as an additive for downers, it is fatal in much lower amounts making accidental overdose/ easier

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You people realize that most of Japan's fancy fruit was purchased from American growers, right?

That's generally why we always get south american produce and shit, our stuff is considered too good for our markets, and places like Japan pay a premium for it.

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>I never fully understood or cared about in the 12 years I lived there.
anime isn't real, time to go back

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>America's oil goes overseas because it's more refined and Japan will pay higher price, doesn't have to deal with Middle-East
>America's food goes overseas because Japan will pay a higher price
If hell goes to high water we could switch to a more self-sustaining economy quicker than most people think?

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Oh you sweet summer child. Japan has themed pop up restaurants where you pay like $8-10 for overdecorated artificial fruit desserts

Mind you it doesnt taste bad but fresh fruit is going to cost you in Japan

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Not if you want modern technology. Our return is that we get the cheap production made possible by nations that don't care about the welfare of workers, and we let our own manufacturing industry fall apart in consequence. It will take lot to create the infrastructure to start making iPhones on US soil.

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You can get a pack of strawberries in Shizuoka for ¥200 to 300. If you're in a place like OPs pic, you pay a flat fee for as many strawberries as you can eat.
Kuno strawberries are the best, by the way.

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I said hell goes to highwater, not if I want the Iphone 15 to be made in Japan.

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only 20 cows per year, 12k per head.

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>mfw people actually believe this

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>Not $200-6000 for a watermelon

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so a gram of crystalline LSD is 5k? interesting. wonder how many tabs that can make

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South american produce is due to seasons. Mexican produce is due to quality/price.

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It's a gesture of respect to their local farming community.

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honestly, it probably ends up being the same revenue for a farmer growing lower quality and more yield versus higher quality with lower yield.

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10,000 100mcg doses IIRC

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The strawberry in OP's pic looks like shit, though.

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Probably because it's a White Jewel Strawberry and not a regular strawberry.

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Read "the emperor' s new clothes".

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>It's measured in millionths of a liter
you dont measure drugs by volume, other than maybe some inhalants

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Which version? I've read a few versions, but none that explain whether or not con artistry is a trait genetically inherited by Japanese people.

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not for long baby, suck a dick in 20 years when your arid landscape is inhospitable to mass farming

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You have to realize that not everyone is as poor as you, OP

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The ld50 of fentanyl is 0.03mg/kg. That's pretty fucking dangerous.

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What about propofol? They should just use Fentanyl in lethal injections.

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It's a hell of a lot STRONGER than heroin, which massively increases risk over overdose with the homemade shit you buy on the street.
Pharmaceutical grade fent managed by a qualified doctor or RN is every bit as safe as pharmaceutical Heroin, though, yes, but that's not what your average junkie is shooting up.

Propofol can kill you but it's not a very effective way to go about it. You would generally die from severely lowered blood pressure, which can take a very long time in an otherwise healthy individual.
Sedation on Propofol and then administration of a midazolam/fentanyl mix would be pretty easy and completely painless, though.

t. ICU nurse.

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I had some of that last week when I had to have cardioversion. That stuff is pretty nice, I felt great when I woke up. I'm not sure if it was a side effect of the drug or just because I wasn't in AFib anymore.

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>black people in Japan actually have to get jobs to get their dose of watermelon

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Superproducer of GMOs

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That's not even a square watermelon. Laaaaaaaaaame

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rainbow family don't sell especially if you are a Babylonian

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>The western equivalent is almost always better with less hassle and less pretentiousness involved.
American beef is trash to me now after trying authentic nip wagyu

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