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[this angers the beer bros]

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Froth is the best part

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Heh. This should be in the /ck/ humor thread.

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haha oh no! most of it is foam and not beer!

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any patrician beer man would know that isnt a bad thing

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Beer drinker here. Some places serve pilsner like pic related. A real beer drinker would know that.
[this angers OP]

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giving the amount of foam the glass is about half full, and im a positive man so not even mad

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i would pour it on a tiddy

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afaik the call it "mliko" (milk) in Czech Rep. Bit odd, but as a Polan I'm not in the position to lecture Czechs about beer. Never had it, but I'd try it out of curiosity.

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Only a literal retard would pour a beer like that. I'm sure a bunch of low IQ morons lap it up though.

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I don't get the joke though. What's this about Lay's?

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I once thought that cheap American beers ruined some great recipe from the old world, but then I realized all pilsners are shit.

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Tastelet confirmed.

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Chip packets are mostly air, not chips.

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Ah, I see. I guess by extension this would be a Pringles brand beer. The joke makes even more sense now.

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Holy fuck kill yourself you retarded incel. Go cry into your Natty Ice while real men like me enjoy craft beers. I hope that you and your entire family get cancer.

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Not everything has to be a hop explosion IPA or a barrel-aged imperial stout. I drink those. I also enjoy a nice crisp pilsner.

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You drink pissner?

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There's a reason for that. And it's not what you're thinking.

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tastelet. you like sweet ass beer. you are like a little baby, mmm sugary treats for "daddy" kys.

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It's not to protect the chips inside from being crushed in transit?

I knew it! Those fucking potato illuminati bastards trying to jew me out of my hard earned chips

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Urquell Police!

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I'm your daddy, sweetie. Stop being so bratty princess.

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No, I drink pilsner. Can't you read?

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No, I drink pilsner. Can't you read?

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Just wait for the foam to go down and ask for a top up, its illegal to sell a pint short they have no choice but to top it up unless they want to risk £3000 fine.


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I'm Czech and I've never ever seen anyone drink beer like that
it's just a couple of Prague hipsters as far as I know

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No, I drink horse cum. Cant you sneed?

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No, it's so they can flood the packet with nitrogen and keep the chips fresher longer.

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The air acts as a cushion for packaging. It has nothing to do with deceiving the customer by only filling it halfway.

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trips confirm

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There is a delicate balance.
First of all the pour depends on the type of beer. But I do hate casuals who always complain when their pilsner has a perfect 2 fingers of foam, cause they want a dead beer just to chug down. But I also get triggered when I watch a German pour. They dont even angle the cup, they just poor it straight in from the tap, all foam. Stand there like a retard for 30 seconds, top it up. serve you half foam.

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The only right way to do it

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Alright I am doing it.

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Patricians have 2 ways of pouring beer for 2 different occasions
>Dating or wanting to pick up women
You pour it with a lot of foam, wait for it to subside then top it off trying to make more foam, let it subside and keep doing it until full glass.
This will show restraint as you patiently fill up your glass and it will prompt the conversation surrounding your technique. You see, when you do a delicate foamless pour, most of the gas held in the liquid will remain inert (hence no foam) until it enters your organism, then it will bubble up within your stomach, making you burp like a madman and giving you concentrated beer breath which is not very good when trying to smooth talk women.

>Out drinking with the lads
Quick smooth pour on an angled glass, leaving only one or 2 fingers of foam upon ending the pour, ready for immediate drinking, foam moustaches for everyone, burping contests and jolly good times with the boys all around.

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your methods of drinking beer are so faggy that Im going to sober up just to spite you

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>power gap
>czech and germany

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When I'm Poland my family and friends poor it that way to get rid of the carbonation. It is also good with new beers to test quality

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Have you been to all three regions?
the reinheitsgebot mindset of Germany holds their brewing back way to much. Conservative af. both of the Bavarian countries make exceptional Pilsners, there is no question about that. And Germany makes some pretty good traditional Heffeweizens. But outside of that their beer is shit. Germany is starting to have a "craft" beer scene but it is shit. And while they have the pilsner perfected, it is also the easiest beer to get right. I am sorry, but if you go craft beer hopping around in Oregon, you will experiance 10x what Germany or Czech Republic have to offer.

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i can tell you are a beer pleb because you are willing to give it up on your perception of someone elses "bad opinion". Dont call someone else a faggot when you are the biggest one anon.

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have you been to Germany? Their new muslim leadership doesn't exactly look too happily on alcohol consumption.

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what did you mean by all that fag shit? fuck off

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Was soll dieser Scheiß?

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"craft" beer is shit lol

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what an incredibly dumb viewpoint based merely on a label given to some beers. It is clear you can not make impartial observations and do not know anything about beer.

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Hello cranky baby girl, daddy loves you even when you're being bratty. No cummies for you tonight.

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Mostly true, but I’d get rid of the first two power gaps and place them after Quebec. My affinity for Unibroue, especially for the patrician’s 17 Grande Réserve, and many other consistently choice PQ beers makes me want to rank it higher than Germany, but there’s just way too much variety and history in German brewing.

Also lmao @ Australia. Poor cunts drink more than just Fosters

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>left politics.jpg

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thanks for the pasta, uberfaggot

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Seems like the kind of thing that someone could fuck up in a consistent way (generally shit pours, messed up lines, or a batch of kegs with too much pressure), and try to retcon to save face and charge more. "This beer has always been poured this way. It's a very traditional style."

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those glasses must be wet, and that man must have no gag reflex.

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I only drink Apollo's pissner. Can't you, Creed?

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I mean... it will subside eventually, but if that's a dry beer glass, and a beer with any reasonable protein/body to it, I'd be waiting a while - or eating it with a spoon.

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I'm more impressed than anything.

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Australia makes some of the best beer in the world. We only export the shit stuff you burgernigger

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in soda yeah, in beer no

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