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For me its the zinger

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excuse me mate i think you mean the ZINGER STACKER

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I was much happier not knowing this exists. Thanks for ruining my life.

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Excuse me mate I think you mean the mcchicken

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Why are the burgers at KFC so dissapointing ? They're always too small.

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zinger stacker is good eating

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I was going to say we don't have the zingers in my country and only got the B.O.S.S, but looking at their page they just introduced them 2 weeks ago.
Guess I'll have to try them.
No stacker though.

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God damn I love a good zinger.
It's shitty and soggy, but it's the sort of shitty that you can appreciate.

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>post mix Pepsi

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*blocks your path*

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Australia fuck off. We don't care what you're doing down there. You're just noise.

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4me it's Reverse Zinger

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How do they form those little flakes on the fried chicken ?

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the absolute state of /ck/

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>it doesn't even zing
>Wicked wings
>they're not even wicked

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They use teen aged chickens with acne

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What is wrong with the bread in british KFCs? It's so weird and spongey, I can't into the burgers from there just because of the strange bread.

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no thanks, I don't trust flips to balance savory and sweet properly

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they only look small because they burger bun isn't large. They are actually bigger than a mcdonalds burger.

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> Breaded stuff in a burger
They just found a way to add more starch and fat. How stupid can Americans become ?

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it's not american

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bring back the double down

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for me its the Slinger

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The Big Crunch was a godsend 20 years ago.

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Since they're just gong to blast the fuck out of everything will sweetness.

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