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How the FUCK do I make bacon properly?

only the piece in the center cooks, while the other ones just sit there raw barely sizzling.

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Cook it in the oven.

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Step 1.) you must slaughter your own pig
Step 2.) all the other steps.

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Did you ever try using a bigger burner

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This. It just sounds like he's got a real shitty stove.

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flip the bacons at least 20 times and switch positions of bacons as needed, cook on low med low
when the bubbles on the bacon are very tiny and there is a lot of them, the bacon is done

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Or a shitty pan with uneven heat distribution

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This. Set your oven for 400 and cook for around 20 minutes checking it at 15 mins until it reaches your desired crispiness.

All other methods are unnecessary and only done by turds who don't know bacon.

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Put it on a cold pan and heat it with the pan on medium low

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It's the pan you're using or your burner is too small or doesn't work properly.

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Microwave it, duh.

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Is your pan bigger than your burner?

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>only the piece in the center cooks, while the other ones just sit there raw barely sizzling.
Are you retarded?

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Move them around.

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Spread out on sheet pan
Put in oven. 11 min at 350. Convection is fine, the oven at work is.
Take out, spin around, 11 more minutes

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