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It can be added to every type of meat, vegetable and even fish. It is dirt cheap when mass produced, has no added sugars and is a great flavour enhancer
>b-but it's hot
come on now anon, you aren't a pepperlet, are you?

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What the hell is it?

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I use the Portuguese version

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It's a chili sauce/paste originated from indonesia.
In essence, it's a much better alternative to hot sauce in every single way.

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is that dutch?

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the product? no
the jar? yes

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chili relish

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I do. I just had spicy potatoes.

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Thats the entry level stuff man. Try these and dive deeper into the sambal enthusiast rabbit hole

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Im willing to try it,know where i can get it in Burgerland?

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Well Indonesia was pretty long Dutch.

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literally any grocery store. got mine at king soopers.

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Got some in the fridge
Personally I find it tasting ass if eaten by itself or as a major part of a meal, so I only really use it when I don't have another alternative or if it can be masked

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Yeah man, any grocery store carries it in the Asian food aisle.

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Did someone say chili's?

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I am. Don't fancy conimex though, I prefer koningsvogel.

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This is the worst Dutch English grammar. Kill yourself

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Great in stews and similar dishes. Not a good side condiment.

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>yanks will never experience the full power of madame jeanette sambal from a Surinamese toko

Conimex is not the real deal.

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I like to add it to make ramen edible

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easy to make yourself.
ground chillies and salt
take weight of chillies divide by 60 times 40 that is the amount of salt to add

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